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No clouds were drifting in the sky, but the moisture of the air had been rising all the time. A heavy rain had been falling, and all rivers around Pu Ban City were swelling.

Waves of water surged, At first glance, different-sized water streams flowed down from all mountains, gathering into new rivers and streams. These new rivers and streams merged together and seemed to even turn into an ocean.

Fist-sized raindrops fell from the sky one after another without an end. Many branches were broken, and so were crops in farmlands. This nonstop rain that lasted for two days had already decided that not a single grain will be reaped this year in Midland.

More terrifyingly, the plants on some mountains were destroyed. Without the plants, the soil was flushed down from the mountains. Mudflows had already attacked some small villages. And at the moment, all clans had sent out their elite warriors to rescue their people.

On the open grassland, the meters tall grasses were pressed down to the ground, weakly lying there like piles of dead bodies. The whole Midland was suffused by the feeling of lifelessness.

No birds were flying in the sky. Thriving packs of wild animals had how been huddling in wet grasses, without being able to move. Flooding rivers roared unsettlingly, seemed to surge out of the riverways rampantly. From time to time, one could see wild animals and livestock desperately swimming in those rivers. Those poor animals tried to find a land to rest, but the rivers flew way too rapidly. Soon, they were all dragged down to the river bottoms.

Loud caws rose into the sky. Mr. Crow angrily flew all over the sky, with a dim fiery light rising from his golden feather.

As a descendant of ancient Gold Crow, the thing Mr. Crow hated the most was the rainy season of Southern Wasteland. Endless rain fell day and night, and his entire body was getting moldy. This was extremely uncomfortable.

But now, this heavy rain in Midland was even more ridiculous than the rainy season of Southern Wasteland. Mr. Crow ragingly darted into the sky and let out Gold Crow flame as much as he could, trying to burn the sky and stop this damned rain.

At first, when Mr. Crow had the power, wherever he flew across, the watery mist within the area hundred miles in radius would burn out, and the rain in that area would stop immediately. But once Mr. Crow left, watery mist from surrounding area would quickly surge in, and the rain would start to fall again.

As Mr. Crow’s power was consumed, he could now merely maintain the dryness of his own body. A clearly visible steam tail was following behind him, while the dense watery mist was blown away by the strong wind, exposing Mr. Crow’s exhausted face.

Struggling for quite a while, Mr. Crow was finally soaked by the crazy rain. He weakly fell from the sky and landed on Ji Hao’s shoulder, gasping quickly for air. Meanwhile, he angrily stared at the sky with his beady shining eyes.

"Something is wrong with this rain, Mr. Crow!" Ji Hao gently patted Mr. Crow’s feather with his palm. The water on Mr. Crow’s body evaporated speedily, while warm streams of power were sent into his body from Ji Hao’s palm. Mr. Crow was quickly regaining his consumed power.

Unhappily cawing for a few times, Mr. Crow seriously nodded.

Something was indeed wrong about this heavy rain. Mr. Crow had lived for so many years, but he never saw an endless rain falling from a cloudless sky. The watery mist in the air was way too dense, and it had been growing denser and denser.

Gold power, green power, fire power and earth power, none of the other types of natural power declined. But among the most basic five types of natural power, only the water power had been rising crazily. Within two days, the density of water power had already raised by a hundred percent.

Added with the fact that Buzhou Mountain had now fallen, without being balanced and suppressed by Sky Pillar, the unsettling natural powers began causing all kinds of effects. The water power, which now held a dominating position, immediately generated a crazily heavy rain.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the heaven.

Spirit Wa and the other powerful beings didn’t do anything to Gong Gong, maybe because of the agreement they signed back then, or because they didn’t want to step in the internal affairs of the humankind.

Anyway, Ji Hao found that the thoughts of these powerful beings were a bit hard to understand. Gong Gong occupied the heaven and broke Buzhou Mountain intentionally. For what he had done, his whole family should be executed. However, those powerful beings didn’t take this seriously, did they?

"Oi, you’re protectors of Pan Gu world!" complained Ji Hao.

Spirit Wa did nothing to Gong Gong. Dong Gong and Ximu had left, no one knew where they went. Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei had a short, meaningless conversation with Emperor Shun, then both went away with the sky-turning seal, leaving the humankind to deal with this great mess themselves.

Zhu Rong didn’t forget about Gong Gong. He gathered a large troop and guarded before the heaven gate.

However, he dared only to stay by the gate. With this troop he had, he would never have to confidence to attack the heaven. He asked Ji Hao for help though, but all Yao Mountain warriors were busy at sending Yao Mountain people into the area ten-thousand miles in radius around Yao Mountain City to hide from the possible disaster. Where could Ji Hao find another military force to lend to Zhu Rong?

"Gong Gong, damn you!" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, carefully pondering over some questions which were still confusing to him.

Sky Pillar was destroyed, then a heavy rain came. Was Gong Gong planning to create a massive flood? But what could a flood do to help him? Of course, his Northern Wasteland people wouldn’t be affected by the flood, but people in Midland and the other three wastelands would be miserable.

Was he trying to weaken the entire humankind?

Or did he have other purposes?

In the knee-deep water, Ji Hao walked towards the Town Hall with big steps.

The rain was still falling, bumping into the roof of the Town Hall. Following the rumbling noise, countless raindrops blasted against the roof, and a dense layer of watery mist had the Town Hall wrapped up. The rain was way too heavy, that Senior Magi from Magi Palace lifted the Town Hall up entirely with a secret magic. The Town Hall was now around a hundred meters taller than surrounding buildings. Consequently, streams of water flowed down through the square before the Town Hall in all directions, like a series of waterfalls.

Walking towards the Town Hall through the stairs, Ji Hao shook the water off from his body by the door and walked in quickly.

Emperor Shun and thousands of clan leaders, and elders were sitting in the main hall, all with extra serious faces.

During the past two days, the news that came from all places were not so good.

Houses collapsed in the rain, villages were destroyed, and so were farmlands. Most importantly, all crops, which were almost ready for a harvest, were ruined. Livestock died or were wounded, and many suffered diseases.

Those strong warriors were still fine, as they were strong and healthy. But those elderly ones and children were miserable. They were weak, and many of them were even dying, as this terrible rain had lasted for two days.

"This rain will become a disaster." Si Xi was talking when Ji Hao walked in, "We have to figure out a plan. Where on earth did this rain come from? When will it stop? If the water level keeps rising like this, a flood would be inevitable."

Ji Hao’s heart twitched. A flood, indeed.

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