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At the Liang Zhu City, the fence wall reached straight into the sky. The new fence wall was taller, thicker and sturdier than the old one.

Divine towers stood silently on the ground, looking like Gods and devils. Cold and emotionless erect eyes floated upon those towers, looking down at the world. Occasionally, those erect eyes would release beams of lights, flashing across the air. Then, thick waves of air ripples would scan across the sky, such that not even a tiny bug could hide from these divine towers.

In palaces and mansions around the city, large troops of Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors had been gathering ceaselessly. Twelve perpetual portals were located in twelve manors around Liang Zhu City, each surrounded by countless troops, different sized large-scale weapons, floating castles, and mountains.

Beside a brightly glowing magic formation portal base, Dishi Yanluo was wearing a blood-red cloak, underneath an exquisite, luxurious blood-red armor. He was holding a golden staff with his left hand while staring at the magic formation with sparkling eyes.

"Those traitors should be ready to depart as well, right?" Dishi Yanluo murmured to himself with a cold and vicious look.

A fat non-humankind slave lied under Dishi Yanluo’s feet, facing the ground as he deferentially smiled and responded, "Your Majesty, you’re right. According to the intelligence department, they've already known about things that happened in here. Unless something unexpected happens, they will surely start their journey soon. After all, a whole new world, it’s way too attractive."

Dishi Yanluo gave an evil smile, then crooked his finger towards a Jia Clan warrior beside him and said, "Get your men ready. You will kill every last one of those traitors in that world, including Di Yantuo."

With a long face, Dishi Yanluo continued murmuring to himself, "No matter what excuse they have, for whatever reason, traitors are traitors… and traitors have to die."

Dishi Yanluo then knitted his eyebrows, he was in a bad mood right now. A new world, that was an extremely precious wealth. But the coordinates had been leaked out. Di Yantuo and the other traitors were so damnable.

Dishi Yanluo turned around while burning with envy and anger, glanced at the other eleven portal base magic formations, then unhappily snorted. These lucky ones, they could peacefully enjoy their new worlds, all by themselves.

But that was fine. As long as he killed everyone on Di Yantuo’s side, Dishi Family would also be able to own the entire new world.

"Dishi Cha…" Dishi Yanluo called this name with a low voice, "Hm, let all twelve families do this together? This guy, what on earth is he planning on? We are now out of touch with Holy Realm. The constructional work of the portal leading back to our hometown has failed for a couple of times in a row. Did you do that?"

"You, or, the unknown powerful being in Holy Realm, the one you have hooked up with, what on earth do you want?" Dishi Yanluo agonizingly sighed, then took a glance at an enormous bronze sundial standing in the manor.

The sunlight poured on the sundial, and the shadow of its long needle accurately pointed at a thin mark. Dishi Yanluo gave a long and resonant shouted, then waved his hand and growled, "Let’s go!"

Almost at the same moment, people from the other eleven manors let out deep yet resonant roars as well. Meanwhile, exquisitely decorated top-grade magic crystal pieces burned out in a moment in the twelve great magic formations portal bases. Next, the light sphere in the core area of each magic formations began spinning swiftly. Natural powers from all directions surged over, being swallowed by the light spheres.

The ground of Liang Zhu City began shaking slightly. Except for members of the families of the twelve emperors in power, people from the other families flew into the sky, looking at the twelve quickly sparkling light spheres with jealousy.

Twelve whole new worlds, how many benefits would that deliver!

But this time, the twelve families prepared to have all those benefits all to themselves. They gathered up their family armies to do this long journey, without giving anything out. One could easily imagine that when these families each occupied a new world, how crazily their powers would improve.

As for the other families who failed to join this banquet, they could never, ever threaten the twelve powerful families in the future. Perhaps, they would be suppressed by the twelve families forever and ever.

Some curses came out of the months of the nobles ones from the other families. They prayed to whoever they worshiped, and wished that the twelve families would never come back from this long journey. Things like this did happen before, and if the same thing could happen this time, that would be so satisfying!

The ground was quaking, and the air was vibrating along with a loud buzzing noise. Miles long light streams rose into the sky. Reaching over a thousand miles far from the earth, those light streams shattered the space and dazzled into the immeasurably deep cracks of Chaos.

Dishi Yanluo and the other twelve emperors in power threw the crystals, that sealed the coordinate of those new worlds gave by Dishi Cha, into the portal base magic formations. Tiny spell symbols rose up in lines, then sparkling light beams emerged in the twelve huge light streams, as the base formations for the twelve portals began adjusting themselves according to the coordinates they were given.

If everything went right, in about three to five days, each base magic formation could generate a portal leading to a new world.

Dishi Yanluo and the others stood beside their base formation, silently waiting. Countless non-humankind warriors stood around the base formation, staring at the dazzling formation while gasping quickly and loudly. They couldn’t wait to rush in, to be the first one to arrive in the new world, and start to kill and loot.

A new, unexplored world, a virgin land, with countless natural treasures, powerful, natural crafted weapons, and countless slaves, waiting to be conquered.

They wanted to take away all they had, turning all local creatures into slaves. If the local females could fulfill the aesthetic needs of these non-humankind warriors, these warriors wouldn’t mind venting some of their desires on them.

For the past countless years, the Yu Clan had been doing things exactly like this. With all kinds of powerful magics or treasures, as long as a new world was located, they would rush in like locusts. As the first step, they would crazily sweep across the new world, then begin to plunder resources from the new world with plans, until the world was emptied and drained.

Resources from countless worlds had been sent back to their hometown through portals, back to that overexploited, barren world. This nourished that great and scary world, to generate countless new warriors to allow them to grow stronger, and to let more and more warriors join the conquering of the universe.

The non-humankind had been doing this for countless years.

Gradually, the eyes of all non-humankind beings turned blood-red. They gasped loudly, like mad bulls; they were surrounded by a fierce aura of killing, without any patience left. They eagerly needed to vent their desires.

Hundreds of miles away, on a mountain floating in the sky, Dishi Cha stood beside a cliff, looking at the twelve enormous light streams reaching into the sky.

"It has begun! Finally!"

"I am the ultimate conqueror of Pan Gu world. When I take the origin of this world…"

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