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Back in Yao Mountain City, a dazzling light stream rose from the core area of the portal’s magic formation base.

Golden beams of light released from Ji Hao’s forehead, surging into this light stream like water. He activated the golden bridge and helped the base formation to locate Pan Jia world quickly and more accurately.

Ji Hao had been to Pan Jia world once with the golden bridge. With the help of this supreme treasure, the base formation only took around half an hour to locate Pan Jia world. Abruptly, a deep buzz was let out by the formation, and the light stream expanded speedily, soon covering the area with a radius of ten miles.

The shaking light stream turned steady and dense, looking like sparkling glass.

Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Tushan old man and Si Wen Ming laughed out together. Only Di Yantuo and those Xiu Clan people sneakily glanced at Ji Hao in a great shock.

Powerful beings from the humankind, dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind didn’t know much about teleporting magic formation portal bases, but these non-humankind beings knew everything about it. To locate a new world with the power of a base formation required three days at the least. Locating a new world within half an hour, while the base formation remained so steady, was completely beyond all the experiences of these non-humankind beings. They had never even heard anything like this, despite their rich experiences!

"We’ve found ourselves a good master!" Di Yantuo laughed proudly.

No matter how Ji Hao managed to do it, that was power, that was the foundation. Di Yantuo and his people would only be benefited by Ji Hao’s power and a great foundation.

"Brothers, go!" Ao Li burst with a resonant roar. Meanwhile, a heavy dragon-scale armor appeared on his body. He held a dragon-head shield with his left hand, a dragon spear with his right hand, while two smaller shaped dragons coiled on his arms, showing their teeth. With big steps, Ao Li walked into the portal.

The large dragon heads of the eight dragon kings were shaken. Soon, they also armed themselves to the teeth. Excitedly, the eight dragon kings rushed into the portal as well.

Dragons were proud and impulsive. Ao Li took the lead and rushed into the portal. Following him were the eight dragon kings and their descendants and warriors. All of them had been waving their weapons, roaring thunderously while treading on clouds, swooshing into the portal. Dragon whales, enormous sea turtles, ocean horses and flood dragons, all kinds of gigantic aquatic creatures all rushed up, carrying countless smaller shaped aquatic creatures into the portal.

Feng Qinxin gave a resonant and silvery shout. Her body sparkled as she rode on a seven-colored, enormous phoenix and swished into the portal, leaving a rainbow behind her. Once she moved, all phoenix warriors and warriors from clans ruled by the phoenix-kind, including peacocks, rosefinches, Bi Fang and all other kinds of birds, spread their wings and flew into the portal while singing loudly.

The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind had led the way, but Yao Mountain people under Ji Hao’s command, Tushan Family people brought by Tushan old man, and Magi Palace people led by Si Wen Ming, all remained motionless.

Tushan old man was smart and cunning, he was a businessman. He loved to do businesses, yet he would never send his people to lick the blood from the edges of swords. He was waiting for those dragons and phoenixes to clear the way and build a solid foundation in the new world. Then, he would lead his people in.

Ji Hao knew everything about Pan Jia world. The dragon-kind would certainly be thrilled, as Pan Jia world was a hugely pleasant surprise for them. But the phoenix-kind would definitely burst in anger, probably complaining day and night. Therefore, Ji Hao surely didn’t want to go see Feng Qinxin’s sulky face.

With Feng Qinxin’s temper, when she and the group of proud phoenix girls found out that Pan Jia world was actually a massive world of water, without even a sparkle of fire, even without a piece of land, she would definitely flip out on Ji Hao.

As for Si Wen Ming, he was planning to lead Magi Palace warriors and warriors from his family, You Chong Clan, into the portal. But before he could give the order, a blood-red, triangle-shaped jade talisman drifted out of his sleeve. Next, a blood-red light screen, that represented the most urgent message, was released from the jade talisman.

Si Wen Ming flicked his fingers and sent out a few power streams into the talismans. Then the blood-red light screen transformed into an extremely thin beam of light and drilled into the spot between his eyebrows.

All of a sudden, Si Wen Ming’s calm look changed as he shouted directly out in shock, "How did this happen?! This, this, this…Ji Hao!"

Si Wen Ming turned around, squeezed his eyes towards Ji Hao. Si Wen Ming had always been calm, but now, Ji Hao clearly discovered the unsettledness from his eyes.

"Tushan Elder, please, keep an eye on this place for us!" Ji Hao didn’t have the time to say anything else, only smiled at Tushan old man, then hurriedly followed Si Wen Ming away.

Tushan old man paused briefly, then a jade talisman in his sleeve began vibrating intensively.

Tushan old man instantly gripped the jade talisman. A while later, his eyes suddenly popped out widely, shining with a dazzling light. But within a blink of an eye, he calmed back down and murmured, "Such a great disturbance! Our Tushan Family is nothing but a small one, we can not afford to get involved. Hmm, this has nothing to do with us, nothing to do with us!"

Turning around, Tushan old man narrowed his eyes, glanced at Si Wen Ming, then continued murmuring with a lower voice, "Ah, Marquis Chong has indeed said that You Chong Clan and our Tushan Family should be united by marriage. Good, that’s good, this kid, Wen Ming, good, good, good!"

Lowering his head and giving a faint smile, Tushan old man nodded to another elderly man behind him and whispered something to him. The elderly man raised his eyebrows, then his figure gradually faded in a breeze. But not too many people noticed that a person disappeared just like this.

Not too far away, in a corner of a street, Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming faced each other.

Si Wen Ming’s eyebrows were knitted, as he looked at Ji Hao and said in a deep voice, "That Gong Sun Tianming, is he truly Zhu Rong Tianming? Zhu Rong’s son?"

Ji Hao nodded. Zhu Rong TIanming was killed by Kun Peng, but then Priest Hua saved his soul, rebuild his body with a Chaos spirit lotus, and gave him the holy spirit blood from Emperor Xuanyuan, allowing him to inherit Emperor Xuanyuan’s bloodline. Ji Hao witnessed all that!

Gong Sun Tianming was Zhu Rong Tianming, this couldn’t be wrong.

Si Wen Ming took a deep breath and told Ji Hao about the message he received just now.

Emperor Shun went to You Xiong Family to appease the inner conflict of that family, while the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind were hunting Priest Corpse. A dragon army and a phoenix army also marched to You Xiong Family, and almost started a massive fight. But unexpectedly, Gong Sun Tianming forcibly took Emperor Shun’s spirit holy weapon away with the power of his bloodline.

"Emperor Shun’s spirit holy weapon is called Xuanyuan sword, crafted by Emperor Xuanyuan himself." said Si Wen Ming with a serious look while looking at Ji Hao, "Xuanyuan sword has an esteemed position in the hearts of human beings. People all believe that the one holding Xuanyuan sword is the human emperor!"

"Gong Sun Tianming’s not qualified." Ji Hao said hurriedly, "Emperor Shun is not dead."

"But in the recent years, Emperor Shun has been restraining his power with Xuanyuan sword." said Si Wen Ming anxiously, "Xuanyuan sword is now taken away, and soon, Emperor Shun will break into the level of Supreme Magus. Once he becomes a Supreme Magus, he would have to give up the throne and focus on his own cultivation. This is the rule of our humankind. The lifespan of Supreme Magi is way too long. Therefore, none of those large human clans would allow a Supreme Magus to be the emperor!"

"We now have to find out who will be our next emperor…before Emperor Shun abdicates."

Si Wen Ming worryingly looked at Ji Hao.

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