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Chapter 1269: Give

Suddenly, a sharp and painful shrill reverberated throughout the forest!

Elder Shu Yu looked down and faintly saw that a steel-ridged fiend cub— at the foot of the mountain—was struggling on its way back. With just one glance, he recognized that it was the cub the adult steel-ridged fiend gave birth to not long ago!

It seemed to be injured. When it ran, it limped, and there was a faint trail of blood behind it.

Elder Shu Yu went in closer and took a more careful look. Then, he saw that there was a wound on the cub’s hind limb.

It seemed like some fierce fiend had forcefully ripped off a large piece of meat, and one could see its white bones.

Elder Shu Yu was shocked. Steel-ridged fiends have thick skin, and their physical strength can definitely be considered one of the top three amongst the fiends in Fiend Park. It definitely isn’t an ordinary fiend that wounded the cub to this state! 

It most likely seems like it… However, the fiends usually stay in their own lanes. Why would they suddenly fight? Not to mention that it is just a cub—hurting the cub will undoubtedly harm the adult steel-ridged fiend completely! This way, they would have an intense fight! 

Just when Elder Shu Yu was thinking about these problems, that steel-ridged fiend cub started running toward the mountain peak. As it ran, it kept crying out for help.

Ah Qiong—who was standing guard outside the cave—heard this familiar voice and immediately looked down.

Its vision was very sharp. Even if the whole place was dark, Ah Qiong still could quickly see the scene below.

An intense bloody aura attacked them.

Ah Qiong’s expression changed when it saw the wound on its cub!


All the steel needles on its back immediately stood on end, and harsh murderous intent flashed across its eyes!

“Roar!” It looked up in anger and let out a furious roar.

This roar was thick and powerful as it reverberated throughout the forest! All the fiends knew that this was a warning!

Hearing its own mother’s voice, the steel-ridged fiend cub felt more at ease. But very quickly, it shockingly discovered that the fiend chasing after it didn’t stop!

Said fiend even increased its speed!


The one behind suddenly pounced forward!

The steel-ridged fiend cub quickly dodged it, almost staggering and collapsing onto the ground. During the process, its body fell onto a piece of broken wood, and a thick branch that extended out from it stabbed into its wound harshly!


The steel-ridged fiend cub let out a painful cry. But at this moment, it couldn’t care about all of this as it struggled to stand up and ran toward the mountain.

Go home! As long as I’m by Mother’s side, I’ll be safe! With this belief, it tried its best to rush back.

Ah Qiong took in all of this. Its eyes seemed to be burning with two balls of fire as if it wanted to burn everything before it!

It raised its leg and wanted to rush over, but it suddenly recalled that Chu Liuyue was still cultivating within the cave and was preparing to break through. If it left now, Chu Liuyue would be completely exposed to danger!

Ah Qiong knew too clearly what kind of trouble a human breaking through in Fiend Park would have!

The mature steel-ridged fiend struggled internally. Its only bloodline was in front, and behind was the benefactor that had saved its life.

Ah Qiong couldn’t decide.


Below the mountain, another painful shrill could be heard. However, this sound was clearly much weaker than the initial shrill.

Without looking, Ah Qiong knew that its kid was definitely in a perilous situation. Its natural mother instincts made it want to throw everything down and immediately rush over, but the bit of stubborness in the depths of its heart caused it to stay rooted to the ground.

Finally, it raised its leg and harshly stomped down!

Hong long! 

With this step, almost the entire mountain started vibrating! Cracks spread from the bottom of its feet!

The terrifying suppression was like howling winds moving below!

Before Chu Liuyue broke through, it still couldn’t leave this place!

Normally, all the fiends would stay in their own territory and not intervene with one another. Once there was any breach, they would receive warnings and threats.

Under most circumstances, such warnings were effective. This was because there wasn’t one fiend that could solely dominate Fiend Park.

Every fiend was interconnected, which formed a peculiar balance. But now, this balance was broken.

The other party had already ignored Ah Qiong’s continuous warnings and wanted to attack no matter what! Other than facing the fight, it had no other choice! However… the current Ah Qiong couldn’t even leave. How could it fight?

The cub’s shouts gradually became weaker.

Ah Qiong looked over and could clearly see that its cub’s speed had decreased greatly and that its body was covered with fresh blood. It clearly couldn’t carry on any longer.

There seemed to be fire burning in Ah Qiong’s eyes as they turned bloodshot!


This roar was painful and miserable, on the verge of craziness! However, the adult steel-ridged fiend still continued to guard the cave and didn’t leave at all!

“How can this be…” When Elder Shu Yu saw this scene not far away, he was stunned. What exactly is that adult steel-ridged fiend thinking? The one on the brink of death below the mountain is its cub! At this time, shouldn’t it rush over immediately and try its best to protect it? Why hasn’t it moved even at this moment and keeps on guarding the cave? Is the person in the cave… really Chu Yue?! 

Elder Shu Yu was very confused. Could it be that Chu Yue is even more important than its own bloodline? 

If he didn’t see it personally, he definitely wouldn’t believe that such a thing happened. If he told other people about this, they would probably think that he was joking.

He furrowed his brows tightly and suddenly thought of all the rumors related to Chu Yue. Every single one of them was incredulous.

Originally, he didn’t really care about Chu Yue. He just felt that the latter was a kid who liked to cause trouble. At the end of the day, he was just a little more talented and luckier. But now, he realized that he had thought wrongly.

To get an adult steel-ridged fiend to willingly sacrifice its bloodline’s life… What exactly has Chu Yue been doing in Fiend Park these few days? 

Actually, Chu Liuyue didn’t do anything. She was just cultivating and planned to break through to become a stage-eight warrior!

A few days had passed, yet she still maintained the same posture.

As she absorbed the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force, she kept merging it with the force contained inside her water droplet.

Even she was taken aback by the amount of resources needed for this breakthrough. This was because it had long exceeded the amount she needed when she broke through to become a stage-eight warrior in her previous life.

But from start to end, she still did her best.

Vaguely, she could feel an invisible barrier. She knew that it was the barrier to becoming a stage-eight warrior!

She took a deep breath in, gathered her forces, and slammed against that barrier!

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