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"I surrender, I surrender! Please! Please don’t kill me! Please! Earl Yao!"

Two large carps with golden heads and silvery tails dropped their steel tridents and kneeled by a river while trembling. Without the powers of these two large carps, the flooding river immediately slowed down, and the water quietly flew back into the river way.

Hundreds of shrimp warriors, frog warriors, tens of black fish warriors who had barely transformed their bodies into human shapes, kneeled by the river while quivering. They lowered their heads, not daring to look at Ji Hao and those human warriors around him, who were all emitting a strong vibe of killing.

"Check them!" Ji Hao pointed at these aquatic creatures.

A few Magi from the Magi Palace walked up along with a troop of warriors. They took out fist-sized bronze mirrors and made these aquatic creatures look in the mirror one by one. The mirror had been sparkling with a magical light. Whenever an aquatic creature looked at a mirror and it showed no change, this creature would be sent aside to gather in a certain area.

A large black fish looked into the mirror, when all of a sudden, the glow of the mirror turned blood-red. The few Magi laughed in frosty voices. Warriors following behind them silently rushed up, pressed the large black fish on the ground and chopped his head off, then kicked the corpse into the river.

The glow of the mirror changed, meaning this black fish had eaten human beings!

This large black fish wasn’t the only one who had human blood on his hands. These aquatic creatures raised overwhelming waves and rampantly swept across the land. More or less, they all had human blood on their hands. However, killing human beings and eating human beings were different.

They raised a flood and drowned human beings to death, but they could explain that they were only following Gong Gong’s orders. Gong Gong was the only existing water-king God at the moment, and these aquatic creatures had to listen to his orders. Ji Hao could forgive these creatures for following the trend and harming human beings, as long as he could send them into the dare-to-die corps and let them fight for the humankind to atone for their crimes.

But once they ate human beings, things would be different. They ate human beings, and this touched the bottom line of Ji Hao, and all the other human beings. All aquatic creatures which had eaten human beings had to be executed right on the spot, and this rule was unbreakable.

Howls rose wave after wave. A ten meters long toad was pressed down by the river, and the executioner had already raised the machete in his hand. This toad crazily kicked his heels while screaming heartbreakingly.

"Earl Yao! Master Earl Yao! Please don’t kill me! Please! I was only curious. I only ate a small slice, a tiny slice!"

"Master Earl Yao! I didn’t eat much. I ate an arm, only am arm! They said that eating human beings can improve our powers quickly, can make us smarter, and we can grow faster. So I ate a small piece, I didn’t want to!"

"He had already drowned to death when I ate him! He was dead already. I didn’t eat him as a living person!"

"Master Earl Yao! Please don’t kill me!"

Ji Hao expressionlessly looked at this crying toad and gave a frosty smile. "You’re crying so loudly now, begging for mercy. But when you raised the flood and drowned countless human beings to death, then fed on them, why didn’t I see you show any mercy?"

"Behead it!" Ji Hao coldly waved his hand and gave the order to the executioner.

"I, I can, I have something to tell you! I know a place!" For saving his own life, tears and snot spurted out from this toad’s eyes and nose. The water-tank-sized pair of eyeballs of his nearly fell off from the sockets. He yelled in a shrill voice, "I know a place with something strange in it. Earl Yao, Master Earl Yao, I can take you there…That’s designed for destroying your humankind!"

The machete held in the executioner’s hands had already been swung down, cutting into the neck of the toad.

Ji Hao flashed across the air at lightning speed, cracked the space and teleported himself to the toad’s side. He gently held the falling blade edge and pushed, making the executioner take a few step backward. Next, a strong essence sun fire was released from Ji Hao’s left hand, then he silently pressed it on the toad’s back.

The sizzling noise was loud and endless, along with the toad’s howls. Ji Hao gently brushed across the toad’s back, which was thickly covered in bumps, flattening all of them with the fire. A foot-thick layer of flesh on the toad’s back was burned to ash.

The toad howled himself hoarse in pain. He cried, begged, but Ji Hao remained silent. He carefully burned his entire back, then finally began talking.

"What is strange in that place? How did you find it out?" asked Ji Hao slowly.

The two carps with silvery tails shouted out together, "Master Earl Yao, this thing…"

Ji Hao flicked his right forefinger and swiftly hit the air, generating two fist-sized air blasts along with a series of muffled popping noise. The air blasts struck the two carps’ chests and shattered all half-foot-thick iron-like fish scales on their chests.

Blood was squeezed out from the two carps’ mouths as they were sent flying tens of meters away, fell on the ground while twitching without an end.

"Speak!" Ji Hao stomped his foot on the toad’s head, looking down at the toad with a cold smile on his face.

"My sister is the close servant girl of the most beloved wife of the God of this White Dragon River!" The large toad shouted while trying pretty hard to bring out a polite laugh.

"White Dragon River God? He fell in a war back in the ancient time…" Ji Hao looked at the toad coldly.

"The later one! Conferred by Gong Gong!" The toad hurriedly explained, "Gong Gong didn’t tell the human emperor about this. White Dragon River God is a three-headed black flood dragon, good at creating rains, thunder, and lightning, Gong Gong recognized his worth and conferred him as White Dragon River God!"

Gasping for air, the large toad pitifully looked at Ji Hao and continued, "No matter how, I can be counted as a trustworthy one to the river God…Hehe, I’m not so close to him, but after all, my sister is the close servant girl of his move beloved wife. I’m much more trustable than the others. Therefore, I was sent over to as a military inspector of those two carps."

"Military inspector?" Ji Hao looked at the large toad, not knowing if he should laugh or not. For the hundreds of aquatic creatures under the two carps’ commands, the river God had sent over a military inspector?

"Speak, what’s strange in that place?" Ji Hao laughed coldly.

"Can you spare my life?" The toad looked at Ji Hao while crying, "You spare my life, then I’ll tell you all I know. My sister was drunk that night and accidentally mentioned it to me. Otherwise, I would never know."

"I can spare your life, just speak!" Ji Hao stepped hard on the toad’s head.

"Eh, speaking of it, it’s a mysterious, great magic formation, built in the deepest area of this White Dragon River by the river God, with quite an effort." said the large toad, "Ahyaya, for building that great formation, tons of top-grade water magic crystals were required. That was a tough time, and we were all forced to work in the crystal mine down in the river bottom. You don’t know how hard that was!"

"The point!" Essence sun fire puffed out of Ji Hao’s palm once again.

The large toad was frightened badly, that he even showed the whites of his eyes. He hurriedly screamed, "Ah, ah, my sister said that when the time comes and the magic formation is activated, we will have endless reinforcements! Then, the great water-kind army under Gong Gong’s command will be strong enough to destroy all human beings who are daring enough to resist!"

Ji Hao’s heart missed a beat. Endless reinforcements?

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