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Chapter 1019: Holy Body!

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As he was too surprised, Diwu Zhangze’s voice wasn’t transmitted specifically to Chu Liuyue like Lan Xiao’s had been. Hence, his voice directly sounded throughout the desert.

Mu Hongyu—who rushed over after—heard this voice and immediately looked around her surroundings alertly. “Who’s there?”

Chu Liuyue smiled in comfort. “Don’t worry. This is one of the few people I mentioned to you earlier. The one who just spoke is Diwu Zhangze.”

“Hehe. Little girlie, you don’t remember me anymore?” Diwu Zhangze laughed. “It seems like you haven’t suffered enough the previous time?”

Mu Hongyu was dazed.

“You, you, you—” She suddenly recalled something and widened her eyes in shock. “It was you last time—”


A yellow ball of sand suddenly formed and flew toward Mu Hongyu!


Mu Hongyu’s figure instantly disappeared on the spot. Other than an extremely faint ripple in the air, nobody would’ve noticed anything amiss.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze flickered slightly. If I hadn’t broken through to become a stage-seven warrior and was slightly less sensitive, I might not even be able to notice this ripple. The Faint Yuan Body really is as rumored!

The next moment, Mu Hongyu appeared on a sand ball 1,000 feet away. “Whew… Luckily, I avoided it—”

Just as Mu Hongyu secretly felt lucky, she realized that the yellow ball of sand was still floating at its spot quietly and didn’t chase her. She then felt dazed for a moment and realized that she seemed to have overreacted.

“Hahaha! It seems like you’ve improved quite a bit during this period of time!” Diwu Zhangze laughed out loud.


That ball of yellow sand fell on the floor.

Mu Hongyu’s face flushed slightly, and she realized that he was teasing her.

Chu Liuyue glanced at the lake helplessly. “Senior Diwu, Hongyu was tortured miserably by you the previous time. Don’t joke with her.”

Mu Hongyu flashed and appeared beside Chu Liuyue as she smiled in embarrassment. “Liuyue, don’t worry. I’m fine! If not for this senior guiding me previously, I wouldn’t have improved so quickly…”

Even though her face was still red, her tone was very sincere and honest. She really wanted to thank Diwu Zhangze for his previous help from the bottom of her heart.

As she spoke, she solemnly bowed in gratitude in that direction.

Seeing that Mu Hongyu’s attitude was so good, Chu Liuyue relaxed.

However, Diwu Zhangze was quite surprised as he laughed out loud. “Good! Good! You are teachable!”

One that can be friends with Yue’er Girlie won’t be lacking in any aspect.

“Tianjing Yuan meridian?” At this point, another familiar voice sounded. “When did you recover it?”

Even though the tone was cold and distinguished, it was a pity that the voice sounded child-like and playful. Due to this, it didn’t sound very threatening.

Following this voice, ripples could be seen on the lake surface.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “A few days ago.”

Dugu Mobao snorted. “That’s more like it.”

After knowing that Chu Liuyue had recovered her Tianjing Yuan meridian, everyone was either shocked, envious, or in disbelief—as well as other similar emotions.

Only Dugu Mobao didn’t express this. He sounded like he despised her a little and looked as if this should happen.

It was as though it was normal for Chu Liuyue to recover her Tianjing Yuan meridian and that she could be forcefully liked.

Mu Hongyu secretly stuck out her tongue toward Chu Liuyue. Even though she hadn’t seen him, it was shocking enough just to hear this sentence.

Having a Tianjing Yuan meridian was such a rare talent! Only two people had it in the Tianling Dynasty’s thousand-year history!

Many people in the world were extremely envious of it! But to this ‘senior,’ it… actually seemed just like that?

Mu Hongyu faintly knew why Chu Liuyue said that these few seniors might be able to give her guidance on how to cultivate the Faint Yuan Body.

Chu Liuyue didn’t care much about it as her eyes curled up. “It’s a coincidence, and I was just luckier. I conveniently recovered it when I broke through to become a stage-seven warrior.”

Mu Hongyu’s eyelids harshly twitched. T-these people are such maniacs! I faintly feel that if I continue staying here, I won’t have a good time…

Even though she was already prepared mentally, she realized at this moment that she was still too naive!

“Other than coming here on your appointment, I still have a favor I’d like to ask of you, Seniors.”

Whatever she was afraid of came.

Just as Mu Hongyu’s heart was trembling, Chu Liuyue held her friend’s hand and pushed her forward. “Hongyu has a Faint Yuan Body, and she’s going to break through to become a stage-seven warrior real soon. I once read in an ancient book that it’s extremely difficult for people with a Faint Yuan Body to transcend their God Foreseeing Tribulation, so I would like to ask Seniors to guide her a little. I wonder…”

“This small matter isn’t a problem.” Diwu Zhangze agreed immediately. “With me around, I’ll definitely ensure that she’ll transcend her God Foreseeing Tribulation!”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes brightened up. “You’re really willing to help?”

“What does this count for? Someone with a Faint Yuan Body is a talent after all. It’s a pity to waste it,” Diwu Zhangze said and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Those fools in the Tianling Dynasty will only delay her development. In the coming days, you can just stay here until you transcend the God Foreseeing Tribulation!”

Since he said this, it meant that he was really going to help!

“Thank you, Senior Diwu!” Mu Hongyu hurriedly bowed respectfully.

“Thank you, Senior Diwu!” After settling this matter, Chu Liuyue heaved a huge sigh of relief. “Oh right! May I know why you are looking for me, Seniors?”

Chu Liuyue directed her focus back to this matter after arranging Mu Hongyu’s matters.

Diwu Zhangze didn’t reply immediately and seemed rather hesitant. “I… I think Big Baby should say it! I’ll bring Hongyu around to let her familiarize herself with the environment!”

Then, he yelled, “Hongyu, over here!”

Mu Hongyu hurriedly acknowledged it. “Oh… oh! Okay!”

Then, she looked at Chu Liuyue rather hesitantly.

Chu Liuyue gave her an assuring look. “Just go ahead.”

Mu Hongyu nodded.

A yellow ball suddenly appeared beside her.

“Ow… Again!” Mu Hongyu cried and immediately shot out!

Very quickly, only Chu Liuyue was left here.

The sun was burning, and there was no wind anywhere, but the lake water still had ripples.

“Yue’er Girlie, come over here.” This was Lan Xiao’s voice.

Chu Liuyue followed the voice and walked over. At the lake, she instinctively looked down.

There seemed to be a faint shadow gathering in the clear lake.

“Actually, we asked you to come here because Big Baby needs your help with something.” Lan Xiao’s tone was a little strange.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Big Baby needs my help? All these people are so strong, especially Big Baby. What matter would they need my help with?

“As long as I can do it, I will not refuse. May I know… what it is about?”

Lan Xiao lightly said, “Big Baby, do you want me to say it, or do you want to tell Girlie yourself?”

Dead silence.

After a while, Dugu Mobao’s extremely awkward voice sounded.. “I managed to form a Holy Body, but I need your force to awaken it.”

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