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Chapter 1162: Courting Death

Chu Liuyue’s eyes flew open, and a strangely bright light quickly flashed across her eyes!

That moment of sharpness caused others to not be able to look straight into her eyes. But that light quickly dissipated, and she recovered her lazy and nonchalant look.

She stretched her waist and relaxed her bones, and her body that had been sitting for a long time made crisp sounds.

Time’s up… Chu Liuyue calmly thought, Did ten days just pass like this? However, why did I not feel anything at all? During the entire process, the only thing I did was cultivate. It seems as if I have to go out in the blink of an eye. 

Chu Liuyue stood up and surveyed her surroundings. There weren’t many changes compared to when she first came here.

She didn’t know that the moment she opened her eyes, the lines on the four walls had already returned to what they looked like in the beginning. Thus, she naturally couldn’t discern anything.

She picked Tuan Zi up.

It was probably because Tuan Zi had already digested all of that force, so it didn’t have the rays of sparkling silver lightning on its body. Besides, the color of Tuan Zi’s feathers seemed to be richer than before.

Perhaps this is a sign of its bloodline power being unleashed? Chu Liuyue thought as she walked over to open the door.

When her hand was about to touch that door, she suddenly stopped, turned around, and squinted her eyes slightly. Hm… I actually want to stay here for a while longer. What should I do? 

For some reason, she felt that it was very comfortable to cultivate here.

The surrounding force naturally entered her body, nourishing her muscles and veins and strengthening her aura… She also didn’t feel uncomfortable during this entire process—it was like everything happened smoothly. It was as if… this force should already be hers.

This type of feeling was very strange, and she had never experienced it before.

“Senior—” She suddenly spoke but stopped when she spoke halfway.

The voice came from outside. “What’s the matter?”

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. She smiled slightly, and she changed her tone for the remaining half of the sentence. “Thank you for taking care of me during this time.”

That person grunted lightly. After he passed through the door, I could no longer intervene, especially when I didn’t touch the door this kid picked at all. How would I take care of him?

“Just come out!”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in, took one last glance, and turned around to leave.

A white light flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes, and she instinctively squinted her eyes. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she then saw her surroundings clearly.

The hall that entered her view was empty, just like when she had just come.

She turned around and took a look.

The seven doors didn’t change at all. It was as if… the ten days spent inside were just a dream.

“Go on.”

After exiting the door, Chu Liuyue couldn’t tell where the voice came from. It was as if the entire hall was his voice that clearly landed in her ears in the end.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and bowed in the direction of the seven doors. “I’ll take my leave first.”

Then, she turned around and left.

But the moment she took a step out—

“Hm?” That voice sounded again with confusion and hesitation.

Chu Liuyue immediately stopped in her tracks, stood rooted to the ground, and turned around obediently and respectfully, allowing that person’s blade-like gaze to sweep across her. “Senior, is there anything else?”

The other party’s voice sounded weird. “…Your aura has strengthened?”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Is there a need to ask? In there, I focused on cultivating for ten days. Isn’t it normal for my abilities to be strengthened? But since the other party asked, there seems to be something wrong. 

She paused for a moment before replying, “I have been focusing on cultivation the past few days.”

The other party didn’t speak for quite some time.

Chu Liuyue was slightly disappointed. This answer doesn’t seem right… 

“Forget it. Go ahead!” After a while, that voice sounded again.

However, Chu Liuyue sensitively felt that the other party’s attitude toward her seemed different. She couldn’t point it out exactly, but she had such a feeling.

She pressed her lips against each other, bowed, and bade farewell.

The door automatically opened, and after she walked through it, the door automatically closed behind her.


The hall was completely silent within the pagoda.

Filled with confusion, a low voice muttered, “This kid… Perhaps she liked him…”

Outside the door, Chu Liuyue turned around and glanced at it, lightly sighing. Even though the senior in charge of guarding was a little weird… If only I could come a few more times… 

If Elder Wen Xi and the rest knew that not only did she not remember any lessons but even benefitted from this trip and wanted to come again, their expressions would be incredulous.

Her neck itched.

Chu Liuyue patted Tuan Zi’s head. “Okay, I know you still want to go, but you need to wait for me to figure out a way. If you’re disobedient like before…”

She glanced at Tuan Zi coldly.

Tuan Zi immediately nodded eagerly. I won’t cause trouble! I’ll listen to you for everything, Master! 

Chu Liuyue then nodded in satisfaction and flew out!

“I’ve already said that I also don’t know when Chu Yue will come back.” Zhong Xun suppressed the anger in his heart and said carefully, “This is our residence, so please leave first. When he comes back, I’ll tell him that you came.”

“There’s no need for trouble. We’ll just wait for him here directly.” The few youngsters opposite him smiled brightly.

That young man standing at the front lazily said, “Senior Brother Zhong Xun, why are you so nervous? We just want to duel with Chu Yue. We hear that he’s very talented as a heavenly doctor, so we wanted to experience it. Do you… want to stop this too?”

Zhong Xun furrowed his brows tightly. Starting from a few days ago, these few people suddenly ran over and said they wanted to duel with Chu Yue. Chu Yue isn’t around, so they come every day in the morning and only leave at night. Chu Yue’s residence was flipped upside down by them. 

The few of them weren’t old, but according to seniority, Zhong Xun was their senior. However, they didn’t treat Zhong Xun respectfully or politely. This was because their backgrounds weren’t to be underestimated!

These few people were all Liu Yintong’s junior brothers! It was clear who instructed them to come here!

That night, Zhong Xun didn’t go to Million Wine Mountain, so he didn’t know what exactly happened back then. However, he heard from the crowd later and knew that Liu Yintong insisted on competing with Chu Zhong’s legendary fiend, yet she completely lost in the end.

This time, Chu Yue had completely offended Liu Yintong and even her little team. Hence, a few people willingly came forward and challenged him.

“Senior Brother Zhong Xun, this incident has nothing much to do with you. I think you shouldn’t intervene.” That youngster at the front nonchalantly smiled. “Since he can be accepted by Elder Wan Zheng as his disciple, he definitely is capable, don’t you think? If he doesn’t even dare to accept our challenge, won’t he be too much of a coward?”

Zhong Xun was about to argue when a clear voice filled with smiles suddenly sounded. “Okay, I’ll accept it!”

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