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Chapter 1070: Additional Spot

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“Yue’er Girlie, why are you still so stubborn?” Right at this moment, a low and experienced voice suddenly sounded from outside.

The crowd looked outside.

An elder suddenly came forward. He had no signs of any force ripples, but the unknown strong aura around him made them secretly respect and fear him. This is an absolutely strong warrior! 

Chu Liuyue was dazed slightly. This was because she knew this elder.

“36 Respected Elder Ming, why are you here?”

Rong Xiu was about to stand up and personally welcome him when 36 Respected Elder Ming hurriedly waved his hands. “It’s Your Grace’s birthday banquet and the contest to choose your princess consort. Of course, I must come and join in on the fun!”

At this point, the crowd gradually stood up and bowed when they saw the incoming person. “Greetings, 36 Respected Elder Ming!”

Quite a few people were secretly shocked. This person is a strong warrior in the Sky-Cloud Empire. Even amongst the tens of respected elders, he is also considered the most capable one with the highest status. Usually, 36 Respected Elder Ming stays in seclusion and never interferes in such things. For some reason, he actually came over today? 

36 Respected Elder Ming laughed out loud. “Once I came out of seclusion, I heard about this and rushed over without stopping!”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Ming Yao at the side.

A chill ran down Ming Yao’s spine as he hurriedly bent down and bowed. “R-respected Elder, why are you out today? Yet, nobody reported to me in advance. We have failed you. I hope—”

“I heard the news after I came out and immediately rushed over. Of course, nobody will report to you.” 36 Respected Elder Ming chuckled. “If I were any later, I would miss the meticulously planned banquet today, right?”

Ming Yao broke out into a cold sweat and didn’t know what to say. It seems like 36 Respected Elder Ming knows everything! Originally, I was a big reason why the contest for the position of princess consort was organized. Previously, 36 Respected Elder Ming kept reminding me not to think of such ideas, but I still took advantage of 36 Respected Elder Ming being in seclusion and secretly did it. I initially thought that everything should be settled by the time this person was out. By then, even if 36 Respected Elder Ming was unhappy, he couldn’t say much since everything had been completed.

I didn’t expect him to appear so quickly! This time, I’m caught red-handed! 

Just when Ming Yao thought that 36 Respected Elder Ming would sternly scold him in front of the crowd, he saw that the latter didn’t talk to him further as he turned and walked in another direction.

Under the crowd’s stares, he walked to Lin Tianfeng.

It was actually Lin Tianfeng’s first time seeing the person in the legends. But he knew very clearly that 36 Respected Elder Ming was also here to look for Dugu Yue.

As expected, 36 Respected Elder Ming’s gaze directly landed on Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly but quickly relaxed them as a look of understanding flashed across her eyes. “36… Respected Elder Ming?”

36 Respected Elder Ming instantly felt guilty when that pair of clear black eyes stared at him. He clenched his fists, brought it to his lips, and coughed. “Ahem. Girlie, how can you openly go against His Grace’s words? Just take it as if you’re playing a game. Anyway, it won’t affect you much, right?”

The crowd was confused. Playing a game? 36 Respected Elder Ming, are your words appropriate?! Many people present have high expectations and take this matter seriously, yet you told Dugu Yue to join as if she were playing a game? 

When Chu Liuyue saw 36 Respected Elder Ming’s expression, her heart tingled. She half-squinted and silently glanced at Rong Xiu sitting above.

Rong Xiu undetectably nodded slightly.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled. “Okay.”

As 36 Respected Elder Ming intervened and Chu Liuyue took advantage of his situation, the matter finally proceeded on successfully.

The atmosphere was slightly strange.

Quite a few people started whispering softly. “So 36 Respected Elder Ming also knows that Dugu Yue?! Where did she come from?”

“I’m not sure… But since she came with those people from Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Lin family… Logically speaking, she shouldn’t have a distinguished background, right?”

“That’s true, but His Grace and 36 Respected Elder Ming’s attitudes toward her seemed unusual! This woman looks so normal. I really don’t know what His Grace likes about her…”

“Hah, so what? All the distinguished women from the divisions have come today. Why would she stand a chance?”

“But speaking of which, why did only 36 Respected Elder Ming come to such an important event? Where are the other respected elders?”

“Perhaps the other respected elders have something to handle, or they’re cultivating… Didn’t you see that 36 Respected Elder Ming also hurried over after exiting his seclusion? Besides… Not all of those respected elders in the Sky-Cloud Empire respect His Grace…”

“Shh! We can’t say such things…”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

Jiang Zhiyuan slowly clenched the corner of her clothes.

Jiang Hetian turned around to take a look at his daughter and saw her very aggrieved gaze. He sighed and comforted, “Okay, Zhiyuan. I know that you feel aggrieved, but His Grace has always been like this. Nobody can stop what he wants to do. Don’t worry. With that Dugu Yue’s status, she will only be a mistress even if she is chosen. She doesn’t even have the right to be second consort, let alone princess consort. You don’t have to worry—”

“I’m not worried about this.” Jiang Zhiyuan bit her lips, and her voice was a little hoarse. “I… I’m just upset…”

He definitely likes this woman. If not, he wouldn’t do this. I’ve known him for so long, yet he never specifically did anything for me. How can such a comparison not break my heart? What is even harder to accept is that Dugu Yue doesn’t even seem to accept his passionate feelings! Rong Xiu is the most outstanding man in the world. How could her so-called fiancé be compared to him? 

Jiang Hetian patted her hands. “As long as you’re the one beside him, he’ll always be yours for the rest of your life. Why should you mind the rest?”

This sentence finally made Jiang Zhiyuan recover her senses. She forcefully held back the tears in her eyes as she nodded and stubbornly said, “I naturally won’t let other people steal whatever belongs to me!”

Jiang Hetian heaved a sigh of relief as he gradually smiled. “This is my Fairy Water Mound Jiang clan’s Big Missy, my Jiang Hetian’s precious daughter!”

Jiang Zhiyuan pressed her lips against each other as she looked up and glanced at Chu Liuyue opposite her. Thinking about what had just happened, she felt increasingly uncomfortable. How can such a woman stay beside him? I better… find a way to chase her out from the very beginning! 

Yu Mo very quickly moved a chair over and invited 36 Respected Elder Ming to sit on the left side of Rong Xiu.

While Chu Liuyue heard the crowd discussing beside her, she glanced at that side. Rong Xiu seems… to have not specifically prepared seats for those respected elders? 

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