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Chapter 1255: Capability!

Chu Liuyue’s brows moved slightly. When I was previously locked up at Fengmin Mountain, Elder Wen Xi sent her there the first time. The second time, it was Rong Xiu. But this time, Elder Bo Yan actually plans to send me over himself. What kind of place is it that made him so cautious? 

Of course, it might be because Elder Bo Yan wants to seal the news and can’t appoint someone else to send me there. Thus, he can only do it on his own. But judging from Elder Wan Zheng’s strong reaction, Fiend Park… shouldn’t be a place that is nice to stay. At the very least, Elder Wan Zheng never worried about my safety when I was locked up at Fengmin Mountain previously. But this time…

Chu Liuyue retracted her thoughts and followed the two of them.

The three of them walked out of Dong Huang Clock Tower and went straight toward Fiend Park.

After walking for a while, Chu Liuyue realized that they were heading to the Xuan Master area.

As if seeing her confusion, Elder Wan Zheng inched closer to her and explained, “Fiend Park is indeed in the Xuan Master region, but it doesn’t only belong to them. The warrior and Xuan Master elders will take turns to patrol around here.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Seeing her calm expression, Elder Wan Zheng felt that the kid didn’t know what she was about to face later, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Chu Liuyue could see through his worries. She thought for a while and asked, “Mentor, is Fiend Park… very dangerous?”

Elder Wan Zheng paused. “Forget it. You’ll know when you get there.”

Chu Liuyue could only suppress her curiosity.

After going past many mountains, Chu Liuyue still saw quite a few high-grade Xuan formations along the way.

About an hour later, Elder Bo Yan finally stopped. “We’re here! The place in front is Fiend Park!”

Chu Liuyue took a few steps forward, followed Elder Bo Yan’s line of sight, and looked down.

The tens of mountain peaks were of various heights. There was lush greenery, and white mist floated in mid-air.

At first glance, it was like a picturesque forest that wasn’t much different from the other places in the academy. However, Chu Liuyue knew that it wasn’t this simple. This was because the sky above this mountainous region had a gigantic silver Xuan formation covering it.

It floated quietly in mid-air and completely covered the large forest in a semicircular shape.

Through the gaps where rays of lights intersected, one could still see the view below clearly. However, everyone who stood here could feel the shocking suppression coming from that Xuan formation!

One couldn’t be reckless!

Chu Liuyue held her breath. This Xuan formation is definitely one of the top few Xuan formations I have seen in my entire life! It is on par with the academy’s barrier! 

One had to know that many strong warriors were required to build such a Xuan formation. Much manpower and resources had to be invested into the making of it! To be able to generously build such a Xuan formation within the academy was enough to prove how precious the region below this Xuan formation was.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze swept across the Xuan formation in detail, and she could vaguely feel some strong yet hidden auras. Those should be the elders in charge of patrolling the area. 

The next moment, Elder Bo Yan flew down.

Elder Wan Zheng patted Chu Liuyue’s shoulders. “Let’s go!”

Chu Liuyue nodded and rushed forward without hesitation.

The three of them stood a few hundred meters in front of the silver Xuan formation.

From here, Chu Liuyue could feel the strong suppression from the Xuan formation even more clearly.

I really don’t know what the situation inside is… Chu Liuyue thought to herself secretly.

Suddenly, an aura rapidly came close!

A middle-aged man stepped out from behind the Xuan formation. “Bo Yan, Wan Zheng, why are you here?”

That man wore a white robe and had a skinny figure. His gaze was sharp.

When his gaze swept across one’s body, it caused one to dare not move. “Who is this? Why did you bring a kid over?”

Elder Bo Yan explained, “This is Chu Yue.”

Once he said this, Chu Liuyue saw that the other party had a look of realization. It seemed like he had also long heard of her ‘famous name…’

Elder Bo Yan raised his chin. “This is Elder Shu Yu.”

Chu Liuyue felt very embarrassed for some reason, but she still greeted him respectfully. “I’m Chu Yue. Greetings, Elder Shu Yu.”

“Chu Yue has caused some trouble recently. Wan Zheng and I discussed it and decided to throw him here for a month and let him suffer a little to learn from his mistakes,” said Elder Bo Yan in a very straightforward manner.

Elder Shu Yu glanced at Chu Liuyue in shock. What exactly did he do to end up in such a state? Bo Yan normally wouldn’t casually put a person here, let alone for a month. 

“How are your current abilities?” Elder Shu Yu raised his chin and asked, “Note, I’m asking about everything.”

Chu Liuyue paused and honestly answered, “I’m currently an intermediate stage-seven warrior, ninth-grade heavenly doctor… ninth-grade Xuan Master.”

Once she said this, the scene fell silent.

The three elders stared at Chu Liuyue collectively.

“Chu Yue, when did you break through to become a ninth-grade Xuan Master?” Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Um… not long ago…”

She originally didn’t want to talk about it, but as a Xuan Master, Elder Shu Yu had very sharp eyes. She couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t be taught a lesson later if she lied now.

Besides, one could basically guess this from the incident of her opening the academy barrier.

Elder Wan Zheng’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak. Finally, he glanced at Elder Wan Zheng and grunted. See! This kid is much stronger than we thought! If something happens to such a rare talent, I’ll give Bo Yan hell! 

“Not bad. At least you’re honest.” Elder Shu Yu nodded. “Go in!”

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