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Chapter 1114 An Obedient One

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The few of them acknowledged it obediently.

“Great! Now that I’ve explained the rough situation of the academy to you, you need to experience the rest for yourself to understand it properly! I won’t talk nonsense anymore!” Elder Wen Xi clapped his hands. “Qiao

Zhi, please help me send these kids over. I have something that I’m busy with.”

Elder Qiao Zhi—who was suddenly mobilized—was dazed. “What’s so urgent?”

Elder Wen Xi coughed. “I’m going to chase them to get the next person on duty to get to Fangzhou earlier.”

“Didn’t you just come back? Hua Feng should be there now, right? Why are you so anxious?” Elder Qiao Zhi found it weird.

ormally speaking, every elder would be stationed outside for a day. Once it reached a specific time, the elder in charge of the next shift would go an hour earlier.

it was very rare that the previous one just came back and went to call the next one.

I can’t say that we felt that the troublemaker is back. If I say it, nobody will go! I’ll just hide as much as I can. Elder Wen Xi was hesitant in his words. “Ah, it’s nothing much. You also know Hua Feng’s bad habit—he likes

to drink alcohol whenever he has the time. I’m afraid he’ll secretly drink there alone. It’s fine if he’s drunk, but it’ll be bad if other incidents are delayed.”

Elder Qiao Zhi then nodded. “That’s true… I’ve talked to him about his habit countless times, but he always refuses to change.”

“Hey, isn’t he afraid because he was forced to quit alcohol in the past? Now that he has the chance, he can finally drink freely! He—” Elder Wen Xi was talking when his voice suddenly trailed off.

Qiao Zhi’s expression changed slightly and was slightly strange.

Hua Feng quitting alcohol… was all because of one person. Even the director couldn’t make him quit, but someone did. However, the method was slightly violent. The process was tenacious, and Hua Feng was a little


Now that he was freed from his misery, it caused him to be even worse than before.

The two of them looked at each other.

Qiao Zhi thought of something, and his eyes were filled with reluctance. “Forget it. Let him drink! I’ll help you bring these kids along. Go and find someone to help him!”

Elder Wen Xi turned around and quickly disappeared before the crowd. His capabilities were indeed not weaker than Elder Qiao Zhi.

“Come! We’ll go to the warrior side first!” Elder Qiao Zhi waved his hands.

Qiao Zhi walked at the front, while Luo Shishi and the rest followed him closely behind.

Chu Liuyue silently followed at the back of the team. While she listened to Elder Qiao Zhi talk about the academy from time to time, she kept surveying her surroundings. /t might be an illusion, but I feel that I might’ve

been here before.

In addition to the scene that appeared in her mind before, she increasingly confirmed this guess. However, it was a pity that most of her memories were broken. Other than that scene, she couldn’t recall anything else.

Hence, she could only temporarily suppress her thoughts.

After flying forward for a distance, it was clearly much more crowded. One could see students cultivating almost at every peak. From time to time, one could still see teachers teaching.

In a nutshell, it was vibrant, lively, and very energetic.

Chu Liuyue felt elated for some reason. Jf can cultivate here, it will be a good thing… Why did Rong Xiu always hide this from me?

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly.

“The place in front is the warrior region!” Elder Qiao Zhi suddenly called out.

As if detecting the movement above, quite a few people looked over. “Quickly, look! Elder Qiao Zhi is here! Could the people behind him be the new students today?”

“One, two, three, four! There are actually four people?”

“It seems like there’s a junior sister?!”

Some people couldn’t conceal their excitement.

One had to know that there weren’t many female cultivators here, so they were elated every time they saw a junior sister entering the academy.


A tall figure walked out from the crowd. “Collect your thoughts and watch your eyes.”

Once the person said this, quite a few people shrunk their necks.

There was no other reason besides the person talking being one of the top elites in the academy—Luo Yanlin!

“Brother Lin, do you know them?” The young man who was beaten bared his teeth and bravely asked.

Luo Yanlin snorted, but he didn’t care much about him as he directly flew forward to those few people! The next moment, he stood beside Elder Qiao Zhi and respectfully greeted the latter. “Greetings, Elder Qiao Zhi!”

Luo Yanlin, why did you come here today?” Elder Qiao Zhi saw him and laughed.

just studied a Xuan formation, so I wanted to try it on them,” said Luo Yanlin as his gaze landed on Luo Yanlin and the rest. His handsome appearance instantly became gentle. “Also, came to fetch my brothers and


“Oh?” When Elder Qiao Zhi heard this, he turned around and understood the matter.

“Fourth Brother!” Luo Shishi and the rest couldn’t conceal their excitement as they yelled in unison.

Zhuo Sheng was their cousin. They grew up together since they were young and were on good terms, so he also called Luo Yanlin ‘Fourth Brother.’

Luo Yanlin smiled deeply. “That’s nice. You came here earlier than I expected; it seems like Shishi broke through in advance. How are Father and Mother?”

Luo Shishi’s face turned slightly red. “They’re well, but they really miss you, Fourth Brother.”

The people below watched them and talked in hushed tones. Jt turns out she’s really Luo Yanlin’s younger sister! She’s even his biological one! Then, there’s not much hope now.

Not many people in the entire academy were Luo Yanlin’s match. If they even thought of his sister, they would be tired of living!

“Hey! Why did three junior brothers come at once!?” Someone sighed deeply.

Once Elder Qiao Zhi heard this, he looked down and snorted. “You’re dreaming! Out of these four kids, only Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng are warriors!”

The crowd looked at the remaining Luo Yanming and Chu Liuyue in shock. “The remaining two aren’t warriors?”

“Luo Yanlin, bring them down first and let them familiarize themselves with the area. still have to send the two of them off,” instructed Elder Qiao Zhi.

Luo Yanlin nodded and waved toward the two new warrior students. “Shishi, Ah Sheng, follow me.”

The two of them obediently walked to him.

After not seeing each other for so long, they definitely missed each other very much.

“We’ll go to the Xuan Master’s side next,” said Elder Qiao Zhi.

Luo Yanlin smiled at Luo Yanming. “Go over first. I’ll be right there. They will give me face, and they won’t bully you.”

Luo Yanming smiled and nodded.

At this point, Luo Shishi suddenly said, “Chu Yue, you must work hard too!”

Luo Yanlin glanced at his own sister before following her line of vision and looking over.

That was a handsome young man. His eyes were clear, and his aura was clean.

He squinted his eyes. “Chu Yue?”

Luo Yanlin didn’t expect Zhuo Sheng to raise his fists as well. “Chu Yue, I’ve heard that those heavenly doctors are all very proud. You mustn’t back down!”

Chu Liuyue blinked and lightly laughed before she nodded. “Okay.”

Elder Qiao Zhi suddenly turned around to look at her.

Chu Liuyue almost instinctively straightened her back and restrained her smile.

“Hey! He’s an obedient one!” Elder Qiao Zhi nodded in satisfaction. Then, J can rest assured!

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