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Chapter 1020: What are You Looking At!

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Holy Body? Guide? Chu Liuyue was confused when she heard it. “This Holy Body is…”

“After a cultivator breaks through as a stage-nine warrior and enters the Apotheosis realm, they can use the Heaven and Earth Force to form a body, which is the Holy Body. Normal cultivators have limited physical body strength, but a Holy Body is different. Its potential is limitless, and if one cultivates to the Paragon realm, they will never die or be harmed! Hence, this Holy Body is very important to cultivators. The more important thing is that once one reaches a certain cultivation level, even if their physical body is destroyed, they can reform it and turn it into a Holy Body!”

“Our physical bodies have all been destroyed, and we’re left with our souls only. We rely on absorbing the Heaven and Earth Force to finally reform our Holy Body. As long as he can awaken his Holy Body, Big Baby can get out of this place.”

Chu Liuyue blinked and looked very happy. “That’s great! If I can help you, I’ll definitely do it!”

She knew that Dugu Mobao and the rest were trapped in this area and couldn’t go out due to various reasons. They could only come out for a while on a red moon day, and they spent most of their time under the desert without daylight.

Since Dugu Mobao could form his Holy Body, he could then come out. Where could he not go in the world?

“This is naturally a good thing, but… There’s a small problem on Big Baby’s side.” Lan Xiao sounded like he was holding in his laughter.

“What problem?” asked Chu Liuyue.

“Actually, it’s nothing much. When you previously rushed back to Xi Ling, he was in a hurry to help you and hastened his speed in forming the Holy Body. In the end—”

“Lan Xiao, if you don’t want your tongue, I can cut it for you.” Dugu Mobao’s voice was filled with murderous intent as it sounded.

“Okay, okay, okay! I won’t say it anymore! You can tell Yue’er Girlie yourself!” Lan Xiao willingly begged for mercy and didn’t fight with Dugu Mobao for once.

This made Chu Liuyue feel even weirder. A Holy Body is so important. Since he has already formed it, what problem could there be? And… listening to Lan Xiao, it seems to have something to do with me?

After thinking for a while, she asked, “May I know where your Holy Body is now? What must I do to wake it?”

The moment she said that, the ripple on the water surface expanded! Then, a spiral appeared in the sapphire lake’s center!

The waves extended in all directions and gradually formed a hollow in the middle.

A firefly glowing faintly in purple rose from within gradually! A holy and strong suppression faintly came from within!

Just by standing here, Chu Liuyue felt that her chest was stuffy! All the force in her body suddenly seemed to slow down at this moment!

This was absolutely a crushingly strong warrior aura!

Chu Liuyue secretly felt shocked. This is still a Holy Body that hasn’t awakened, yet it is already so terrifying! I don’t know how shocking Dugu Mobao’s true capabilities are!

Right at this moment, a warm and strong force suddenly exuded from the water droplet in her body and injected into her limbs. The suppressive feeling then subsided by quite a bit.

However, Chu Liuyue still held her breath as she stood at the front without blinking, not daring to miss anything.

“The thing inside is my Holy Body.” Dugu Mobao’s voice somehow sounded even more awkward. “Later, you just have to prick your index finger and inject a wave of force within.”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Okay.”

Then, that firefly flew toward Chu Liuyue.

It was most probably because Dugu Mobao purposely hid his aura, but Chu Liuyue didn’t feel any stronger suppression. Under the support of the water droplet’s strength, she forcefully stabilized herself.

At this point, Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of something. Why does this firefly seem a little small? Since it’s a Holy Body, it shouldn’t be like this…

Just as this thought flashed across her mind, that firefly quickly flew to one step in front of Chu Liuyue.

The layer of faint purple on the firefly looked beautiful. It was a mess inside, so she couldn’t see too clearly.

Chu Liuyue didn’t think much as she bit her index finger, and a bright-red blood pearl quickly appeared.

Then, the blood pearl seemed to be guided by some force as it left Chu Liuyue’s fingertip and floated toward the firefly. Of course, it contained an extremely rich force at the same time.

That blood pearl quickly landed in the center of the firefly.

The moment they touched, the blood pearl rapidly disappeared! Then, a whirring sound was heard, and the light on the firefly shone brightly!

Chu Liuyue instinctively raised her hand to cover her eyes!

The purple light glowed brightly!


Chu Liuyue clearly heard something breaking!

When the light gradually dissipated, she then looked up. With this glance, she was directly stunned.

That firefly had already disappeared. Like a layer of mesh unveiled, she could finally see the situation within!

A toddler that looked around three or four years old was floating quietly in midair. He had an adorable and chubby face and very thick lashes that were slightly curled. His short purple hair was soft and fluffy.

The light wind blew, and it gently rose.

As if detecting Chu Liuyue’s vision, he suddenly widened his eyes!

He had a pair of purple eyes! They were so beautiful and nearly demonic!

The two of them stared at each other.

The toddler knitted his brows and looked ferocious. “What are you looking at? Have you not seen it before?”

His sentence was originally very authoritative, but his voice was too child-like and didn’t feel very threatening.

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses, extended her fingers, and pointed.. “Uhm… Big Baby, you’re not wearing any clothes.”

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