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Ji Hao, the other earls and marquises, and all large-scale human clans had raised their armies to build water-sealing magic formations and suppress the water-kind armies, which was trying to make the situation worse. Underwater cities which had water-kind armies raised from it were flattened one after another.

Water-sealing magic formations were set up one after another. Meanwhile, the watery mist in the air was gradually dispelled. Without those rampant aquatic creatures, the sun appeared in the sky once again and poured the warm sunlight on mountains, hills, lightened up valleys and woods, and cast the coldness away.

The flood was controlled gradually. People walked out from caves, climbed down from trees, and came up to the land from their drifting boats and rafts. These people tremblingly left their shelters and returned to their clans while crying.

Their houses were flushed away, the fertile farmlands were destroyed. Large livestock that could be taken away were drowned to death as well. Their warm and safe residences had become empty areas. Except for the little food they had with them, all stored grains were gone.

"Ancestors souls!"

Cries and wails could be heard from every corner of Midland. Many elderly people, who had been through countless hardships, kneeled on the ground with their arms raised high, looking at the dazzling blue sky and crying in despair.

Before, when the food was not enough, these elderly people could sacrifice themselves for their clans. As their ancestors did, they would go into the woods, find a leeward, warm valley and let themselves starve to death to save the food for younger people in their clans.

But this time, no hope was left.

The food they had was being eaten out. All grains stored in granaries were carried away by the flood, and corps in the farmlands were gone. Because of the flood, even all eatable wild fruits in the woods had disappeared. Nothing was left.

"Our great ancestors’ souls, do you want us to die?"

People cried and wailed, and even strong warriors glanced around in confusion. They didn’t know what to do. Without food, nothing could happen. Even if they were strong enough to defeat dragons, even if they were made from iron, they would be softened if they were starved for a couple of days!

More despairingly, after the flood, all fierce wild beasts, which were as starving like these people, rushed out of the woods.

These beasts had a much greater survivability than human beings. Human beings could struggle through the flood, and these wild beasts could surely do the same. These beasts were driven crazy by the starvation. They searched around, smartly avoided the other hungry beasts and fixed their eyes on those weak and vulnerable human beings.

Wild beast attacks happened in everywhere. Countless villages and towns suffered rampant attacks launched by waves of starving wild beasts.

"Ancestors souls, do you want our bloodlines to die?"

Standing on a simple fence wall, a three meters and two feet tall Senior Magi had been growling madly while wielding a steel ax, cutting the saber-toothed-cat that pounced on him into two. Before he could collect his trophy, two black snake-tusked cheetahs rushed up, snatched the two pieces of tiger bodies as fast as lightning bolts and dragging it far away, then began gulping.

They swallowed the tiger, drank its blood, then gradually regained their strength. The power vibrations released from their bodies quickly grew stronger, and their dark-green eyes sparkled with the light of brutality. Those eyes were fixed on that Senior Magus who stood on the fence wall, with limbs that were shaking slightly.

Tens of senior-level wild beasts circled around this roughly built fence wall. In the sky, hundreds of fierce large birds hovered around, screaming shrilly from time to time. Further away, an entirely red poisonous snake hissed out its fork-tongue, with highly poisonous saliva flowing out of its mouth corners while greedily looking at tens of thousands of human beings protected by that rough fence wall.

This village wasn’t large. Among tens of thousands of people, only around ten were Senior Magi. They stood on the fence wall, expressionlessly looking at those wild beasts. They were soaked in sweat while steam rose from their bodies, and every stream of steam was taking away the last bit strength of theirs.

"Fight to death!" A Senior Magus raised his pure steel long spear, then started singing an ancient, sad battle song.

"Fight to death!" The other few Senior Magi raised their weapons, singing together with their brother, singing this old battle song which was passed down from their ancestors, generation after generation. The battle song was simple; it was sad, filled with despair. Only people who had fallen into hopelessness would sing a song like that.

Back in the ancient times, hunted by countless enormous Chaos creatures, human ancestors puffed out their chests and embraced death while singing this song.

When volcanos erupted, when the fire swept across the forest, when an earthquake started, human ancestors sang this song and defended their clansmen with their fragile bodies.

When diseases came, when the earth was covered in dead bodies, human ancestors would sing a song like this while walking into the forest, tasting all kinds of herbs. Countless Maguspriests were poisoned to death by herbs in the forest, but eventually, they found a cure for every disease.

The non-humankind descended from the sky and slaughtered human beings, turning human beings into slaves, into lower-grade animals. At that time, Emperor Xuanyuan raised his sword and led human warriors to gather from all directions. Every warrior was singing the same battle song. They wore hides as armors, and their shields were made from wood. But they had their chests puffed out proudly, facing the sharp weapons of the non-humankind.

This battle song was passed down from the prehistorical era. When a clan was out of hope, when a group of human beings was about to suffer a total destruction, those human warriors, who had inherited the spirit of their ancestors, would sing this battle song, and fight their enemies to death!

Either would they kill the last enemy in there, or they would all fall in this place.

Behind the fence wall, people stood up tremblingly. They were starved, their limbs were soft and powerless, but they picked up weapons and slowly climbed onto the fence wall, gasping quickly for air with drops of sweat oozing out of their foreheads, looking at those fierce beasts.

They sang louder and louder, and the aura of killing grew denser and denser.

Wild beasts roared unsettlingly. They screamed, because they sensed a great danger from these vulnerable people. The hunger and the sense of danger stimulated these beasts, making them more and more unsettled and irritable.

When a group of beast was about to pounce on the fence wall, golden light spots drifted down from the air.

Every spot of golden light transformed into a swaying golden lotus after landing on the ground. Golden lotuses bloomed, each having a good-looking young man, wearing a long robe, sitting on it with crossed legs while incanting a spell.

A peaceful vibe was created, spreading out quickly. Fierce large birds landed on the ground one after another, curled their claws and lied on the ground; beasts on the ground lowered their heads and faced the earth, worshiped those young men sitting in those golden lotuses. All poisonous snakes coiled their bodies; the fierceness they showed just now was gone.

Two handsome men in long white robes slowly walked over from a distance. With every step, they moved for three to five miles. As their bodies flashed across the air, they quickly reached to the rough fence wall.

One of them smiled faintly, then said to those stunned people on the fence wall, "Our Master Shifus are kind. They know that you’re in danger, so they sent us to defeat these beasts for you, to save you from your suffering."

He took out a scroll and spread it. Painted on that three-foot square scroll were no one else but Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

"Come join us, say the name of our Master Shifus day and night, and you will be able to fulfill your stomachs, warm your bodies. You will have all you need, and nothing will harm you ever again!"

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