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Chapter 1113: Thunder Strike

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Chu Liuyue’s gaze flickered, and she immediately concealed her smile. She then blinked innocently and purely as if she didn’t know what was going on.

This gaze caused Elder Qiao Zhi to be guilty. “Ahem! I-it’s fine… I just find that your smile seems a little familiar… I’m not quite used to it…”

Elder Wen Xi was about to say that he was making a mountain out of a molehill. But from the corner of his eyes, he coincidentally saw Chu Liuyue controlling her smile.

Her eyes that were distinctive between black and white were clean and pure. Upon closer look, it was very deep—clear yet mysterious.

At first glance, he really looks like that troublemaker… It’s no wonder Qiao Zhi had such a huge reaction.

“Elder Wen Xi, did I do something wrong?” Chu Liuyue turned her gaze and looked at Elder Wen Xi as if she were asking for help.

Being stared at by her pair of eyes, Elder Wen Xi’s heart trembled for some reason.

“No, no! Didn’t he say just now that he thinks y-you’re quite similar to a… person? Yes, very similar to a person! Don’t take it to heart, okay?!” Elder Wen Xi hurriedly explained.

He felt that he and Elder Qiao Zhi were making a ruckus for nothing.

This child looks clean and fresh. The key is that he is only a 16-year-old boy! Why would he be related to her? It’s not very nice to frighten the child on the first day he comes to the academy. Thinking of this, Elder Wen Xi said again, “Right! Qiao Zhi, don’t underestimate this child. He’s just 16 years old

this year!”

This sentence indeed caused Elder Qiao Zhi to be taken aback, and he recovered his senses. “Really?”

It was very rare to have a 16-year-old eighth-grade heavenly doctor in the academy!

“How can this be fake?! Hmph, those old fogeys got lucky!”

It was rare to meet such a talented child, yet he cultivated as a heavenly doctor. But luckily, he had Luo Shishi and the rest, so it wasn’t considered a complete waste. At the very least, he was comforted.

Qiao Zhi was also a warrior. Hearing this, he seriously nodded and frowned. “Forget it! They originally already had very few students. They’ll owe you a huge favor for sending this child over!”

“Hehe, that’s right!” Elder Wen Xi instantly felt better as he turned around to talk to the rest. “Today is your first day at the academy. Even though you’ve already tested your talents and capabilities, for the first few days of coming to the school, you can move around freely and casually learn from all the

teachers in the academy. At the beginning of every month, all the teachers will recruit students at the same time. By then, you can personally decide who you want as your teacher.”

‘Don’t worry. As the academy’s recruitment is very flexible, there are always new students around. Thus, everybody is basically very polite to the newcomers. As long as you learn from them humbly and politely, you won’t get into any trouble in the academy.”

“Of course, during this process, you might inevitably meet some people who want to duel with you. If you’re willing, you can agree to it. If you’re reluctant, you can reject it. It’s not compulsory,” said Elder Wen Xi patiently before his expression turned stern. “In the academy, it’s most important to

strengthen your own cultivation. As long as you’re strong enough, everything else can be talked about! As for your identities and the rest, they all don’t matter anymore. Do you understand?”

Luo Shishi and the rest all nodded seriously.

Chu Liuyue had a much better impression of Ling Xiao Academy.

Even though this place also promoted the idea that the strong were respected, it was clear that they tried their best to maintain equality between students. This point alone was already very difficult to achieve.

The students from Ling Xiao Academy came from all around the world. Some of them were descendants of aristocratic families, and some were civilians with ordinary backgrounds.

Outside, their statuses were different. But here, they only held the identity of a Ling Xiao Academy student!

This was more beneficial toward cultivation.

“The academy is quite big. It’s your first time here, and it’s easy for you to get lost, but you just need to remember that when you’re lost, just walk to the Dong Huang Clock Tower in the center to come back safely.”

“Of course, you can just reach the Qing Ming Square below the Dong Huang Clock Tower. You don’t have to go up or enter. Only the elders and director with the plaque can enter that place. If others casually barge in without permission, they will encounter danger if they’re slightly not careful. Once

something happens, nobody can save you. Do you understand?” When he said the last sentence, Elder Wen Xi’s words were filled with warning.

The heavy suppression unwittingly caused a chill to rush down Luo Shishi and the others’ spines. They hurriedly said, “I understand!”

Chu Liuyue glanced at Dong Huang Clock Tower.

Even under the bright sun, the completely metallic-black color still exuded a sinisterly cold aura.

If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the Qing Ming Square below also seems to have a rather strong Xuan formation… She retracted her gaze and suppressed her thoughts.

“Other than this, the academy is basically split into four quadrants—north, south, east, and west. The east side is for heavenly doctors, south is for Xuan Masters, and west is for warriors.” As Elder Wen Xi talked, he gestured to let the few of them see. “Even though the regions are split quite clearly, there’s

a lot of interaction between the few of them as there are quite a few students in the academy who have double specializations or even triple. You can just directly go to the region that you’re best at. If you want to go to the other regions to take a look, it’s possible as well.”

This was indeed the top school in the entire God Residence Realm. If it were some other place, it was already very hard to find a genius with double specializations, but one with triple specializations wasn’t even rare here.

“Elder Wen Xi, what’s the place in the north?” asked Zhuo Sheng in a straightforward manner.

“Hahaha! That’s a good place!” Elder Wen Xi laughed out loud. “That’s for the Armory Refinement Masters!”

“Armory Refinement Masters?!” Luo Shishi and the rest looked surprised.

“That’s right! Even though there have always been rumors that the Armory Refinement Masters’ craft was already lost, our academy has quite a few elders around. But as their disciples are really too few, they have always been discreet.”

They can’t even not be discreet. With such a low recruitment number, there were already many people who found them. If they stood out even more, the academy’s gate would be broken down!

They had no choice as there were indeed only a few people who knew the armory refinement methods left in the world.

Most of the legendary weapons in the market were made by Armory Refinement Masters thousands of years ago, or they were left behind by strong warriors.

Now, an Armory Refinement Master who could truly produce amazing legendary weapons was too precious. This was also the reason why they still occupied a quarter of the entire academy even though they had low numbers.

Thinking of something, Elder Wen Xi said in a thankful manner, “If you have nothing to do, you don’t have to go over there. The Armory Refinement Masters are busy crafting weapons all day long, and there will be lightning striking down from time to time there. It won’t be good if you’re implicated by


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