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The Heaven and Earth golden bridge flashed across the air and reached Yao Mountain City in a moment, leaving a long dark golden stream of light in the air. The Heaven and Earth great formation based on Yao Mountain City had already activated itself. Warm clouds of mist covered the air while heavily armored elite warriors guarded on the fence wall, in a compact battle formation. Warriors from the phoenix-kind, dragon-kind and Tushan Family also stood on the fence wall, curiously looking around.

Ji Hao opened his eyes of Dao of sun and let out a golden shine. With that eye, he immediately saw a black sphere of light whiten the Heaven and Earth great formation. That was a divine tower, which had been fending against the destructive power of the great formation with difficulty. A single divine tower couldn’t possibly rival the Heaven and Earth great formation, with was connected with earth meridians and stars. At the moment, boundless warm mist surrounded the area with a radius of a hundred miles around the tower, which was entirely darkened. An immense destructive power made the black area shake and twist ceaselessly, ripping out giant cracks in the darkness from time to time.

"Break!" Ji Hao gave a raging growl while the golden bridge flashed across the air and sent the group of Gold Crow Clan people and Ji Hao into the city. Gripped in JI Hao’s right hand, the nine suns devil-destroying sword let out a shrill scream and started a three-hundred meters thick stream of flame, violently hacking on that sphere of darkness. The darkness was about to collapse already under the power of the great formation, so being struck by the sword flame, it now shattered thunderously. Next, the sword fiercely struck on the purely dark divine tower and chopped it into two.

Large streaks of golden flame roared down. The ten Jia Clan warriors guarding around the tower were burned into ashes before they could make any sound. The sword was incredibly powerful, such that even the armors and weapons of those Jia Clan warriors were burned into a strand of smoke.

Ji Hao moved swiftly to above the dark area and immediately saw Taisi with a pair of gray eyes. The power vibration released from Taisi’s body was extremely cold and evil. He raised his gray eyes and glanced at Ji Hao. Then, the white light shining in his eyes dimmed down gradually while the layer of time-ripple around him dispelled slowly. The enormous gray star in the air let down a grey stream of starlight, surging into Taisi’s body.

The Magus acupoints and meridians inside Taisi’s body had now been shattering and melting, transforming into a small ‘star void’. Within this small ‘star void’ inside Taisi’s body, a large cloud of gray mist had been spreading while a fist-sized star was growing brighter and brighter. Near this fist-sized star, another eight thumb-sized gray light spots had been sparkling. Taisi absorbed the life-force that came from over a hundred elite non humankind beings, and now, he was going to condense this power into nine inner spirit stars all at once!

Ji Hao glanced at Taisi, then flicked his wrist and threw a linden seed, which belonged to a clone of Priest Mu, to Taisi.

Taisi’s eyes shone. He didn’t know what the thing thrown over by Ji Hao was, but the linden seed was a top-grade treasure, and Taisi discovered the strong life-force contained in it, along with a mysterious, indescribable power of creation.

"Good stuff!" Taisi raised his hand, forcibly pulled down his jaw and opened his mouth as much as possible, then swallowed this linden seed entirely up. One had to mention that this linden seed was even bigger than his fist.

A vividly green light merged with Taisi’s body. Afterward, gray perspiration began oozing out of Taisi’s body. An odor spread out while Taisi quivered slightly. Meanwhile, new light spots began emerging inside his body.

High up in the air, an ink-dark star emerged, releasing a strong evil power vibration. The light of this star was sharp and clear, as if it had countless dark tentacles. The star floated in the air and poured down a black stream of light. Inside Taisi’s body, the nine nearly emerged light spots quickly turned black. The sense of power released from Taisi’s body was already dark and mystical, but now, it became even more mysterious.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at that black star, then glanced at Taisi, sensing that evil power released from him. Ji Hao couldn’t help but shake his head. ‘It seems that Taisi has already decided to be a dark one, and has given up on any thoughts of an alternative.’ thought Ji Hao.

Seeing Ji Hao, Man Man leaped up and yelled, "Ji Hao, go see Feng Xing! A half of his body is dried!"

Yemo Shanye had her long dress rolled up, with the edge of the dress held in her hand. She rushed to Feng Xing already and screamed, "He’s struck by the Dark Sun divine light. His life-force has been devoured! No, no, I, I don’t have any drug to replenish his life-force!"

Yu Mu bounced over like a large meatball and dashed up to Feng Xing merely with two rises and falls. Looking at the skeleton-like half body of Feng Xing, two hot streams of tears instantly surged out of Yu Mu’s eye sockets as he howled, "Feng Qing! You’re drained! A half of your body is shriveled! Crap…crap…"

While crying, Yu Mu grabbed Feng Xing’s belt, prepared to rip Feng Xing’s pants off.

Feng Xing still had half a body remain undamaged. He popped out his good eye in panic while dragging his belt with his good hand and screaming out with a hoarse voice.

"You fat ass! What the hell are you doing?! Why are you pulling my pants?!"

Yu Mu also screamed in a great panic, "Feng Xing, you haven’t married yet! If you’re halfway drained down there too, you, you, you…"

Feng Xing’s undamaged half of face twitched instantly. Then, he slowly lowered his head with difficulty and took a frightened glance at his own lower body. Meanwhile, the clenched fingers of his undamaged hand were loosened.

Followed a loud ripping sound, Yu Mu ripped Feng Xing’s pants apart.

Yemo Shanye had just rushed over. Seeing what happened, she turned around and rushed back away with a blushed face.

Man Man and Shaosi stopped running simultaneously, then turned around and moved backward as fast as they could. While escaping, they angrily and loudly complained about Yu Mu.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He flashed across the air and reached to Feng Xing. Seeing Feng Xing’s skeleton-like body, Ji Hao hurriedly took out a linden seed and crumbled it in his hands. Then, he turned the powder into a green stream of mist and sent it into Feng Xing’s body with a spell.

Nourished by the life-force contained in the linden seed, Feng Xing’s body recovered speedily. A dry layer of dead skin fell off from his body. Afterward, his body turned even stronger than before, and a bright luster was added to his skin.

Pondering for a while, Ji Hao took out another linden seed and put into Feng Xing’s mouth, then gave Yu Mu one as well.

"Don’t ask what it is, and don’t tell anyone that you’ve taken it. Hmm, just swallow and absorb it."

"In around half a month, you will all become Divine Magi."

Ji Hao looked at the two crystal-like, shining linden seeds and laughed happily. He then swung his arm back and threw out another three linden seeds, each falling into the hands of Man Man, Shaosi and Yemo Shanye.

Just now, when Yemo Shanye lifted her dress up and rushed to Feng Xing, Ji Hao clearly saw that her face was filled with her concern for Feng Xing, and some indescribable feeling.

‘She’s beautiful anyways,’ thought Ji Hao. ‘You won’t dislike her only because she has three eyes, will you?’ God knew how many weird thoughts had now been popping out in Ji Hao’s head.

Man Man and Shaosi swallowed the linden seeds up.

Yemo Shanye curiously looked at this linden seed, which contained an immeasurable amount of life-force. She raised her head, seeming to ask Ji Hao a question.

Before she could say a word, a tall and slim man abruptly leaped out from beside. That was Yi Shen. He spread his arm, grasping towards Yemo Shanye’s snow-white neck.

"Dark Sun princess, come with me!"

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