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Chapter 1161: Time is Up

As this commotion silently happened, Chu Liuyue absorbed the force at a gradually faster rate.

It was as if she had entered an extremely special state. Even with her eyes closed, she could strangely feel everything in her surroundings. She vaguely felt that her surroundings seemed to be moving slightly and passing through her.

During this process, a portion of the force silently entered her body.

At this point, she suddenly discovered that the Heaven and Earth Force here was extremely pure. She didn’t need to refine it much before she could completely consume it.

Her body was like a sponge that kept absorbing the surrounding force crazily, and this absorption speed kept increasing!

Chu Liuyue originally had some considerations. She was worried that her body might not be able to tolerate such a terrifying force entering her body since she was just a beginner stage-seven warrior.

But very quickly, she realized that she had thought too much. This was because from start to end, her body wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

The rich force kept circulating within her Yuan meridian. Not only did it not cause any discomfort or pain, but it also kept nourishing her Yuan meridian, allowing it to become more resilient.

Chu Liuyue could even clearly feel her surrounding aura strengthening!

Could it be that the force here is more special… This thought just flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind once. However, it doesn’t seem to be entirely so… 

Chu Liuyue still suppressed her thoughts very quickly and focused on cultivating.

Tuan Zi—who stayed beside her—stopped moving at some point and lay on the floor lethargically. Only the shining silver lightning on its body showed that it wasn’t as harmless as it seemed at this moment.

Qing Ming Square.

Elder Bo Yan stood with his hands behind his back as his gaze swept across the crowd before him.

Standing here were the same few people who previously discussed the matter in the hall. However, there were significantly fewer people than at that time. For example, Wei Xiping wasn’t here at this moment.

However, there were dozens of elders standing beside him, so they looked like they had higher numbers overall.

The closest to Elder Bo Yan was Rong Xiu.

“…I won’t say anything unnecessary. We’ll have to trouble you guys for this.” Elder Bo Yan cupped his fists.

The crowd acknowledged him in unison.

“If there’s danger this time, Rong Xiu—” Before Elder Bo Yan could finish speaking, he saw Rong Xiu’s expression suddenly change as he looked in a certain direction.

Rong Xiu squinted his deep phoenix eyes, and his thin lips curled up into an extremely faint and helpless smile. She’s really…

“Rong Xiu, what’s the matter?” asked Elder Bo Yan strangely.

Rong Xiu retracted his gaze, smiled slightly, and shook his head. “Nothing much.”

Elder Bo Yan followed the direction he just looked in and took a glance. That’s the warrior region. Everything is normal. 

Elder Bo Yan’s brows moved slightly. Even though I can’t tell much from Rong Xiu’s face, I just feel that there is something amiss. It was the same the previous time… It seems like there is something occupying Rong Xiu’s heart in the academy. This person has always been cold and lonely, and there aren’t many things he cares about. But since he doesn’t want to talk about it, it will naturally be better if others don’t ask. 

Right at this moment, Elder Wen Xi came late.

Elder Bo Yan smiled and said, “Wen Xi, if you still hadn’t arrived, you wouldn’t make it on time.”

Elder Wen Xi coughed. “I was delayed by a last-minute matter.”

Elder Bo Yan glanced at him, and his expression changed slightly. “What’s the matter?”

Elder Wen Xi wasn’t someone who liked to be late, and it seemed like he was really preoccupied.

“That…” Elder Wen Xi hesitated for a moment and still decided to report the truth. After all, they would know about this incident sooner or later.

“Actually, it’s nothing much. It’s just that a student made a small mistake and was locked up in Fengmin Mountain.”

Once he said this, the people at the side all looked over. People don’t easily go into a place like Fengmin Mountain. This student… shouldn’t have made a ‘small’ mistake, right?

“Oh? Who?” Elder Bo Yan frowned slightly. The academy indeed hasn’t given out such punishments in a while. It seems like that student has really done something that touched the academy’s bottom line. 

Elder Wen Xi sighed. “He didn’t come down in time yesterday and stayed at Million Wine Mountain for an extended period of time.”

The elders’ expressions changed slightly.

“Which student is this bold and preposterous?”

Elder Bo Yan knitted his brows even more tightly. Regarding Million Wine Mountain, the academy has repeatedly emphasized that the students aren’t allowed to stay there during the restricted time period. Why would a student do such a thing? 

“Ahem, it’s… Chu Yue.” Elder Wen Xi lowered his voice and quickly added, “But that child didn’t do it on purpose. It was just that he coincidentally went back late and was stuck on Million Wine Mountain. After we received the news, Hua Feng and I immediately brought him out.”

Once he said this, Elder Wen Xi felt slightly shocked. For some reason, he actually unwittingly made an excuse for Chu Yue as if he didn’t want the latter to suffer such a severe lecturing.

“I see… Since you guys have already punished him, this matter shall be the end of it!”

Luckily, Elder Bo Yan didn’t ask further, causing Elder Wen Xi to heave a secret sigh of relief.

After recovering his senses, he was dazed. It’s probably because… I recruited the child, so I can’t bear it, right? 

Anyway, once he thought of that young man being lectured and how he lowered his head and admitted his faults, he somehow became determined.

Elder Wen Xi took a deep breath in and suppressed his messy thoughts.

At the side, Rong Xiu had a light expression as he looked down slightly, and a faint light flashed across his eyes. Fengmin Mountain… At the very least, it’s safe to stay there during that period. However—

Rong Xiu’s eyes flickered slightly before he hid his emotions.

This small intervention did not attract much attention. In their eyes, a student being locked up in Fengmin Mountain for a few days wasn’t that big of a matter.

“Go!” An elder hollered and took action first, flying toward the academy!

The others followed closely behind.

Rong Xiu silently glanced at Fengmin Mountain and left afterward.

Their figures quickly disappeared.

Within the seven-story pagoda on Fengmin Mountain.

Within the hall, the seven doors floated quietly and silently.

Time trickled past.

Finally, that old voice sounded again. But this time, his voice was filled with doubts. “Hm? Logically speaking, that kid should’ve escaped because he can’t take it… Why hasn’t he made any noise until now?”

Nobody answered the empty and silent hall.

Another period of time passed, and the seven doors were still as normal.

“Are the trouble makers these days and age so capable…” That person couldn’t help but mutter. He is rather capable since he hasn’t come out after such a long time. 

In the special space, Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged with her eyes tightly shut.

The surrounding tremendous force continuously entered her body as the lines on the walls moved according to her breathing. It was as if her entire person had merged with this place!

Coincidentally, knocks could be heard.

An old and low voice went into her ear. “Kid, time’s up!”

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