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Chapter 1010: Xue Xue

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Mu Hongyu was originally teasing herself, but her face immediately froze when she saw Chu Liuyue nod.

Chu Liuyue explained, “The Faint Yuan Body hasn’t appeared in a thousand years. Speaking of which, it’s even rarer than having a Tianjing Yuan meridian. Besides, I can learn a lot of things from Ancestor, so I still have someone guiding me. However… you’re different.”

“The Faint Yuan Body is extremely rare, and there’s almost no record of it. To this day, I’ve only read one ancient book that once mentioned it, but it’s only a few sentences and didn’t speak of it in detail.”

To be direct, nobody knew how Mu Hongyu’s Faint Yuan Body should be best cultivated. She had to rely on herself for everything.

It was still okay in the past as her cultivation level wasn’t that high, and she could slowly find her way. But the stronger she became in the future, the more she couldn’t do this.

How one with a Faint Yuan Body should cultivate was a big problem.

“From what I see now, I can confirm one point. When a person with a Faint Yuan Body breaks through to become a stage-seven warrior, the God Foreseeing Tribulation they summon isn’t one to be underestimated.”

Mu Hongyu’s eyes were wide open, and her mouth was agape. “I-it won’t be the same as yours that time, right…”

If it were so, I’m afraid that I would fail since I can’t withstand it for long!

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

Mu Hongyu heaved a long sigh of relief.

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “I don’t know either.”

Mu Hongyu’s heart hung high again. She coughed, and she held her head with both hands. “Then, what should I do?! Even Liuyue doesn’t know—won’t I die then?”

At the side, Jian Fengchi suddenly spoke. “If someone can guide you in this aspect, it won’t be that scary.”

“That’s easier said than done.” Mu Hongyu’s head ached. “Didn’t Liuyue just say that the Faint Yuan Body hasn’t appeared in a very long time? Then, how should I find such a mentor? I—”

Suddenly, her voice trailed off, and she raised her head. “No—there’s someone! There might be a way!”

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned slightly.

“I just don’t know if the other party is willing to help…” Mu Hongyu rubbed her nose in worry.

“Who is it?” Yuwen Jinghong stuck his head over, leaning toward Mu Hongyu with a face filled with curiosity.

Jian Fengchi expressionlessly pressed his head back.

Mu Hongyu knitted her brows as if she felt quite conflicted.

Chu Liuyue finally asked, “You’re saying… Red Moon Desert?”

Mu Hongyu’s eyes lit up, and she nodded forcefully. “Right!”

Not long after they entered the Red Moon Desert last time, they were respectively separated. After that, Mu Hongyu was chased by a ball of yellow sand for a very long period of time.

Back then, I only cared about escaping. But thinking about it now, that person clearly did it on purpose to help me strengthen my capabilities. I improved the fastest during my time at Red Moon Desert.

One had to know that the person behind the training was a top warrior.

She could travel through space instantaneously, and Jian Shuye might not even be able to react in time at times. But at the Red Moon Desert, the other party always seemed capable of tracking her down immediately!

“If only I could ask him…” After her excitement, Mu Hongyu’s almond-like eyes darkened.

“Why can’t you?” Chu Liuyue smiled. “I’ll help you.”

It seemed like Mu Hongyu had greatly benefited when she was at Red Moon Desert previously. If not, her first thought wouldn’t be of that place. Besides, according to my understanding of Big Baby and the rest, they might really be able to solve this problem…

“Really?” Mu Hongyu couldn’t really believe it.

She vaguely knew that Chu Liuyue seemed to know the mysterious strong warriors in Red Moon Desert, but she didn’t ask her friend about it in detail. Now, it seemed like her friend was very confident.

“There should be no problem, but… You might need to make a trip to Red Moon Desert personally.” After all, Big Baby and the rest have no way of leaving that place. Hence, Mu Hongyu has to go over.

“No problem!” Mu Hongyu wasn’t afraid of suffering, so this small problem didn’t count for anything.

When Chu Liuyue saw her friend so filled with ambition, her eyes curved upward. “Okay. After we return to Xi Ling, we’ll go and settle this.”

After going through a few transportation formations, the few of them finally returned to Xi Ling that noon.

Chu Liuyue brought Qiang Wanzhou straight to the palace and sent someone to get Weichi Song over, wanting him to check on Qiang Wanzhou’s condition.

Before Chu Liuyue returned to Shaoyue Palace, Shangguan You—who heard the news—hurried over and sized his daughter up for a long time.

Chu Liuyue was originally quite severely injured, but as she had broken through to become a stage-seven warrior and had recovered her Tianjing Yuan meridian, she had been recovering. Now, she was only left with a few external wounds.

Shangguan You examined her and confirmed that she was fine before he heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good, that’s good. Our Yue’er isn’t severely injured…”

Only the heavens knew how he survived this period.

On the one hand, the Tianling Dynasty was the weakest out of all these dynasties and would definitely be bullied when they were there.

On the other hand, the opening of Ancient Phoenix Mountain had to be filled with dangers, so the few of them might’ve gotten injured if they hadn’t been careful.

Seeing Shangguan You’s nervous look, Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Father, don’t worry. I’m doing well.”

Once she said this, Shangguan You then realized that her aura was different. Then, he shockingly widened his eyes. “Yue’er, y-you’re a… stage-seven warrior now?”

Chu Liuyue openly smiled and nodded. “Yeah! I was luckier and conveniently broke through!”

If the people present back then heard her words, they would be angered to death. Convenient?! Why don’t you say that you conveniently stole the holy force that the Beiming Ancestor left behind?! You even ruined their Ancient Phoenix Mountain as well!

Shangguan You didn’t detect that anything was amiss.

The Tianling Dynasty and the Beiming Dynasty were quite far apart, so news traveled slowly. Hence, they didn’t know the situation on the other side.

And Chu Liuyue naturally wouldn’t say that she almost lost her life.

“Oh right. This time, I received a huge miracle and managed to recover my Tianjing Yuan meridian.”

Upon hearing this, Shangguan You was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a long time. In the end, he just touched Chu Liuyue’s head with his palm trembling slightly.

“…Good! Good!” His voice was faintly hoarse, and he was clearly suppressing his emotions.

Chu Liuyue held his hand tightly. “Father, can you rest assured now?”

Shangguan You smiled relaxingly, but tears welled up in his eyes.

After all, they were father and daughter related by blood, so they knew each other the best.

At this moment, an ear-piercing sound was heard!

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw a figure coming over through the air! In the blink of an eye, it had already reached the front of them!

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly and couldn’t quite believe her eyes. She slowly uttered, “…Xue Xue?”

Is the dirty fiend with its fur stuck together in blots of yellow to the point where I can’t see its original appearance really that cute white lion?!

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