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Chapter 1205: Punishment

Chu Liuyue was speechless. If there weren’t so many elders around her giving her the death stare, she would be a lot happier to hear this praise. That said, she never expected Rong Xiu to take responsibility for this matter on her behalf.

Many thoughts flashed through her mind as she pursed her lips. Rong Xiu probably knows what’s going on. It’s clear that he’s trying to cover it up for me so that I can hide my secret. Does that mean… he knew from the start that I would be able to open the barrier? Why didn’t he mention it before? But then again, his attitude has always been like this when it came to matters involving the academy. He won’t say much if I can’t remember it myself.

At the thought of the conversation they had on the night of her first official day of school, her heart stirred. She had never once doubted Rong Xiu’s feelings for her, and she knew that he must have his reasons for choosing to do so even if she didn’t know why.

Unbeknownst to Chu Liuyue, her current eye contact with Rong Xiu was strong proof that they had known each other all along, for the man had never spoken so gently to anyone before.

He was cold and aloof in nature, and his power had been growing by the day ever since he became His Grace. Many of the academy elders even had to treat him with respect, but there was a rare moment of calmness and tenderness on his face when he was speaking to Chu Yue.

Upon recalling how Rong Xiu had rushed up to carry the unconscious Chu Yue back to his residence and how he had personally taken care of the latter, everyone’s expressions changed. They didn’t realize it before, but in hindsight, they realized that there had been signs everywhere.

Rong Xiu is the type of person who can’t tolerate having the blood of other people splattered on him, yet he didn’t hesitate to carry Chu Yue back to his residence. Hence, it would be strange to say that those two didn’t know each other. Elder Bo Yan was pretty convinced about it. “I see, but why didn’t you mention it before?”

“Chu Yue has always been looking forward to attending the academy, so he wanted to get in on his own. We were afraid that there might be a lot of inconveniences if we had revealed that we knew each other,” explained Rong Xiu in a tactful but arrogant manner.

Ling Xiao Academy was highly respected with countless experts here. It didn’t matter what background one had, for they paid more attention to talent and abilities here. That said, it didn’t mean that one’s background really had no influence in the academy. If everyone had known from the start that Chu Yue and Rong Xiu knew each other and were on rather good terms, both elders and students alike would surely treat Chu Yue differently.

Given Rong Xiu’s status in the academy, Chu Yue would also be able to receive a lot of conveniences, and that was the inconvenience Rong Xiu was talking about.

Everyone was rendered momentarily speechless, for they couldn’t refute what Rong Xiu said.

“So the two of you purposely hide your relationship just so that… Chu Yue can focus on his cultivation?” Even though Elder Bo Yan posed it in the form of a question, he was pretty much already sure about it.

Rong Xiu nodded before breaking into a smile. “That’s how he has always been, so I can only let him be.”

Although what he said sounded like a reproach, everyone could hear the indulgence and protectiveness in his voice. It was clear that he was bent on protecting Chu Yue to the end.

The elders quietly exchanged incredulous looks with one another. Given their relationship, it is now understandable why Chu Yue suddenly appeared next to Rong Xiu back then. The latter has probably given a teleportation Yuan instrument to the former.

“Chu Yue, did you take the risk to come out because you were worried about Rong Xiu?” interrupted Elder Wan Zheng. This is the only excuse that can get Chu Yue out of trouble since it’s against the rules to exit the barrier without permission!

Chu Liuyue blinked her eyes and nodded. “Yes.”

Standing next to her, Rong Xiu lowered his eyes slightly to hide the flash of amusement in them.

Elder Wan Zheng heaved a sigh of relief and laughed. “See, this kid didn’t do it on purpose! It’s all because he was worried about Rong Xiu! How can you put the entire blame on him when he’s so sincere?”

Elder Guan He snorted in response, but he didn’t refute Elder Wan Zheng’s words either. He had heard about how Chu Yue had shielded Rong Xiu from a critical blow, so he couldn’t deny Chu Yue’s contribution in this matter.

Coming back to his senses, Elder Bo Yan shook his head and said disapprovingly, “Rong Xiu, even if you and Chu Yue have long been acquainted, you shouldn’t have taught him how to open the academy’s barrier!”

That’s one of the academy’s top secrets. Other than the elders responsible for guarding it, almost nobody else knows it. And the reason why Rong Xiu knows is because— Elder Bo Yan hurriedly ended his thoughts.

Rong Xiu said rather apologetically, “It was my fault for not thinking it through. I’m willing to be punished.”

Punished? How should we punish him? Even though Rong Xiu and Chu Yue are at fault, they contributed a lot to protecting the supreme Yuan instrument. This isn’t easy to judge. Elder Bo Yan then narrowed his eyes and asked, “What else did you teach Chu Yue?”

Rong Xiu shook his head. “That was all.”

He’s already taught Chu Yue how to open the barrier. It doesn’t matter if he teaches him other things anymore. Sigh… Why are these kids becoming more and more of a handful? Elder Bo Yan sighed. He didn’t have the intention of punishing Rong Xiu though. All he was thinking was that the barrier had to be reinforced. “That’s good. Please be careful in the future. Since you’ve helped to recover the supreme Yuan instrument, we’ll let this matter slide this time.”

“Thank you, Elder Bo Yan.”

“As for Chu Yue…” Elder Bo Yan looked to the side. “Wan Zheng, he’s your disciple after all. What do you want to do about him?”

Seated on the chair, Elder Wan Zheng slowly knitted his eyebrows and fell into deep thought. He appeared to be very conflicted, and everyone could understand why. It was rare for him to find a student he liked, so he naturally doted on Chu Yue a lot. If he punished the latter too harshly, he would end up feeling pain for him as well.

That said, Chu Yue had acted really recklessly this time and had flouted several rules. He might repeat his offenses if they didn’t give him a disciplinary warning, and worse, it might lead to other students following in his footsteps. The entire academy would be in a mess if that happened.

Knowing that this was a difficult decision to make, everyone waited patiently.

After a while, Elder Wan Zheng finally let out a long sigh and looked at Chu Liuyue. “Chu Yue.”

Chu Liuyue tensed up. “Yes, Master?”

Elder Wan Zheng paused before asking with much difficulty, “Is your talent in the Xuan Master path higher than that of the heavenly doctor path?”

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