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Chapter 1069: Tell Your Fiancé to Come and Speak

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Once she said this, the palace fell deadly silent.

Yan Qing’s heart harshly skipped a beat as he instinctively turned around to look at his master.

On the throne, Rong Xiu’s expression froze for a moment. But that moment of stiffness quickly disappeared.

However, his pair of phoenix-like eyes were gradually covered by lonely coldness, and his entire body exuded a shockingly cold aura. He smiled slightly, and his voice was extremely light. He pronounced every single word carefully: “What did you say? Say that again.”

The atmosphere became strange.

Many people felt a dangerous and sinister aura for some reason.

The space started freezing inch by inch.

Chu Liuyue’s smile didn’t change. “Just now, Master Lin had already made it very clear that my name wasn’t on the submitted name list. It’s also no longer important why my name would appear on that list. Your Highness, it’ll be more convenient for everyone if you just delete my name, right? It doesn’t seem very appropriate for me to join this lively event. Don’t you think so, Your Highness?”

Her gaze turned as she spoke, and she looked at Yan Qing. “There’s no need to trouble His Highness for such a small matter. Officer Yan Qing can do it for you. Officer Yan Qing, please.”

Yan Qing’s hands holding the booklet trembled. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have gone to invite her over in His Highness’s position! Not to mention that I got the cold shoulder, but it’s even hard for me to remove myself from the situation! Why is my life so tough? 

Helpless, he could only say, “My status is low. I have no right to do so.”

Rong Xiu’s phoenix-like eyes were deep as he stared at Chu Liuyue. It was as though he wanted to eat her whole directly. “Are you sure?”

Yan Qing glanced at Chu Liuyue to beg her. Please don’t—

“Of course, I’m sure.” Chu Liuyue smiled with deeper meaning. “After all, I already have a fiancé.”

The crowd went crazy. So Dugu Yue already has a fiancé?! Then, does His Grace know about it? It seems like he shouldn’t know about it, right? If not, he wouldn’t have agreed to leave her name on that booklet. However, it is rather embarrassing for her to reject His Grace in front of everyone! 

Lin Tianfeng and the rest looked at Chu Liuyue in shock. Fiancé?! Not husband?! Then, Big Baby— 

Just as the crowd partook in hushed discussions, Rong Xiu suddenly laughed and said, “So what?”

At that moment, almost all the voices disappeared. Countless pairs of eyes looked at Rong Xiu in overwhelming shock. S-o w-h-t?! What does that mean?

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, and the uneasiness that she felt became increasingly intense.

Everyone else present realized that something was wrong one after another, and they all kept quiet.

The atmosphere was tense and almost suffocating.

Rong Xiu seemed as though he didn’t realize that his sentence had stunned the crowd present. He leaned back in a relaxed position and said in a seemingly smiling manner, “As long as you ask him to stand here now and object to this, I will let this slide.”

Cunning! Chu Liuyue secretly clenched her teeth. I long knew that this man had a black heart, but I never expected him to be relentless when talking about himself! He even dared to say such words—how shameless! 

Chu Liuyue almost couldn’t hold herself back from directly scolding him.

At the side, Dugu Mobao—who didn’t move at all—couldn’t help rolling his eyes when he heard this. A secret light flashed across his sinister, purple eyes. This kid is indeed still the same as before. No, I should say that he has become even worse! He is unscrupulous to achieve his motives! He doesn’t want his face in front of so many people. 

Lin Tianfeng was very uncomfortable. He never expected that the matter would develop to this extent.

If he couldn’t tell what His Grace was thinking, he would’ve wasted all his years of experience! He clearly wants to let Dugu Yue participate in the contest! Without asking, I can also guess how that name appeared on the list! But the key is that Dugu Yue has already stated that she has a fiancé, yet His Grace actually said that… Even if her fiancé had a high status, could it be higher than His Highness’s? Not to mention whether that man is here, would he dare to stand up when His Highness has spoken if he was?! 

At this point, there seemed to be no solution to this.

Lin Tianfeng couldn’t help but look at Chu Liuyue and glance at Dugu Mobao beside her. He sighed. This child only looks like he’s three or four. He’s so innocent… 

He hesitated for a moment.

Just as he was thinking if he should speak up, Lin Zhifei pulled him back from the side. “Father, don’t be anxious.”

Lin Tianfeng was hesitant. “But… His Highness’s actions are too… She’s on her own. If we don’t help her, then—”

Lin Zhifei shook his head. “Let’s quietly observe the changes first. It won’t help much even if you stand up now.”

Lin Tianfeng knew that his son was speaking the truth.

Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s status wasn’t high. They only had such good treatment this time because of Dugu Yue.

Even the Jiang family from Fairy Water Mound can’t stop His Grace from doing what he wants to do, let alone us? Finally, Lin Tianfeng only nodded. “No matter what, she saved your life. If anything happens, we… can’t just sit around and ignore her.”

Lin Zhifei nodded lightly, and there seemed to be secret ripples in his faint eyes. He silently glanced at Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue before looking down. The relationship between the duo… 

“What’s so good about that Dugu Yue? His Grace actually likes her?” In an isolated corner in the palace, the crowd from Cold Mountain Gully had their eyes wide open and mouths agape when they saw this scene.

Han Zishu widened her eyes in disbelief. “With that appearance and background, how can she gain His Highness’s favor? The key is that she even has a fiancé! What exactly can’t His Highness think through properly?”

“Shh!” Han Quan still had some form of rationality left as he hurriedly stopped her. “You can’t talk about His Highness!”

Han Zishu shuddered, but indignation still filled her eyes. “I just find it weird!”

This matter is too weird!

“That b*tch probably used some method to seduce His Highness! She—”

Before Han Zishu could finish her sentence, a young woman in front of her suddenly turned around.

Her makeup was intricate and appropriate; she clearly came to participate in the contest as well. But at this point, mockery filled her face as she looked at Han Zishu and the rest as though she was looking at fools. “You shouldn’t randomly say such words in case other people hear it. Ms. Dugu… knew His Highness before. If you’re not afraid of being in trouble, continue talking.”

Then, she smiled coldly and turned around. It’s fine that they came late, but they are also brainless. These people from Cold Mountain Gully are really tired of living. 

Han Zishu and the rest looked dazed. That Dugu Yue knows His Grace? How is that even possible?

Amidst the suffocating atmosphere, Chu Liuyue was the first to react.. She squinted her eyes and suddenly smiled. “Your Highness, what if I just want to say no?”

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