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Chapter 1169: Cheat

Liu Zi’an was dazed.

The surrounding crowd also gradually fell silent as they looked at Chu Liuyue in confusion. What does that mean? He doesn’t want it to end? But the match already ended, and he won! Is there a need to continue?

“You still want to continue?” Liu Zi’an furrowed his brows even tighter. “I’ve already surrendered. What else do you want?”

Chu Liuyue smiled in a very genuine and harmless manner. “A challenge is called one because it can only end when both parties agree, right?”

When Liu Zi’an saw that youngster’s smile, his heart suddenly sank! He faintly felt that he had been tricked. “You still want to battle in pill-making?”

Not to mention that he has already won, and there is no need to continue, even if we really battled another round, both of us don’t have much energy.

“Who says I want to produce pills?” said Chu Liuyue rather strangely. “I thought we could do whatever we want in a challenge?”

“Hah! You want to fight with me?” As if hearing a joke, Liu Zi’an mocked her and sized Chu Liuyue up, his eyes filled with unconcealable contempt. “If I don’t recall wrongly, you’re still a beginner stage-seven warrior, right? With such abilities, you still want to fight with me?”

It was normal that he looked down on Chu Liuyue’s standard. After all, the entry requirement for warriors in the academy was to be a stage-nine warrior.

Even if some Xuan Masters and heavenly doctors didn’t specialize in this area, they weren’t weak either. Chu Liuyue, as a beginner stage-seven warrior, was unquestionably one of the bottom few in the academy.

Even though Liu Zi’an didn’t have much talent as a warrior, he was still a beginner stage-eight warrior.

It was a piece of cake to deal with a beginner stage-seven warrior like Chu Liuyue, and warrior competitions used real weapons. Without true ability, one wouldn’t be able to win with tricks up their sleeves.

Very obviously, Liu Zi’an thought that Chu Liuyue would use some unscrupulous means to attain victory, which is why the latter made such a request. If not, he really couldn’t think of how Chu Liuyue would bridge the giant gap between the two of them!

“Since it’s a challenge, what’s the big deal of fighting another round?”

Hearing Chu Liuyue’s affirmative reply, Liu Zi’an almost laughed out loud. “Are you sure?”

Chu Liuyue nodded seriously. “Senior Brother Liu, please—”

Liu Zi’an laughed. “Okay! I’ll fight with you!’

“What exactly is Chu Yue thinking? He won once, yet he actually wants to continue with a warrior match?”

“Beginner stage-seven—it’s not that I look down on him, but he’s really too unskilled!”

“If anything goes wrong, Liu Zi’an might even be able to claim back all the humiliation he suffered„,

Luo Yanlin suddenly asked, “How are his combat skills?”

Luo Shishi didn’t expect her fourth brother to take the initiative to ask a question, and she shook her head. “We haven’t seen him fight yet, so… We’re not too sure either.” Luo Yanlin fell silent for a moment. “Do you know about his background?”

Luo Shishi and the rest shook their heads.

Chu Yue seemed like he didn’t really like talking about this as if important matters must be kept a secret, so they didn’t ask further.

“…But he has a very powerful Yuan instrument. After we came into the academy, the Yuan instruments used to hide our auras couldn’t really be used anymore, but Chu Yue’s one wasn’t really affected. Even Elder Wen Xi and the rest couldn’t tell,” said Luo Yanming suddenly.

“Oh?” Luo Yanlin was shocked for once. “It’s quite rare to have such Yuan instruments…”

There were two possibilities. One, Chu Yue encountered an unprecedented twist of fate and got it by accident. Two, he came from an extremely powerful aristocratic family and had a very high status there!

Our Luo family is also a true first-grade aristocratic family; we definitely have such Yuan instruments. However, this item is extremely precious, so we might not get it. Not to mention Luo Shishi and the rest, even I didn ‘t have such a treasure with me when I first came to the academy, Luo Yanlin thought to himself and looked at the stage.

That young man stood upright. Even though he looked young, his expression was calm and composed.

Such an aura doesn’t seem like it comes from a nobody..

“…Liu Yintong and the rest might’ve kicked a metal board this time…”

“Wan Zheng… Wan Zheng?” In Dong Huang Clock Tower, the few elders were still watching the match. One of them saw that Elder Wan Zheng seemed dazed as if he were thinking of something, so he called the latter twice.

Elder Wan Zheng then recovered his senses. “What’s the matter?”

“What do you mean what’s the matter? We want to ask you what’s the matter!” An elder laughed. “What are you thinking about with so much focus!?”

Elder Wan Zheng’s brows moved slightly, and he shook his head. “Nothing much.”

“Don’t think about it and look at your disciple first! Enough that he won that pill production match, but he even wants to continue fighting with the other party!”

The few elders present were all taken aback when they saw that Chu Liuyue had successfully merged the pills and won the competition. After the shock, they were filled with envy and jealousy toward Wan Zheng.

This Chu Yue is more talented as a heavenly doctor than we thought! If we had known this earlier, we would’ve fought for a chance at the beginning of the month!

Elder Wan Zheng followed their gaze and looked down. As expected, he saw that the two of them had put away their respective cauldrons and were now standing opposite each other, preparing for battle.

An elder suddenly laughed at the side. “Wan Zheng, your disciple isn’t only talented as a heavenly doctor, but he’s also very good at making trouble! I think… you’ll be very busy in the future!”

This was originally a joke, but it felt like the words had uncovered a misty cloud to Elder Wan Zheng! It was as if something flashed across his heart!

But without waiting for him to figure it out, Liu Zi’an’s angered voice could be heard from below.

“Absolutely no way!”

After having his thoughts disrupted, Elder Wan Zheng knitted his brows and looked down.

At the venue, the two people stood opposite each other.

Liu Zi’an’s face flushed red, and he was agitated as he pointed at Chu Liuyue. To be exact, he was pointing at the small thing on her shoulders.

Even though it was entirely red, fluffy, and adorable, everyone present knew that it was Chu Liuyue’s legendary fiend—a red-tailed phoenix! Besides, this was the one that clearly beat Liu Yintong’s legendary fiend!

Its powerful capabilities were as clear as day! If one really fought against it… Liu Zi’an only had death awaiting him as a stage-eight warrior!

“This is a match between the two of us. It’s cheating if you use your fiend!” As he was nervous, Liu Zi’an’s voice became extremely shrill.

“Since fiends have an agreement with cultivators, they’re partners. It’s logical that they live together, die together, and fight together. Why do you think that I can’t summon it?” Chu Liuyue patted Tuan Zi’s head and nonchalantly said, “Can’t you just summon your fiend out to battle too?”.

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