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When Priest Mu launched the move, his face was filled with bitterness. The strong bitterness could bring despair to anyone in the world and kill the desire of attacking of any living creature.

His pair of eyes shone with a green light, clear and flawless, and seemed to be seen through with a single glance. Yet, that pair of eyes of his also contained turbid and complicated lights, boundless, endless and faintly visible, such that no one could find any truth from those eyes.

Seeing the definite opposites, Ji Hao felt that even his soul was tearing apart. The Pan Xi divine mirror activated itself to protect Ji Hao, which was why he survived. Without the mirror, Ji Hao’s soul would have collapsed right on the spot because of the immeasurable light in Priest Mu’s eyes, and he would die immediately.

However, as a dim divine light flowed around Ji Hao’s body, the Pan Xi divine mirror automatically sent away the soul and spirit attack launched by Priest Mu with his eyes, to protect its owner.

In the next moment, the sky darkened, the stars dimmed, and within the area with a radius of a million miles around the island where Ji Hao and Priest Mu were standing, everything released a strong sense of bitterness. Islands, seawater, lava, fire, dust and those strong magical aquatic creatures living in the sea that lived in the boiling water, all perished because of this terrifying sense of bitterness.

Ji Hao quivered, then blood spurted out from his eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth. With a body that belonged to a Divine Magus, the blood flew backward once it sprayed out and was all reabsorbed by Ji Hao’s body without leaving a single drop outside. It soon remerged with the flowing blood streams in his body

Priest Mu’s soul and spirit attack was dispelled. Even though the surrounding area of the island had turned chaotic, the fierce soul and spirit attack launched by him was indeed neutralized by the Pan Xi divine mirror.

Priest Mu’s sleeve gently touched the nine suns spear, but the spear slightly brushed against the sleeve along with a mysterious arc, dodged his move and hacked on his head.

The small bun was cut open by the spear along with a puffing noise. Strands of black and shining long hair, that had a green luster, airily rose. The bun was broken, causing Priest Mu’s long hair to flutter in the air, then hang loosely on his back,

Through the bun, the spear continued reaching to his scalp.

From around two-inch away from Priest Mu’s scalp, the fierce airstream brought up by the spear had already slightly dented Priest Mu’s scalp!

Priest Mu was shocked. His look changed instantly, and his eyes popped out widely, glaring at Ji Hao fiercely. He was already a top-grade powerful being in the whole Pan Gu world. One could even say that as long as Pan Gu world remained existing, he would never die. With his cultivation, even if all stars in Pan Gu world descended and smashed on his body simultaneously, not even a hair of his would be harmed. Nevertheless, a strike launched by Ji Hao had actually dented his scalp?

This was just like a tiny ant making a giant dragon vomit blood with a gentle kick!

Priest Mu stared at Ji Hao in shock while vividly green divine light swiftly gathered towards him. Streams of green colored divine light that contained an immeasurably great power quickly surged back into Priest Mu’s body.

When the nine suns spear was around an inch far from Priest Mu’s scalp, the vividly green branch in Priest Mu’s left hand had already slapped on Ji Hao’s chest. It seemed to be gentle, but actually was as heavy as a violent bolt of thunder.

The Pan Xi divine mirror activated and released a dim light gathered on Ji Hao’s chest. The light then transformed into a three-foot square thick mirror, facing the branch in Priest Mu’s hand.

Ji Hao launched his own move as well. He took out the few defensive magic talismans, which were made by Priest Dachi, Yu Yu’s big brother, and brought to him by Priest Xuan Du. Without any hesitation, Ji Hao crumbled all those jade talismans. Divine light spots drifted down from between Ji Hao’s fingers while black and white streams of mist swooshed into the sky, forming a spinning Tai Ji diagram behind Ji Hao!

The branch slapped down while the mirror transformed from the light, released from the Pan Xi divine mirror, was shattered into pieces, completely silently. The mirror was slapped into pieces while the green branch gently hit on Ji Hao’s chest along with a vividly green light.

Ji Hao sighed and resigned himself to his fate. He then closed his eyes, wielded the nine suns spear with a single hand, and continued hacking down with all of his powers.

Priest Mu looked at the black and white Tai Ji diagram behind Ji Hao, his wrinkled face filled with an extremely bitter look. With a low voice, Priest Mu murmured, "Dachi, my friend, good, good… Just let me see what you have got."

In Priest Mu’s hand, the branch waved, seeming to be slow but actually incomparably fast…Meanwhile, although the moves of the branch were especially fast, the moving track of every single leaf on it was clearly visible. Priest Mu injected his great power into the branch holding in his hand, and within that green light, the branch seemed to break the limitations of time and space in a perfect way, then strike on the Tai Ji diagram, that was now spinning with Ji Hao at its center.

The sea slightly quaked, then a giant amount of seawater was evaporated.

The black and white Tai Ji diagram showed a few slight cracks while the green branch holding in Priest Mu’s hand let out a series of popping noise. Following that, at least fifty leaves shattered and withered, falling from the branch. All this happened in just a moment, and before Priest Mu could make any reaction to the withering branch, Ji Hao’s nine suns spear had already hacked heavily on Priest Mu’s scalp.

Purple mist puffed up from Priest Mu’s head and transformed into layers of flame-shaped light screen, rising one after another, neutralizing the power of the nine suns spear. However, this was a full-power combined move launched by Ji Hao. The spear swished down towards Priest Mu’s head through a mysterious arc track, nimbly and easily dodged the layers of light screens rising from Priest Mu’s head and magically, directly landed on Priest Mu’s head.

Puff! Priest Mu’s scalp was cut open as blood surged out along with coiling purple mist.

Priest Mu was dumbfounded, staring at Ji Hao as if he couldn’t believe it.

Blood flowed down from his scalp in streams, quickly making his coarse robe wet, letting purple mist rising from his robe.

"You, you hurt me…" Priest Mu murmured to himself. He just couldn’t believe it.

"Hmm, just a scratch though!" Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu and gave an embarrassed smile.

Indeed, that was just a scratch. After the nine suns spear broke Priest Mu’s scalp, and before it touched Priest Mu’s skull, the power of the spear had been consumed up, and it couldn’t go anywhere further.

Not only that, a great counterforce struck through the spear, causing Ji Hao an unbearable pain from his arm. The bones and muscles of his arm were smashed already, and if he hadn’t been trying his best to hold that arm of his together, it would have exploded long ago.

"Just a scratch?" More and more vividly green colored divine light surged back into Priest Mu’s body.

Bitterly, he looked at Ji Hao, dipped his finger into the blood flowing down from his head, then said slowly, "A kid, has hurt my body…Even if Dachi, Qing We and Yu Yu came together…Kid, die!"

Priest Mu raised the branch high and violently smacked down towards Ji Hao’s head.

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