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Ji Hao quickly wrote something on a triangle-shaped jade talisman, then flicked his fingers and sent the jade talisman flying away, followed by a hundreds of meters long bolt of lightning and a series of popping noise.

Ji Hao sent out over a hundred jade talismans like this, to give early warnings to Si Wen Ming, Yao Meng and the other friends of his. Then, he threw a heavy kick on the toad lying and crying on the ground and forced it to lead the way to that so-called deepest area of the river.

White Dragon River extended for hundreds of millions of miles. It was the top-tier large river system in this whole area, and included the territories of hundreds of earls and marquises around Yao Mountain territory. Even Cloud Dream Lake couldn’t be compared with this river.

More importantly, this river had a large number of branches, and by the sides of the main channel were thousands of meters tall towering mountains. With such a geographical feature, the river would normally flow rapidly between mountains, and that scenery would be stunning. But at the time of the flood, aquatic creatures in the river had been rampantly raising the water, such that the water-level had even gone higher than the mountains on both sides. Mountains were submerged, and the water surged down over the mountainsides. The mountains contributed to the power of the water, allowing it to create even worse damage.

While crying loudly, the toad led Ji Hao and his people to the upper reaches of the river. On the way, they saw groups of aquatic creatures. Countless different sized water-kind spirit creatures, even the other spirit creatures living in the woods around White Dragon River, all of them had been crazily raising waves to flood the surrounding area.

Ji Hao commanded his army to sweep across. The matter was serious, therefore, Ji Hao didn’t have the time to differentiate those spirit creatures. All captured spirit creatures were beheaded and thrown into the water, until the river water turned red, like a river of blood.

Killing all the way, five days later, the area in the front became extensive. A series of towering peaks were connected, looked like lotus petals. Two enormous mountains stood facing each other, with a misty water area in the middle.

This was where the few main branches of White Dragon River met. The mountains in this area were steep; the few large branches surged down rapidly, clashed against each other and created a dangerous whirlpool.

Observing from a distance, Ji Hao found that this water area was tens of thousands of miles in radius. Waves rolled, and other than the main channel of the river, three large branches had also been roaring into this area from both sides each. Six branches met in this place, bumping into each other and merging into that giant whirlpool.

From that long distance, Ji Hao heard the rumbling noise from the whirlpool. A strong friction was generated between the river-water in the whirlpool and the surrounding mountain, peeling off soil and sand from the mountains layer by layer, making the surface of the mountains as hard and sparkling as diamond.

Without a doubt, this whirlpool wasn’t so huge at first. No one knew how many years it had been milling until it reached such a magnificent shape.

What made Ji Hao frown were a hundred and eight water-tank-sized chains reaching out of this whirlpool, six chains as a group, and each group of chains tied a floating mountain. They fixed the floating mountain in the air, less than three meters above the river surface. White Dragon River God probably learned this skill from someone else.

The surrounding mountain were towering, while these eighteen floating mountains were merely hundreds of meters away from the water surface, and were completely sheltered by the surrounding mountains. Those towering mountains were just like a screen. If Ji Hao didn’t get so close today, he wouldn’t even discover these eighteen floating mountains.

Ji Hao couldn’t tell for sure how many years had White Dragon River God spent on building this place, because these eighteen floating mountains were all cast with a thick layer of lava mixed with liquid iron. By now, these eighteen floating mountains seemed to be entirely metal, and had a crazily great defensive power.

On these floating mountains, countless watchtowers stood in ordered lines, with lines of holes below them. From time to time, numerous spirit creatures would walk in and out of those holes and climb up and down those watchtowers, while showing their teeth and waving their arms.

At first glance, Ji Hao found tens of thousands of watchtowers on a single floating mountain. On each watchtower were ten to a hundred water-kind archers, vigilantly glancing around. A large number of water-kind archers on the eighteen floating mountains even made Ji Hao’s scalp numb.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and carefully observed the bows and arrows of these archers, his face turning dark as a result.

Those were not roughly crafted bows and arrows that he imagined. Instead, all bows and arrows used by these water-kind archers had spell symbols sparkling faintly on them, and were entirely made from alloy, decorated with complicated and detailed patterns. These bows and arrows could even be described with the word ‘luxurious’, as they were made with great artistic awareness. Apparently, these bows and arrows were based on the special taste of Yu Clan.

The bows and arrows used by these water-kind archers were actually all good-quality ones produced by the non-humankind. Even though the quality of these bows and arrows was not top-grade, as they were produced by the non-humankind beings for sale and not for their own armies, these were still powerful, efficient weapons. With just enough magic crystals to provide energy, each arrow could puncture a foot thick alloy from fifteen meters away.

As Ji Hao saw, these water-kind archers had millions of arrows and bows with such a high quality. Unless all warriors were at the level of Magus Kings or above, any human army that dared to attack this tridimensional defense line formed by these eighteen floating mountains would be annihilated, and every Senior Magi would be shot into sifters.

"Damn it!" Standing beside Ji Hao, Feng Xing, who had the best eyesight, popped out his eyes in shock, staring at those well-equipped water-kind archers on those eighteen floating mountains. He couldn’t even believe his eyes.

Every since the army set out from Yao Mountain territory to clean up rampant water-kind creatures, all water-kind armies that encountered Ji Hao’s army suffered miserably. Among all aquatic creatures Ji Hao had seen, only Divine-Magus-level enormous spirit aquatic creatures could have one to two good weapons, and the others barely had any.

Many weak aquatic creatures simply sharpened the wooden sticks they found in the water with their teeth to use as their weapons.

To a great extent, these humble equipment made the water-kind armies vulnerable when facing Ji Hao’s army. Elite warriors under Ji Hao’c command chopped these aquatic creatures as easily as cutting tofu with large knives, and nothing was difficult at all.

However, this White Dragon River Army they faced right now was equipped with great weapons. The armors worn by those water-kind archers were in relatively lower quality, but at least each archer had a metal or fish scale armor that had a considerable defensive power. Added with the defensive system in this place, if Ji Hao launched a frontal attack, not too many warriors under his command would be able to survive.

"Where did they get so much money?" Shaosi had been doing the financial management for Yao Mountain territory, and at the moment, she was totally shocked. Over ten million high-quality bows and arrows produced by the non-humankind, that was a great fortune. As the God of a river, White Dragon River God shouldn’t be able to earn so much money, not even if he sold himself in parts. He should never be able to afford all these, should he?"

Looking at the roaring whirlpool, Ji Hao helplessly sent out another tens of warning messages.

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