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Chapter 1060: She Has a Lot of Background

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Yan Qing hurried to Chu Liuyue. He was about to speak when the woman opposite him suddenly stepped forward.

“I’m Dugu Yue. Greetings, Officer Yan Qing,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile as she bowed.

Yan Qing’s legs went soft, and he almost collapsed to the floor.

“You—” His voice trembled.

Before he could say anything more, he saw Chu Liuyue’s black sparkly eyes. That pair of star-like eyes were glowing with light.

Yan Qing was stumped, and the remaining words were stuck in his throat; he had sufferings that he couldn’t state. Originally, His Highness should’ve come here, but he was suddenly stopped by Jiang Zhiyuan. Hearing that it was related to the academy, His Highness stayed behind and asked me to go ahead first. 

Yan Qing long thought that Chu Liuyue wouldn’t be in a good mood after knowing all of this. She might be angry, she might rage, she might scold… The only thing he didn’t expect was her not even admitting to her own identity! However, this was even scarier than all those reactions!

Yan Qing regretted it slightly. If I had known earlier, I should’ve waited for His Highness to come together! Why have I suddenly become the scapegoat now?

The surrounding people then realized that the atmosphere around the duo was strange.

Hu Yang’s gaze darted back and forth between the duo as he tried to ask, “…Officer Yan Qing, do you know Ms. Dugu?”

Yan Qing swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty as his throat became tight. “…Y-yes…”

“I’ve met Officer Yan Qing a few times before, but I didn’t know of Officer Yan Qing’s identity then. It’s only until I came here today did I realize how capable Officer Yan Qing is.” Chu Liuyue answered smoothly, and her smiling intent didn’t subside at all as she looked very relaxed.

But when the surrounding people heard this, it was like thunder striking by their ears. Dugu Yue actually knows Yan Qing? He’s His Grace’s closest confidant! This status is enough to kill 90% of the people in the Sky-Cloud Empire! 

Yan Qing’s eyelids twitched harshly. Every word that Chu Liuyue said was akin to roasting him on a rack!

Lin Tianfeng watched on in shock when a white light suddenly flashed in his mind! Hang on! Dugu Yue is from outside the God Residence Realm, so she shouldn’t have come to the God Residence Realm before. Therefore, the two of them got to know each other outside the God Residence Realm? Seeing the duo’s reactions, especially Officer Yan Qing’s expression… How is it that they’ve only met each other a few times? Could it be…

A ridiculous and bold thought surfaced in Lin Tianfeng’s mind. This thought was too absurd, which caused his heart to beat uncontrollably just when he thought about it.

He almost instinctively looked at Lin Zhifei, and he saw that the latter was also observing the two of them in deep thought.

The surrounding gazes made Yan Qing feel that his back was being stabbed, and he gulped with difficulty. “…Ms. Dugu, may I talk to you in private?”

The originally silent room became even more silent.

Who is Yan Qing? With his identity, he would actually talk to a woman so politely?! Actually, this can’t even be called polite—it even has some sincere begging element to it. Everyone present was shocked.

Only the person involved, Chu Liuyue, didn’t look surprised at all as she smiled with even deeper meaning. “Sure.”

Yan Qing took a deep breath in and stretched out his hand. “This way, please.”

After Yan Qing and Chu Liuyue left, the remaining people fell silent for a very long time.

After some time, Hu Yang gasped and stared at Lin Tianfeng in disbelief. He hurriedly asked, “Master Lin, why didn’t you say earlier that Ms. Dugu knows Officer Yan Qing?!”

“…I-I didn’t know either!” Lin Tianfeng looked innocent. How long have we known Dugu Yue? How is it possible that we know everything clearly?! Even I’m stunned, okay!

“Oh my god. Is Officer Yan Qing… that Officer Yan Qing with His Grace?” a woman at the side widened her eyes and asked meticulously.

Hu Yang sighed. “Other than him, who could it be?”

The few ladies exchanged glances and were shocked. “I heard that Officer Yan Qing is one of His Grace’s most trusted confidants. In the Sky-Cloud Empire, his status is also very high. I didn’t expect… Ms. Dugu to actually know him.”

“From what they’ve said, it seems like they got to know each other outside the God Residence Realm?”

“I really didn’t expect Ms. Dugu to have such a relationship with him… It seems like their relationship goes a long way!”

Anyone with eyes could tell that Yan Qing had a different attitude in front of Dugu Yue.

Hu Yang recovered his senses and couldn’t conceal the emotions and agitation on his face. “This Ms. Dugu is also—she should’ve said earlier!”

With this relationship, their situation in the Sky-Cloud Empire will be much better! 

The other woman weakly said, “Didn’t she say that she didn’t know Officer Yan Qing’s identity before and only knew about it when she reached here… She must’ve never thought of this scene, right?”

However, Hu Yang laughed out loud. “Actually, that’s not important! Ms. Dugu knows Officer Yan Qing, so it’ll be much more convenient even for all of you! You need to know that Officer Yan Qing usually has a cold heart and a cold face. He’s only loyal to His Grace and doesn’t really care about anyone else. If you can be related to him, tsk tsk—”

He laughed and said to Lin Tianfeng, “Master Lin, numerous people in the many divisions can’t even be related to Officer Yan Qing when they tried. You… are much better than them!”

Amongst the many divisions, Grotto-Heaven Cliff had always been ranked one of the last. Who would’ve thought that they would be this lucky?!

Lin Tianfeng yawned and silently exchanged glances with his father. It can’t be… that the guess is true, right? 

“I’m guilty. Ms. Liuyue, please punish me!” Once they entered the room at the side, Yan Qing directly kneeled down on one knee and willingly admitted his faults.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly and was rather shocked. “Officer Yan Qing, what are you doing? Quickly, get up! I can’t bear your greeting. If the people outside know about this, it’d be rather inappropriate, right?”

Yan Qing laughed bitterly and begged, “Please don’t joke with me anymore. I was forced to hide it from you before…”

“Oh? Forced? So it means that your master was forced too?” Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly.

Yan Qing was stumped.

“If I didn’t come this time, I’m afraid that His Grace would choose his entire harem and lead the time of his life over here, right? Hm?”

“Y-you’ve really misunderstood…”

“Chubby, slim, pretty, gorgeous—there are all sorts of beauties here. If I were a man, I would also be tempted if I saw them.”

Yan Qing felt that he was going to suffocate; this was the first time he hated his master. You caused this trouble yourself. Why must I take it up?! 

Yan Qing had a severe headache. “Ms. Liuyue! Actually, His Highness planned on coming to fetch you personally, but Big Missy Jiang suddenly looked for him. Hence, he told me to come over first. It’s not too good if you stay in this Feng He Hall. Why don’t you follow me up first?”

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms in a seemingly smiling manner. “Big Missy Jiang?”

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