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Chapter 1268: Leave

Without waiting for Elder Dan Qing to finish, Jiang Zhiyuan spoke first. “Junior Brother Lin is right. Recently, my condition hasn’t been good, so… I want to go home for a while and come back after I’ve readjusted my thoughts.”

Elder Dan Qing didn’t expect her to have such a plan and was slightly stunned. “Zhiyuan, if you have any difficulties, you can just let me know. I’ll definitely do my best to help you in anything I can.”

Although Jiang Zhiyuan had a temper, she was still the best student Elder Dan Qing had taught for many years, so he wasn’t willing to scold her much.

These few years, he had spent quite a lot of effort on Jiang Zhiyuan as he had hopes of her being more outstanding than most people—even if she couldn’t become a top existence like Rong Xiu.

But seeing her current appearance, his heart ached as well.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Mentor, but this time… I have disappointed you. It’s all my fault, but don’t worry. After I have readjusted my thoughts, I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Seeing that she had already made up her mind, Elder Dan Qing knew that there wasn’t much use in convincing her. Thus, he could only nod his head in agreement. “Okay, come back whenever you want. I’ll wait for you anytime.”

Today, she had misspoken in front of the crowd and even lost to Lin Zhifei. It would be better if she left for a while. After the matter had calmed down, it wouldn’t be too late for her to return.

Jiang Zhiyuan smiled in gratitude. “Thank you, Mentor. I’ll take my leave today then.”

Elder Dan Qing sighed in his heart and nodded.

Jiang Zhiyuan then turned around and left.

The crowd exchanged glances. “She just… left? We haven’t even finished the lesson—”

“She has already lost to Lin Zhifei, so who cares if she’s still going to attend the lesson? If I were her, I would’ve left as well!”

“It can’t be that she’s a sore loser, right… It’s good to have a backer. You can leave and come back whenever you want, as and when you please!”

Some awful words entered Jiang Zhiyuan’s ears.

Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her hands within her sleeves tightly and managed to control her expression with much difficulty. She then walked to Lin Zhifei and stopped before him.

Lin Zhifei felt something and looked up.

Suddenly, Jiang Zhiyuan smiled, but her eyes were still cold as ice. “Junior Brother Lin, I didn’t know you’re so protective of her and that you’re even willing to stand up for her… If she knew about it, she’d definitely be very grateful, right?”

Her tone was sincere as if she were just praising Lin Zhifei. But if one thought about it even slightly, they would feel that something was amiss. Her words had some elements of ambiguity to them.

Lin Zhifei looked up slightly, and his clear eyes glowed with some mockery and smiling intent. “As one of Sky-Cloud Empire’s 28 divisions, people of Grotto-Heaven Cliff have the duty to protect our Princess Consort. Yet… If Senior Brother Rong Xiu knew what you were doing today, Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan, I wonder how he would react?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s expression changed. “You!”

“This is Ling Xiao Academy, not Fairy Water Mound. Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan, it’s better if you’re more careful with your words in the future.”

Jiang Zhiyuan was so furious that she laughed. “Okay! Junior Brother Lin, I’ll challenge you another day!”

Then, she quickly left. I can’t do anything to Lin Zhifei in the academy, but after I leave, Grotto-Heaven Cliff is under Fairy Water Mound’s disposal. When I get back, I will definitely give them a hard time! 

After Jiang Zhiyuan left, the crowd fell silent for a while before quickly returning to normal.

A Jiang Zhiyuan wasn’t worth wasting so much time and energy. The students of Ling Xiao Academy knew very clearly that the most important thing was to be capable, no matter when.

The duels continued, but this time, there were clearly a lot fewer people who wanted to challenge Lin Zhifei.

They originally thought that he was a newbie who had just come to this world, but he actually hid his skills! This time, anyone who wanted to challenge him had to think about it carefully.

After some contemplation, the person who eventually dueled with Lin Zhifei became Luo Yanming.

Without surprise, Luo Yanming also lost after some struggle.

At this time, everyone realized that Lin Zhifei was much stronger than they had expected!

Elder Hua Feng couldn’t help but smack his lips. “This Lin Zhifei wasn’t too obvious in the past, but I didn’t expect him to be so outstanding… Shu Feng, you’ve really earned it this time!”

Elder Shu Feng was also elated as he smiled until his wrinkles jiggled. “Hehe, of course! Amongst all the new students these few months… If he’s second in terms of Xuan Master talent, nobody will dare to be first!”

The key is that he is very mature, and I don’t need to worry much about him. 

Elder Hua Feng raised his brows. “That might not be—”

Before he could finish his sentence, he thought for a while and still swallowed his remaining words.

Elder Shu Feng continued asking, “What did you say?”

Elder Hua Feng smiled and shook his head. “Nothing! Teach this kid properly! Don’t let him go astray!”

Elder Shu Feng laughed out loud. “How can all of them be so playful? Don’t worry! My disciple is very obedient, and he has been very interested in transportation formations, so he has been studying them lately. Oh right, aren’t you very good at that too? When you have the time, could you go and guide him?”

Elder Hua Feng laughed out loud and naturally agreed.

Fiend Park.

The night sky fell. The clouds rushed up, and the winds howled.

Elder Shu Yu stood in mid-air and stared at the mountain peak below him tightly, waiting to strike anytime!

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