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Chapter 1102: I Have a Few Beds

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Everyone knew that Lou Ruhai had offended her. Even if she let it go, nobody would think that she was magnanimous and would instead just feel that she was cowardly and weak.

She could endure someone causing trouble for her and humiliating her in public, but she shouldn’t! If they knew that even someone like Lou Ruhai could escape unscathed from her, many people would cause trouble for her in the future!

Chu Liuyue clearly remembered that when she first came, the people from Cold Mountain Gully were still guessing how the people from Fairy Water Mound would deal with her.

Even people with that kind of status realized such things, which showed that everyone else thought the same way.

Chu Liuyue came from outside the God Residence Realm. Even though her performance was outstanding, and her results on the Extreme God Sundial were even more shocking, she still didn’t have the backing of tremendously strong clans.

So what if she was the emperor of the Tianling Dynasty? In the eyes of these people, it wasn’t worth a mention! Hence, she had to let all of them understand that she wasn’t one to be messed with!

Other than this, she had another motive in interrogating Lou Ruhai: She wanted to investigate clearly who Lu Yu’er’s backer was, in case the enemy was in the dark while she was in the light, and she wouldn’t even know that she was set up.

After all, she and Lin Zhifei were already on the same side.

If he could really connect Grotto-Heaven Cliff and the Tianling Dynasty using a transportation formation, it would be much more convenient for her to travel.

Furthermore, it wasn’t only for her! With her current identity, she could naturally go in and out of the God Residence Realm as she wished, but she was also restricted to a great extent.

‘As His Grace, there were many pairs of eyes on Rong Xiu, so she definitely would be treated similarly in the future.

From this aspect, Chu Liuyue hoped that she wouldn’t need to depend on Rong Xiu and that she could build her own strength and forces. This way, she could find another way out for herself.

“If you explain it earlier, Elder Lou, you’ll also suffer less, right?” Chu Liuyue smiled in comfort.

She was clearly smiling, but it unwittingly caused deep horror in others.

Lou Ruhai’s gaze was evasive. “I-I don’t know… I really—”

“Yan Qing, help Elder Lou Ruhai jolt his memory and see if he can recall a thing or two.” Chu Liuyue raised her chin.

“Yes, sir!” Yan Qing acknowledged the order and immediately went forward to take action.

“No… Ah!” Lou Ruhai didn’t even have the chance to struggle or explain himself when Yan Qing directly kicked him out!

He harshly slammed against the wall!

Yan Qing hurriedly went forward and hit his weakest and most painful spot.

In no time, Lou Ruhai gradually turned to begging from his initial resistance. Finally, he was only left with weak and painful moans.

A peak ninth-grade heavenly doctor sounded like he had a distinguished status and could attract quite a few strong warriors’ recommendation and pursuits. It was a pity he could only weakly lie on the floor and live by his last breath.

Lou Ruhai’s ears whirred, and his head was empty. His entire body was in so much pain that it turned numb.

At this point, he then realized that the young woman who was always smiling in front of him really had murderous intent!

“L… I’ll say it…” Lou Ruhai forcefully spat out a few words.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand.

Yan Qing then stopped.

“Say it.”

Lou Ruhai opened his mouth, and it was filled with blood. “It’s… She’s… S-sen…”


Before Lou Ruhai could finish his sentence, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes flipped over, and his body suddenly went into an intense seizure before he stopped moving.

Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows.

Yan Qing was about to take action, but she stopped him. “Don’t touch him!”

Yan Qing was stunned. Then, he saw that Lou Ruhai’s corpse actually started to rot rapidly!

In the end, he turned into a pool of blood.

“It seems like he’s also from that place,” muttered Chu Liuyue. “He and Lu Yu’er worked together, but it might not be because he was listening to Lu Yur. It might also be because they have the same master… Master Lin, I have to trouble you to investigate this matter when you go back…”

Lin Tianfeng had a complicated gaze as he nodded. “The other party has such formidable methods, so I’m afraid… Lu Yu’er’s side is also well-prepared.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Chu Liuyue stood up. “The truth will finally be unveiled one day. It’s getting late; I’ll get going first. As for this Lou Ruhai—”

“We’ll clean this up. Princess Consort, don’t worry about it,” said Lin Zhifei gently.

From start to end, he behaved even calmer and was more stable than Lin Tianfeng. This made Chu Liuyue increasingly satisfied as she nodded and brought Yan Qing to leave.

When Chu Liuyue returned to Jishen Palace, it was already at night.

The moment she walked into the room, she saw a familiar figure—it was Rong Xiu.

He was lying on the bed and holding a book in his hand.

Hearing the movement, he looked up. Before he could speak, he smelled a light and bitter herbal fragrance.

He squinted his eyes and put the book down before putting his fist to his lips and coughing.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him. “Your Highness, you’ve always been in the pink of health. Why are you coughing?”

Rong Xiu’s face looked a little pale. “It’s probably because I didn’t sleep last night, so I feel quite uncomfortable now.”

Chu Liuyue then recalled that she dazedly fell asleep the night before, and she did have an impression that someone carried her the entire way.

He didn’t sleep the entire night? During the day, he did look a little frail.

Chu Liuyue then walked over, wanting to take his pulse. “Your Highness, your body had better be weak. If you’re well…”

Chu Liuyue looked up and glared at him with warning, “Your Highness, you can lie to me once, but not a second time.”

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly as he tumed his wrist and held her hand. “Yue’er, are you still angry at me?”

He was always distinguished, cold, and outstanding, Even if he was smiling, he seemed to be surrounded by a faint layer of distant aura, causing other people to be unable to approach him as if they were terrified that they would anger him.

It seemed like they could only admire such a person. But at this point, his voice was low and a little hoarse, different from the gentleness he had when he spoke to her normally.

For some reason, it felt like something tickled one’s heart.

The candlelight at the side reflected on his handsome appearance. He knitted his brows slightly, and his phoenix eyes were dark as he stared at her deeply with a gentle and helpless gaze, even with… a tinge of grievance.

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly softened as if something was overwhelming her in a sour, sweet, and numbing way.

A normally domineering man would rarely reveal such an expression, so it was especially touching.

Rong Xiu gazed at her and whispered, “Without Yue’er, I haven’t slept well in a long while.”

The mysterious thing was that Chu Liuyue actually guessed his underlying meaning in one shot. Her gaze flickered as she bent down slightly and went closer to Rong Xiu.

The two of them shared each other’s breathing.

She held in her laughter and asked, “Your Highness, you want to sleep with me?”

Rong Xiu held her hand tightly. “Yue’er… you’re agreeing to it?”

Chu Liuyue seemed to furrow her brows in frustration. “But we haven’t gotten married yet. This doesn’t seem to be very appropriate, right? Besides, there’s only one bed here.”

Rong Xiu suddenly laughed. “I can sleep on the floor.”

Chu Liuyue’s expression froze, and she clenched her teeth and said, “There’s only one blanket.”

Rong Xiu’s long fingertips caressed her wrist gently. “It’s fine. I have quite a few beds..”

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