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Yi Shen moved incredibly fast, that Man Man, who was the closet one to Yemo Shanye, didn’t have the time to react at all. She gripped her hammers, and the hammerhead blazed with a raging fire as Man Man intended to smash Yi Shen. But, Yi Shen’s fingers were already about to reach Yemo Shanye’s neck.

Yi Shen’s fingers were long and smooth, with a strange metal-like luster. They looked like eagle claws, seeming to be cold and dangerous.

Yemo Shanye’s neck was long and slim, soft and snow-white, looking like a tender lotus root. Yi Shen could easily break her neck by gently clenching his fingers. Nevertheless, Yi Shen was indeed fast, but someone on the scene was even faster than him.

Shaosi flashed across the air and showed up beside Yemo Shanye, put her arms around her and then flashed across the air once again, bringing her ten miles away.

Yi Shen’s fingers brought up five sharp gusts of wind, violently sweeping across Shaosi’s body. They ripped her long cotton dress open and left five purple-black bruises on her soft white skin.

If Yi Shen didn’t want to capture Yemo Shanye alive and if he didn’t intentionally restrain his power, as a peak-level Divine Magus, he could definitely tear Shaosi apart.

Shaosi gave a muffled moan, then let out a mouthful of blood.

Sticky blood oozed out from the bruises on her body, but the linden seed she took just now released its strong life-force inside her body, allowing those bruises to fade and disappear. Soon, Shaosi recovered fully.

"Damn it!" Yi Shen shouted out. He flicked his finger and let out a beam of arrow light towards the head of Feng Xing. Feng Ling had already pulled his longbow open. The first purpose of this surprise attack launched by Yi Shen was to capture Yemo Shanye alive, and the next was to kill Feng Xing.

Yemo Shanye was taken away by Shaosi, then at the moment, killing Feng Xing was the only thing he could do!

Yi Shen was arrogant, yet he wasn’t stupid. Shaosi was capable of teleporting herself and the others, this meant no matter how hard he tried, he could never catch up with Shaosi. The great formation in Yao Mountain City was already activated, which didn’t leave him too many opportunities to attack. If he couldn’t leave Yao Mountain territory before the Heaven and Earth great formation sealed the area ten-thousand miles in radius completely, he wouldn’t even be able to leave at all!

From a distance, a series of deep roars came. Following that, a group of Jia Clan warriors, who followed Ji Hao’s lead, leaped up from the fence wall, dashed over and left streams of light in the air. Over three-hundred Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan warriors rushed over from hundreds of miles away, as the strong intent of killing had locked on Yi Shen like heavy chains.

Yi Shen moved again, flicked his wrists and sent out two beams of arrow light towards Feng Xing’s heart and lower belly. Then, he swiftly flew towards the woods nearby like a fierce gale, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air.

Human silhouettes could be seen quickly moving in the woods. At least a thousand Eastern Wasteland archers had been hiding in the woods. A teleporting formation had already emitted an eye-piercing light. As long as Yi Shen could cover this short distance, which was less than twenty miles and reach the teleporting magic formation, he would be able to take his warriors and escape.

Ji Hao took a sideway step and blocked the three arrow lights striking towards Feng Xing, with his own body. The nine suns stainless cloak shone brightly, with a raging golden fire rising from it. Nine human-head-sized spheres of flame hovered in the sky and burned the three beams of arrow light into smoke, before they could even touch Ji Hao’s body.

"Yi Shen, you should die!"

Ji Hao growled coldly. He saw the bruises on Shaosi’s body, and even though the linden seed helped Shaosi to recover, Ji Hao was still infuriated when he saw Shaosi shedding blood.

To be honest, no deep hatred existed between Ji Hao and Yi Shen. However, ever since Yi Shen came to Pu Ban City, he began causing Ji Hao troubles just like a fly. Before, Ji Hao dared not to kill Yi Shen because of those powerful Eastern Wasteland clans. But now, Ji Hao had grown much more powerful than before, so why should he still worry so much?

In Ji Hao’s previous life, he would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. In Ji Hao’s mind, this was a good tradition that never wanted to change. The golden bridge flashed while Ji Hao transformed into a golden stream of light and abruptly showed up in the teleporting magic formation that Yi Shen prepared for himself to escape.

Those Eastern Wasteland archers around the teleporting magic formation stared at Ji Hao in shock as if he were a ghost. Impossible, how could he be even faster than Yi Shen?

Ji Hao raised his right foot and stamped heavily against the ground.

As a high-level Divine Magus, Ji Hao had a great physical strength, and that strength of his was improved by the cultivation method with nine turns. Ji Hao had now reached the fourth turn, which meant his physical strength was sixteen times higher than an ordinary high-level Divine Magus. That dreadfully great physical strength burst and destroyed the less than three-hundred meters in radius teleporting magic formation. Thousands of different sized magic crystals in the teleporting magic formation were shattered one after another.

"No!" Yi Shen popped out his eyes and gave a despairing growl.

Ji Hao looked at Yi Shen with a fierce aura of killing, then smiled, slightly nodded to Yi Shen and said, "Since you’ve come, why are you leaving? Yao Mountain territory is not huge, but it’s broad enough for you to find a nice spot to serve as a grave… for all of you!"

The Heaven and Earth great formation was still rumbling like thunder. The sky was still covered by warm mist, but the surrounding space was sealed already.

Air rippled around Yi Shen’s body faintly because of the sealing power of the great formation. An invisible power had been sealing Yi Shen, while he was trying his best to fight against it. That was why the air began to ripple.

Yi Shen shouted loudly out, "I am the prince of Ten Sun Country! I am meant to be a…"

"Dead man!" Ji Hao rudely interrupted Yi Shen, simply and straightforwardly providing a perfect end to his words.

The nine suns devil-destroying sword raised a large stream of golden flame as Ji Hao gripped it with both hands and slashed down. Tens of archers who didn’t manage to dodge howled before they were cut into pieces. The golden fire roared, turning the tens of archers into strands of smoke.

The woods was heated up when Ji Hao held the sword with both hands, making the steps according to the positions of the stars. He moved as quickly as a shadow, leaving clearly visible afterimages in the air while approaching Yi Shen as fast as a ghost.

Yi Shen stared at the sword in fear.

He was a peak-level Divine Magus. He was powerful, and ordinarily holy weapons could never break his body. Nevertheless, countless supreme treasures and spirit treasures existed in the world. Some treasures were naturally crafted before the world was created, while some were created along with the world itself. Facing these supreme treasures and spirit treasures, the body of a peak-level Divine Magus was only slightly harder than the bodies of ordinary human beings.

He was nothing but a Divine Magus, and he didn’t have the power to rival a supreme treasure with his fleshy body.

The nine suns devil-destroying sword was a Chaos treasure, and it was crafted by Yu Yu himself with the great Dao of sun; it was incomparably powerful.

As a powerful human being, Yi Shen instinctively and clearly sensed the power of the sword. He understood that the sword was powerful enough to kill him. With a single strike, the sword could hack him to death.

"I’m the prince of Ten Sun Country!" Yi Shen stared at the sword and growled hoarsely.

Ji Hao raised the sword and silently hacked down.

From the head to the crotch, Yi Shen was cut into two. The golden fire roared out from inside Yi Shen’s body and burned him into a puff of ash within the blink of an eye.

"The prince of Ten Sun Country will die as well!" Ji Hao shouted coldly, then raised the sword high.

"Kill every last one of them! Kill every last enemy!"

The group of Jia Clan warriors roared in response to Ji Hao’s order, then pulled out their weapons, pouncing on those Eastern Wasteland archers.

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