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Chapter 1170: Compete Like This!

Liu Zi’an was stifled and almost spat at the person opposite him. Pfft! He has the face to say it? And he even asked me to summon my fiend… If I also had a legendary fiend, I wouldn’t be so worried! However, there aren’t so many legendary fiends in the world! Even Liu Yintong’s one was obtained with much difficulty, and hers previously lost to Chu Yue! If it weren’t for that bet, there wouldn’t be this mess today! In front of such a formidable legendary fiend, my ninth-grade fiend wouldn’t even be able to last three moves!

“Anyway, I don’t agree! Only the two of us can fight like this!”

The smile on Chu Liuyue’s face faded.

She retracted her expression, and a vague icy pressure spread. Then, a cold and distant voice was heard. “I say we’ll compete like that.”

Meeting the pair of silent, icy black eyes, Liu Zi’an’s heart turned cold for some reason. Under the stare of those two eyes, he actually felt that he was very small and insignificant, unwittingly feeling a sense of fear.

A shudder ran through him. How can a young man in his teens have such a gaze?

He still wanted to retort, but the words were stuck in his throat for some reason, and he couldn’t say them.

He clenched his teeth. “Okay! We’ll compete!”

As long as my fiend can hold that red-tailed phoenix back while I rapidly deal with Chu Yue, I can still win!

“Wind scooping bird!” he hollered, and his surrounding force surged up!

A gigantic bird rapidly appeared above his head. This bird had brilliant colors, with its main color being dark blue. It had nine strands of white feathers at the top of its head, and its pair of yellow-orange eyes were sinister and nonchalant.

Ninth-grade fiend!

Actually, a ninth-grade fiend wasn’t low level, but this was Ling Xiao Academy. All the top warriors and elites gathered here, so it looked rather ordinary. This was especially so when its opponent was a true legendary fiend—a red-tailed phoenix with extremely strong bloodline power!

Tuan Zi opened its eyes lazily.

Perhaps because it absorbed the strength from the lightning, but Chu Liuyue felt that its bodily aura seemed different from before.

Tuan Zi’s brilliant eyes lightly swept across, and the wind scooping bird opposite it suddenly felt a sense of fear.

That was the absolute pressure from the bloodline power!

Liu Zi’an naturally felt the strange emotional change in his own fiend, and he couldn’t help but be enraged.

“Go!” he hollered! As long as it can hold the red-tailed phoenix back for a moment, I can definitely finish Chu Yue off!

Even though the wind scooping bird was afraid, it couldn’t disobey its master’s command!

It flapped its wings and flew forward! Almost at the same time, Liu Zi’an’s figure also disappeared from the spot!

“1 didn’t expect to see them fight in a competition between two heavenly doctors…”

“One is a beginner stage-seven warrior, while the other is a beginner stage-eight one. Haha, I haven’t seen a competition at such a level in a while! Interesting, interesting!”

“1 really don’t know what that Chu Yue is thinking… Since he won, can’t he just end it beautifully? Why must he make things difficult for himself like that?”

“Don’t talk about it. If I have such a red-tailed phoenix, I woåld also dare to do it!”

“So what if he has a legendary fiend? If he is incapable, it will also limit how much strength the legendary fiend can unleash. There is no certainty as to who will win in the end… If Liu Zi’an is fast enough, he has a rather high chance of winning this match!”

Many spectating warriors were interested, and they all had various comments.

The two people competing had heard some parts of it.

Liu Zi’an’s confidence greatly increased, but when he looked forward, he saw that the young man still seemed nonchalant and composed as if he didn’t even take those words to heart.

What an act! Liu Zi’an scolded in his heart. When I beat him up until he has to find his teeth all over the floor, we’L1 see ifhe can look so high and mighty!

At this point, Tuan Zi had already flown forward and was going head-on against that wind scooping bird! Hence, Liu Zi’an’s line of vision only had Chu Liuyue left.

He almost laughed out loud. Without that legendary fiendprotecting him, Chu Yue has no advantage and is filled with flaws!

“Wind-thunder punch!” He circulated his bodily aura and injected it into his right fist as he harshly hurled it forward!

The punch howled with the wind, and the empty air vibrated!

Liu Zi’an had used all his force in this punch! I have to end this as fast as possible!

Chu Liuyue stood at her spot as she moved her legs slightly and bent her knees. She then curled her arms, pulled back, gathered her strength, and slowly clenched her fists!

It was clearly an extremely ordinary move, but it looked very smooth and pleasing when she did it. It was as if all the blood and muscles in her body had perfectly moved!

In front of her, Liu Zi’an’s punch was right before her eyes!

The terrifying and harsh suppression caused her hair to fly up and her clothes to flow with the wind! This shocking strength almost caused one to doubt if the punch would directly blow one’s head out when it hit them!

Coldness filled Chu Liuyue’s face as she stared straight at Liu Zi’an opposite her with no hint of fear in her eyes!

Then, without hesitation, she hurled a punch out! It was the simplest—the most direct punch!


The two punches collided!


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The next moment, the delight on Liu Zi’an’s face rapidly disappeared and was filled with extreme pain!

At this moment, Elder Wan Zheng—who was standing at Dong Huang Clock Tower—had his eyes narrowed. He unwittingly took a step forward and held the railing tightly with one hand. I have seen this fist technique before!

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