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Chapter 1007: I Have Been Waiting for You for a Long Time

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Chu Liuyue desperately wanted to know the answer to that question. Now, she could basically confirm that she knew Hundred Herbs Building’s boss, although she didn’t know why he didn’t mention it when they met. Could it be because I’ve changed my identity? But then again, my true identity has already been made public. Given his capabilities, he must’ve found out about it. I wonder if he’s an enemy or an ally…

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror right then, freezing for a moment before walking over toward it and carefully examining the woman’s face in the mirror. It looks like… there are some subtle changes in my appearance; I think I’ve grown. Considering that the original Chu Liuyue is only a teenager, it’s only normal that there will be some changes in me as time passes. The thing is… I’m looking more and more alike to my past self. If I had looked 50% similar to my old self in the past, then it’s 70% now.

As she rarely looked into the mirror and wasn’t really concerned about her appearance, she was a bit taken aback by her own reflection just now. For a moment, it even felt like she had gone back to the time when she was at this age. Even though it had only been a few years, she felt like it was really far away in the past as she had experienced too many things—even death—in the years between.

Will I… eventually look the same as I did in the past? She wondered as she touched her own face, but she instinctively suppressed that thought as soon as it popped up. There’s no way that will happen… Right? Even twins may not look exactly alike, let alone two completely unrelated people. I must be overthinking things…

She sat quietly for a while.

Night fell, and the moon hung high in the sky. It was quiet both inside and outside her room when she suddenly stood up, changed into a black robe, and covered her face before silently leaving the house.

Chu Liuyue went to the palace again.

When she arrived outside the palace walls, she could feel that the security there was much stricter than before. Clearly, her break-in had made everyone in the palace be on guard, although this wasn’t much of a problem for her as she was now a stage-seven warrior and was capable enough of dealing with most people.

After selecting a spot, she opened the barrier once more, which was a lot easier this time due to the rise in her cultivation level. It didn’t take long before the barrier opened. With a leap, she then passed through the barrier and headed straight for the Eastern Palace.

Eastern Palace’s study.

The courtyard was heavily guarded, and the doors and windows of the study were tightly closed.

Jun Jiuqing was currently standing in front of the bookshelf and looking at the traces that were left behind while Shang Binghe kneeled behind him. “I deserve to die! Due to my negligence, someone managed to sneak in here. Please punish me, Your Highness!”

After he realized that something was wrong that day, he immediately sent people to investigate this matter. But unfortunately, that person seemed to have come prepared and managed to run away and disappear into thin air.

He had secretly searched the city several times, though he still wasn’t able to find the intruder. It was clear that the person had used a fake identity right from the start, which meant that they couldn’t investigate further as there were no other clues.

Despite having racked his brains to think of a way, Shang Binghe still couldn’t come up with a way to find that person. Thus, all he could do was tighten the security in the Eastern Palace and admit his mistake.

“You’ve made a mistake indeed.” Jun Jiuqing retracted his gaze and turned around to look at Shang Binghe condescendingly. “Everyone who’s related to this matter… Leave nobody alive.”

Shang Binghe jerked his head up in shock. “You mean…”

“Although the news has been contained, it shouldn’t have been widely known in the first place,” said Jun Jiuqing in an indifferent manner. His eyes, however, carried hints of murderous aura.

“Understood!” Shang Binghe immediately bowed his head. Everyone who was here that day has to die…

“You ought to be sentenced to death as well. However, I still have a use for you, so I’ll spare your life this time. Go down and receive a hundred lashes later.”

The lashing wasn’t done by the hands of ordinary guards, but Jun Jiuqing’s trusted aides, who were much stronger than Shang Binghe in terms of strength and cultivation level. It was considered quite a harsh punishment, considering that it would cost Shang Binghe half his life. But he was grateful enough to be spared from the death sentence, for nobody knew better than him how vicious Jun Jiuqing could be. It was a miracle that he could still be alive after such a serious incident. Hence, he hurriedly offered his thanks.

“Anyway, it’s normal that you can’t stop her if she wants to come.”

Shang Binghe froze, his eyes gradually filling with shock and disbelief. “Are you talking about…” Isn’t she… But if His Highness is saying this, she must be still alive.

“I-I see…” Cold sweat broke out on his back. Why would she be here though?

All of a sudden, Jun Jiuqing narrowed his gleaming eyes. I didn’t expect her to come back so soon. Although she’s not as powerful as she used to be, it’s obvious that she still has some skills… seeing how she can sneak in here and unlock the mechanism. It looks like I’ve underestimated her.

“Your Highness… What do you plan to do next?” asked Shang Binghe apprehensively.

Jun Jiuqing thought for a second before curling his thin lips. His eyes were cold as he said in a hoarse voice, “In that case… Let’s move Chu Ning to another place.”

Chu Liuyue had just arrived outside the study and hid in the shadows when she heard these words and frowned. Jun Jiuqing must’ve guessed that it was my doing, but his first reaction is to move Chu Ning to another place? Why? Chu Ning comes from an ordinary background and has had no interactions with him. In that case, the reason why he’s so concerned about Chu Ning is due to me. He’s using Chu Ning to threaten me!

“You may leave first,” said Jun Jiuqing to Shang Binghe.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Shang Binghe thus quickly took his leave.

This time, under the room’s bright lights, Chu Liuyue finally got a clear look at Shang Binghe’s face. She froze, and her eyebrows knitted together upon realizing that she had seen this face before. I’m certain that I’ve never seen this person before, but his face is very familiar to me for some reason. It’s like.. I’ve met him before! Is… Shang Binghe also a part of my lost memories?

Just as Chu Liuyue was wondering about this, she heard a hoarse and beautiful voice saying, “Welcome, my late-night visitor.. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

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