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Chapter 1011: Maniacal

“Ow!” Xue Xue looked at Chu Liuyue pitifully and let out a whimper. I actually appeared in this way… It’s really too… embarrassing!

“You… Where did you come from?” asked Chu Liuyue as she stepped forward.

Xue Xue moved a step back and crazily moved its body. Yellow sand immediately dropped down and covered the floor.

“D-did you just go to the Red Moon Desert?” Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. This aura is indeed too familiar…

Xue Xue sorrowfully lowered its head in tacit agreement.

Chu Liuyue held her forehead. “Why did you go there out of nowhere? Where’s your master?”

Xue Xue instantly looked furious. If it weren’t for Master’s command and wanted me to go to the Red Moon Desert, why would I end up in this state?

“Come, I’ll bring you to take a shower,” said Chu Liuyue as she bent her finger toward Xue Xue. Not to mention others, but it’s too pathetic to come out in such a manner.

Once Xue Xue heard it, it was immediately happy as it shook its butt and followed her.

After bidding farewell to Shangguan You, Chu Liuyue brought Xue Xue back to Shaoyue Palace.

Originally, Xue Xue wanted to be more intimate with her, but it was too dirty. Hence, it could only forcefully restrain itself and keep a three-step distance behind Chu Liuyue.

After an hour, Chu Liuyue was done tidying up and was about to check on Xue Xue next door when a gigantic white figure pounced on her. Luckily, she had already broken through to become a stage-seven warrior and could forcefully catch Xue Xue rather stably.

After washing several times and confirming that it had returned to the white and fluffy Xue Xue, it then relaxed and intimately leaned against Chu Liuyue’s face.


A small wing pushed out and stopped Xue Xue’s head—it was Tuan Zi, who appeared in between Chu Liuyue and Xue Xue out of nowhere with a face filled with displeasure. Watch it! See whose owner is this!

Xue Xue grunted lowly and was too lazy to argue with Tuan Zi. Who asked itself to be so naive back then to choose such a master?

Chu Liuyue helped Tuan Zi up to her shoulders as she caressed Xue Xue’s head. “Can you say it now?”

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Xue Xue came back from the Red Moon Desert.

Xue Xue raised its claws, and ice-blue force exuded out as it quickly formed a palm-sized ice cube!

One faint line of words was written on the ice cube: “Girlie, come quick.”

The person that signed off was Dugu Mobao.

Is this from Big Baby? However, why would they suddenly call me over and send Xue Xue as the messenger?

The ice quickly melted and disappeared.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Xue Xue and nodded. “I originally planned on making a trip there, so this came at the right time.”

Xue Xue nodded. That’s good, that’s good. With her around, those few will consider her and treat me kinder… right?

“Oh, right, what has Rong Xiu been up to lately?” Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of what Jun Jiuqing had previously said. Surprise… What exactly did he mean?

Xue Xue blinked rather guiltily and forcefully shook its head. I haven’t been with Master lately, so I don’t know anything!

Seeing its reaction, Chu Liuyue—who originally didn’t think of it much—immediately felt suspicious. “Hm?”

Xue Xue shook its head even more strongly. I don’t know! I really don’t know!

Chu Liuyue smiled. “It seems like… it might really be a surprise…”

She squeezed Xue Xue’s ears, and her voice was gentle and rather seductive. “When this ends, can you secretly bring me over to see him as a surprise?”

Xue Xue instinctively nodded and later realized what Chu Liuyue meant. Then, it instantly widened its eyes in shock. Bring her over?! Th-this…

“Good, I knew Xue Xue was the most obedient one!” Chu Liuyue gently patted Xue Xue’s forehead and smiled brightly. “This is a deal then.”

Xue Xue was dazed. Secretly bring her over… It seems rather inappropriate, right? Master hasn’t said anything! If we suddenly go over…

“Ow!” Xue Xue whimpered in grievance and painfully buried its head. It’s so hard on me!

Chu Liuyue stood up and left. Before I leave, I still have some things to settle.

Chu Liuyue went to Huayang Palace once again.

Upon opening the main door, a rotting and pungent smell attacked her nose.

The room was in a state of debris as everything that could be broken was already in pieces. There wasn’t a single spot where one could stand on the ground.

“Master.” Qi Han guarded outside and bowed to her. During this period, he had been in charge of guarding Huayang Palace.

“How has Shangguan Wan been lately?”

Qi Han said, “She already lost half her life, and she’s hanging onto her last breath by eating a pill every day.”

He forcefully kept this breath for Shangguan Wan.

Shangguan Wan wanted to die long ago. Too many things had happened on the day of the wedding, and she had lost everything. In the end, she could only live bitterly in this lonely and sinister palace.

She was better dead than alive.

In the middle, she had tried to commit suicide countless times, but it was to no avail.

“However, her mental health seems to be a problem.”

She was tortured day after day, and she couldn’t ask to live or die. No matter who it was, it would be very uncomfortable for them.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “I’ll go in and take a look.”

Qi Han was rather hesitant. “Master, this palace is too messy… Why don’t I bring her out?”

“No need. Where have I not gone before? Why would I care about these things?” Chu Liuyue whipped her sleeves and forcefully paved a way for herself to enter.

Qi Han didn’t speak further and followed closely behind.

It was deadly silent within the messy palace.

The once lavish palace had now become a gigantic coffin, and Shangguan Wan was undoubtedly the only living dead here.

Chu Liuyue surveyed the surroundings and saw Shangguan Wan’s figure in a corner behind the bed.

The latter seemed to notice something as she looked up fearfully.

At first glance, Chu Liuyue couldn’t even recognize that the person was Shangguan Wan.

Only a few months had passed, but the former Third Princess had completely changed. Her clothes were torn and tattered, and her body was dirty and very skinny. From afar, she looked like a skeleton covered in rotten cloth.

Her face was filled with injuries, and one of her eyes was deeply dented with a rotting injury.

“She dug one of her eyes out,” said Qi Han.

Chu Liuyue now understood what exactly he meant by Shangguan Wan’s mental health being problematic.

But Shangguan Wan only glanced at her half-sister before lowering her head and huddling into a ball as if wanting to hide herself in an unseen corner completely. At the same time, she started pulling at her hair.

As if she had lost her sense of pain, she kept pulling at it and yanked out a bunch of hair. Her expression was dazed, and her gaze was empty as she kept muttering something from time to time.

Chu Liuyue listened carefully to her ramblings for a while and forcefully heard Jiang Yucheng’s name. “…Likes me… D-don’t like her…”

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes.. “During this time, did Jiang Yucheng come by?”

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