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Chapter 1206: Fighting for Chu Yue

The expressions of the elders in the room changed as they looked at Elder Wan Zheng strangely. What stupid question is that?! We’re asking you to think of a punishment for Chu Yue, not ask him that!

“Ahem!” Elder Bo Yan cleared his throat and shot Elder Wan Zheng a look. Watch yourself. What are you doing right now?

Despite understanding what that look meant, Elder Wan Zheng ignored it. All he could think about at this moment was what Rong Xiu said just now about Chu Yue mastering the skill he had taught the latter. One has to be at least a ninth-grade Xuan Master in order to open the school’s barrier. Doesn’t that mean Chu Yue is already a ninth-grade Xuan Master?! How did he do that when he’s not even a ninth-grade heavenly doctor yet?! What’s going on?

Elder Wan Zheng felt that the student he had so painstakingly nurtured had grown wayward. For a second, he even wondered if he had nurtured his student for the Xuan Masters. “Answer me, Chu Yue!”

Chu Liuyue didn’t know what to say. Why is Master always able to find the blind spots?

Elder Bo Yan eventually spoke up. “Uh… Wan Zheng, we’re currently discussing what we should do with Chu Yue. We can leave that question for later—”

“No! Since he’s already asked the question, let’s hear what the child says!” said someone excitedly. That voice, however, wasn’t from Elder Wan Zheng, but…

“Stop being a busybody, Hua Feng! That’s my student! Don’t you get involved!” Elder Wan Zheng naturally knew what Elder Hua Feng was thinking when he saw how the latter’s eyes lit up.

Elder Hua Feng chuckled. “He’s indeed your student, but there’s no rule saying that the student can only have one mentor. Besides, weren’t you the one who posed that question? Can’t we hear the answer together?”

Tch! Why didn’t it occur to me earlier?! I was so curious about how Chu Yue managed to open the barrier that I forgot about this. Elder Hua Feng was only enlightened about the problem when Wan Zheng asked it. That’s right! Isn’t that proof that Chu Yue has extraordinary talent in the Xuan Master path?! Why didn’t I think of testing his talent back then? If I had known this sooner, I wouldn’t have given him to Wan Zheng so easily! Thank goodness it’s not too late now! It’s only been less than a month since he started school, so he still has plenty of time ahead!

There was a subtle shift in the supposedly solemn and quiet atmosphere, and the way many Xuan Master elders looked at Chu Liuyue had changed.

Elder Wan Zheng noticed it all, and he felt very troubled about it. Just as he was beginning to think about how he should make those people perish their thoughts, Chu Liuyue answered seriously with a shake of her head. “No. The reason why I managed to comprehend that Xuan formation so quickly was due to sheer luck and that Senior Rong Xiu had taught me well. In reality… my talent in this aspect is only average.”

“That’s good. That’s good.” Elder Wan Zheng immediately let out a sigh of relief. I don’t care whether Chue Yue is telling the truth or not. I’ll take it as the truth! It’s clear that he wants to continue on the heavenly doctor path, anyway! That’s enough for me!

Although Elder Wan Zheng was satisfied with Chu Liuyue’s answer, Elder Hua Feng and the others refused to give up so easily. “Don’t be scared, Chu Yue. The students in our academy have always been outstanding. The more talented and hardworking you are, the better the treatment you’ll receive here. You’re only 16 this year, but you already managed to comprehend the Xuan formation on the school’s barrier. This is a rare feat. Do you even believe yourself when you say that you don’t have much talent in the Xuan Master path?”

Elder Hua Feng leisurely leaned back in his chair while staring at Chu Liuyue as if he had already seen through her. “You only underwent the heavenly doctor assessment when you entered the school, so it was only natural that you became Wan Zhang’s student later on. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to practice the heavenly doctor path, but there’s also no need for you to hide your talent for the other aspects. There are many people in the world who would kill to have such cultivation talent!”

He looked intently at her. “Chu Yue, this is closely linked to your future. You have to think it through!”

Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t help wanting to kick Elder Hua Feng. The nerve of him to try and poach my student in front of me!

Elder Hua Feng instinctively avoided Elder Wan Zheng’s look of resentment. Pfft. Never mind that I wasn’t aware of it before, but now that I know, I won’t let Wan Zheng enjoy the benefits all by himself! I must fight for Chu Yue this time!

Chu Liuyue felt a little bit in a dilemma. She really didn’t know that she would get into so much trouble just because she had gone out in a moment of rashness out of worry for Rong Xiu. Being experts with keen judgment, Elder Hua Feng and the others wouldn’t believe her words so easily.

Other people would surely be overjoyed if they were in her position, but Chu Liuyue only felt worried right now. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to learn from an expert like Elder Hua Feng. It was just that… Big Baby probably wouldn’t agree to it. After all, the time she had been spending playing chess with Big Baby was her undergoing Xuan Master training. Besides, her schedule was so full at the moment that she really didn’t have the spare time for anything else.

After thinking about it, she solemnly paid a bow to Elder Hua Feng. “Thank you for your kindness, Elder Hua Feng, but the things I can do are limited. I’m afraid I won’t be able to manage two things at the same time.”

Elder Hua Feng, who was surprised by her answer, fell into deep thought afterward. That’s true… One’s time and energy are limited, and one has to focus on practicing the Xuan Master path and the heavenly doctor path. It might be a little tough for him to practice both at the same time.

“Does that mean you still want to practice the heavenly doctor path?” Elder Hua Feng was quite disappointed as he could tell that Chu Yue had an outstanding talent for the Xuan Master path. He found it a great pity for Chu Yue to give up like that.

“How about this…? Can you spare a few days each month to read books, play chess, and study Xuan formations with me?” Elder Hua Feng looked at Chu Liuyue with eyes filled with expectation. He didn’t want to give up just yet, so he decided to compromise instead.

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows. I guess it’s not without reason that some people often get tricked. I mean, who can stop them if they come running over themselves? It looks like he hasn’t suffered enough losses…

“Hey, just give up! You have to respect Chu Yue’s decision no matter what!” Elder Wan Zheng was in a good mood after making sure that his student wouldn’t leave. “Can’t he continue to refine pills? What if he ends up destroying the barriers around the school like before—”

Elder Wan Zheng immediately cut short his sentence upon realizing that he had misspoken.

A chill ran down Elder Hua Feng’s spine.

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