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Chapter 1059: You’re Not Worthy

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Thinking of this, she suddenly couldn’t help laughing.

The few of them were originally quietly listening to the few women talk by the corner, so Chu Liuyue’s laugh instantly broke the silence.

Lin Tianfeng and the rest looked over strangely.

This commotion also attracted the attention of the few women who were chatting happily. They hurriedly stopped and glanced over rather nervously. It’s fine if we had this conversation in private, but if someone with ill intent heard it…

When they saw Hu Yang standing at the front, the few women’s faces turned slightly pale. However, they heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts—this was because Hu Yang wasn’t their direct person-in-charge.

They quickly calmed themselves down and exchanged glances before swiftly walking over.

“Greetings, Officer Hu.” The three women bowed in unison.

They were all very beautiful and had good figures. Their every move and action was magnanimous and elegant. They had clearly learned the relevant etiquette, and one couldn’t spot any flaws at all.

Hu Yang nodded and pointed at Lin Tianfeng. “This is Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Master Lin.”

“Grotto-Heaven Cliff?” The few women revealed looks of understanding before they smiled and bowed. “Greetings, Master Lin. We have long heard of your name. Now that we’ve met, you’re indeed like what the legends say.”

Their words were very polite and supportive. If they could conceal the contempt in their eyes, it would’ve been better.

Lin Tianfeng was composed and didn’t hold it against them as he looked calm and hid his key emotions. “Ladies, you’re very kind. If you can be chosen today, I would have to bow to you when I see you in the future.”

The few women’s faces changed instantly. Isn’t this clearly singling us out? 

But considering the other party’s identity and Hu Yang and the rest standing at the side, they didn’t want to cause a commotion. They swallowed their anger and forced a smile. “No, no… We’re not worthy. We wouldn’t dare have this desire.”

Lin Zhifei suddenly coughed.

Upon hearing this, Lin Tianfeng immediately turned back and asked worriedly, “Zhifei, are you uncomfortable?”

Hu Yang said, “Fourth Young Master Lin, this way, please.”

Then, he led them to the side hall.

Chu Liuyue planned to go over, but she was suddenly stopped by the few women. “This lady, please stop here.”

Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks and looked over. “What’s the matter?”

The pretty lady in a mint dress at the front smiled slightly, but her eyes didn’t have any smiling intent. “May I know what you were laughing about just now?”

Chu Liuyue smiled as well. “Nothing much. I just thought of some things, so I laughed. What, do the few of you have any opinions on this?”

The woman opposite her sneered and walked forward, inching closer to Chu Liuyue.

The three women—who originally planned to follow Lin Tianfeng—saw this scene and hurried forward to stand beside Chu Liuyue. “What are you trying to do?!”

“We’re not trying to do anything. It’s just that this lady seemed to have mocked us earlier. We just want to make it clear.” The lady in the mint dress stared at Chu Liuyue with contempt.

Chu Liuyue shot the girls with a reassuring gaze as she smiled slightly and said, “I’m not mocking you; I just feel that the few of you make a lot of sense. No matter what status one has, you’ll be set for life as long as you’re chosen. Besides, Rong—His Grace is indeed…”

Sinisterly elegant and outstandingly handsome. She suddenly paused. 

“His Grace is indeed what?” asked the few women opposite her rather anxiously.

Chu Liuyue enunciated every single word properly and said, “His Grace is the man of many women’s dreams.”

“Hmph, is there a need for you to say it? But judging from your looks, you don’t have any chance.” The woman in mint unreasonably sized Chu Liuyue up. Her expression of contempt was enough to say everything.

“Hey, be more respectful! Ms. Dugu is an eighth-grade heavenly doctor, and she’s also our Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s important guest!” The few women beside Chu Liuyue instantly retorted.

The few women opposite them then reacted and realized that the ordinary-looking woman before them wasn’t going to contest for the position of princess consort. There was still a small boy beside her…

Just as the two parties were about to continue arguing, Chu Liuyue said, “Forget it. Let’s go back first.”

She had no interest in wasting her time with these people here.

But once she said this, it was a sign of weakness in the other party’s eyes.

When they turned around to leave, the few women didn’t lower their voices as they laughed in mockery. “At least she has some self-awareness! With your looks, I’m afraid no man will take another look at you.”

“Even if she’s pretty, it’s useless! Grotto-Heaven Cliff… pfft!”

“Originally, I thought they would give up sensibly. Who would’ve thought that they were so thick-skinned to come over? It’s a pity. If we had come even earlier, we could’ve moved to another residence. We wouldn’t have to squeeze with them.”

“Forget it; there’s nothing much to talk about with them. We should go back and prepare first! The birthday banquet is about to start!”

One woman finally couldn’t help but softly say, “The people from Cold Mountain Gully are outrageous! They clearly aren’t stronger than us. What right do they have to be so arrogant!?”

Chu Liuyue smiled nonchalantly. “If they want to cause a commotion, allow them to do so. We’ll just do our own things.”

“Ms. Dugu, are you not angry at all?” asked the other woman curiously. “T-they talked about you like that…”

Chu Liuyue touched her own face and nodded thoughtfully. “Actually, they’re right. This face is indeed not suitable to join the contest for the position of princess consort.”

The few women looked at each other speechlessly. Dugu Yue really doesn’t seem to care about this. 

Chu Liuyue walked into the room and took Lin Zhifei’s pulse before passing him a pill. “This is the last pill. I’ll make it again when I have the time. In another month or so, you should’ve pretty much recovered. But your body has been ill for many years, Fourth Young Master, so you must recuperate for a year or so to recover fully.”

Lin Zhifei nodded. “Thank you.”

“Master Lin, the people from Cold Mountain Gully have already snatched the main hall. I’m sorry… You have to stay in this side hall temporarily,” Hu Yang sighed and said.

Lin Tianfeng was hesitant with his words, but he didn’t rage as he nodded.

At this point, familiar footsteps could be heard from outside.

As if sensing something, Chu Liuyue looked up.

A figure appeared at the door—it was Yan Qing!

Hu Yang was shocked as he hurriedly went forward and respectfully asked, “Officer Yan Qing, why are you here?”

Yan Qing was in a hurry as his gaze swept across the room. When he saw Chu Liuyue, his heart instantly skipped a beat.

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly, and her red lips curled up. “Officer… Yan Qing?”

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