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Chapter 1008: Wait for You

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Chu Liuyue was slightly taken aback as she looked up.

But after Shang Binghe left, the study room door wasn’t closed.

Jun Jiuqing walked over and said to the guards, “You are all dismissed. Wait outside the courtyard. Without my orders, nobody is allowed to enter.”

Even though the guards were confused, they still agreed respectfully. “Yes!”

Then, the crowd of guards retreated in order. Not long later, nobody was around the study.

“Can you come in now?” Jun Jiuqing turned around and looked at where Chu Liuyue was at.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and decisively walked out. We are already at this stage, so there is no need to hide. Coincidentally, I also want to talk to Jun Jiuqing about some things.

Jun Jiuqing sized her up, raised his brows slightly, and turned around to walk in.

Chu Liuyue followed him closely.

After entering the room, Jun Jiuqing sat down on his own and smiled at Chu Liuyue. “Since you’re already here, just sit as you wish.”

Chu Liuyue didn’t care for his teasing as she sat on the opposite seat.

The two of them looked at each other.

Jun Jiuqing stared at her with much interest, and there seemed to be light turning in his eyes. “Did you come in like this the last time as well?”

“You don’t have to say such polite words. I believe you know very clearly why I’m here today. Why don’t we speak openly?” Chu Liuyue was very straightforward.

Jun Jiuqing’s smile faded slightly. “I wanted to reminisce about the old times with you today, but you’re still as heartless as usual…”

“We don’t have to reminisce. You probably can tell that I’ve already forgotten many things. Today, you and I are just strangers. There isn’t much meaning in saying this now. Why don’t you tell me how you will let my father off?” Chu Liuyue was very blunt.

Ever since that letter and the later note, everything showed that Jun Jiuqing definitely knew many things about her. Perhaps they did know each other in the past, but she had completely forgotten about it now, so it was useless to mention it.

Besides, she had a feeling. Even if they knew each other before, their relationship wouldn’t be any good.

Jun Jiuqing leaned against the chair. “What I want is very simple. Didn’t I tell you this before?”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. “When?”

Jun Jiuqing lightly held his forehead in a seemingly smiling manner. “Of course, it’s when we were at Ancient Phoenix Mountain. You didn’t think that I was just joking back then, right?”

Chu Liuyue paused. Of course, I remembered what Jun Jiuqing said back then. He said that as long as I agreed to marry him, everything would be mine. At that time, I thought he meant the endless force and that holy force. I didn’t expect it to include this as well…

“If you agree, I’ll immediately release Chu Ning and personally apologize to him.” Jun Jiuqing smiled slightly, but his expression didn’t look like he was joking. “Whatever you want and whatever you want to do—as long as I can help you, I’ll definitely agree to it.”

Jun Jiuqing looked at her with determination, and there seemed to be something tumbling within his sinister-like eyes. His voice was hoarse with a hint of drunken intent, causing one to be dazed. “As long as you agree.”

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Chu Liuyue actually heard a sense of desire from this sentence. However, she very quickly threw this ridiculous thought away. Desire? Someone like Jun Jiuqing is arrogant, unreasonable, cruel, and extremely proud. Others have always begged him, so why would he beg others? Thinking about the incidents he caused, all of them show how cruel his personality and methods are!

Chu Liuyue’s expression turned solemn, and her voice was cold. “Are you using my father’s life to threaten me?”

Seeing that her eyes were gradually covered in frost, Jun Jiuqing’s expression changed slightly, and the smiling intent in his eyes faded quite a bit.

“Yes,” he said nonchalantly without a care.

“I already have a fiancé.”

“Just cancel your marriage agreement.”

“I have no feelings toward you.”

“We can slowly develop them.”

“Do you think I can develop feelings for you just because you’re using my father to threaten me?” Chu Liuyue was so angry that she laughed. She felt that Jun Jiuqing’s thoughts were too ridiculous! “Even though I don’t know what exactly you want to do and why you must have a marriage alliance with me, much less knowing whether we knew each other before and the past we had, I can tell you that it is definitely impossible between the two of us based on whatever you did! Even if you use all sorts of methods, I will never accede to your request!”

Jun Jiuqing looked at her in that manner and didn’t speak for a while.

Just when Chu Liuyue thought he was about to rage, she suddenly saw him laugh. “You’re right. I have indeed used all sorts of methods for this.”

He held his face and lazily said, “Chu Xianmin wanted to harm you, so I gave her the Red Blood Gu. The people from the other academies wanted to fight you for first place, so I gave them the Seven Coldness Poison. All these people weren’t very obedient, so I swiftly settled all of them—”

Chu Liuyue gradually widened her eyes, and shock flashed across her face. “All of that… was done by you?! Since when did you think of harming me?”

“If I didn’t do it, how would you come back so quickly?” Jun Jiuqing smiled with deeper meaning. “They’re just ants, so how can they be your match? I just allowed them to help you elevate your capabilities quickly so that you’d come back faster. See? Haven’t you already come back in less than a year?”

Chu Liuyue was so shocked that she was at a loss for words.

“Shangguan Yue, do you think that you’re the only one waiting to return to Xi Ling?” Jun Jiuqing stretched out his hand and pointed at himself.. “I was also waiting for you to come back.”

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