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Priest Mu launched a move with anger, and the vividly green branch had turned withering yellow.

A strong bitterness came straight at Ji Hao’s face. It made Ji Hao feel like being soaked in the juice of bitter melons for tens of thousands of years, that his blood and flesh, and even soul had all become especially bitter. At the same time, the overwhelming sense of misery had somehow penetrated the time and space. It seemed to make Ji Hao drown in the endless bitterness for millions of lives, as if he could never be saved.

If this strike truly landed on Ji Hao’s body, the next millions of lives of his would be incredibly miserable.

"Old man, you’re too cruel!" Ji Hao forcibly boosted up his own spirit power, released a bright golden light from his body while withstanding the strong bitterness that came from every single cell of his. The immemorial sun streamer rose from his head and released the essence sun fire, which condensed into countless golden fire swords, dazzling towards the branch in Priest Mu’s hand.

Priest Mu’s true body was a pre-world linden tree, a divine being among all plants in the world. The essence sun fire was the most powerful type of fire in the world, and could naturally suppress Priest Mu’s power. However, Priest Mu was immeasurably powerful, and his power seemed even to be inexhaustible. As he slightly flicked the branch held in his hand, the golden fire swords released from the immemorial sun streamer quivered simultaneously, then shattered in the air, without leaving a single fire sparkle.

With his hair hung loosely on his back and his face covered in purple blood, Priest Mu shouted out viciously, "Cruel?! Ignorant little kid, you…you…you have actually hurt my scalp…Even Yu Yu…he…he…he couldn’t…"

Ji Hao gripped the nine suns spear with both of his hands. His shattered arm had recovered already. Looking at the branch wielded over by Priest Mu approaching his body, Ji Hao responded blandly, "My Shifu’s sword is much sharper than this spear of mine. Haven’t my Shifu cut your scalp yet?"

Priest Mu’s pair of eyes shone with a bright green light as he glared at Ji Hao and yelled coldly, "Your Shifu and all his disciples are a bunch of unreasonable, stubborn people!"

While this short conversation was happening, the branch in Priest Mu’s hand had already reached Ji Hao’s chest. Priest Mu gathered his power as the green light continuously surged into his body from all directions. The yellow color of the branch in his hand grew more and more vivid, until the branch became like a yellow jade statue.

Priest Mu stopped talking, and by now, he wanted to do nothing but to smack Ji Hao to death.

He wanted not only to crush Ji Hao’s three souls and seven spirits, but also to perish his true spirit, which was also his original soul. He wanted Ji Hao to die miserably in the endless bitterness while screaming, crying and begging. He wanted Ji Hao to disappear forever, without a chance to even reincarnate.

Ji Hao sensed the strong intent of killing from Priest Mu. He took a deep breath, then the Heaven and Earth golden bridge released a dim golden light and dazzled out from between Ji Hao’s eyebrows. With the power of the golden bridge, Ji Hao attempted to dodge this lethal strike launched by Priest Mu. However, the branch held in Priest Mu’s hand released a terribly strong suction force, trapping Ji Hao like a black hole. No matter how hard Ji Hao tried to activate the golden bridge, he couldn’t escape with the golden bridge’s power, despite the power of the golden bridge. After all, Priest Mu was way, way more powerful than Ji Hao.

Priest Mu looked at the golden bridge and gave a faint grin.

Even his grin gave a strong feeling of bitterness and misery. His appearance was still acceptable if he did not grin, but once he grinned, anyone who saw him would want to vomit blood. Seeing Priest Mu’s grin, Ji Hao immediately figured out that back in the Chaos, this old man fought against Yu Yu over the heaven and earth golden bridge. As a result, he and his brother suffered a fierce series of hack launched by Yu Yu, then escaped. But today, Ji Hao just sent the golden bridge right into his hand!

‘Damn it!’ thought Ji Hao.

Ji Hao stared at Priest Mu while the Pan Xi divine mirror swooshed out from his head without concealing itself anymore, releasing a Milky-Way-like, magnificent stream of black divine light. It descended from the sky along with a strange buzzing noise and heavily fell on the branch held in Priest Mu’s hand.

Puff! The divine power of the mirror was activated, under the effect of which, the branch in Priest Mu’s hand, that was powerful enough to kill both Ji Hao’s body and his soul, suddenly turned into a nicely smelling lily. The white petals of the lily didn’t contain any power. The lily gently patted on Ji Hao’s body and sent a puff of petals up, letting a cloud of pollen and drops of dew fall on Ji Hao’s body. This scene was just weird.

Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao in a daze, then suddenly raised his head, fixing his burning eyes on the Pan Xi divine mirror passionately.

"This treasure, it’s destined to be ours!" Priest Mu’s lips were even trembling because of the excitement. The golden bridge was already a supreme piece that he had been dreaming of. It was powerful enough to lay a sturdy foundation for his sect to raise and to thrive. But this Pan Xi divine mirror was so powerful and magical. That branch wasn’t his spirit treasure indeed, but it was carefully made from a branch that came from his true body. This branch could be hundreds of times more powerful than ordinary natural-crafted treasures.

Being swept across by the divine light released from the mirror, such a powerful weapon had actually, directly changed in form. It was changed thoroughly, in both terms of magic power and physical structure.

Such a power, such magic, so amazing!

"This treasure isn’t from this world." Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao with a big grin, and the strong bitterness was flowing in his grin, along with every single wrinkle of his, looking so weird.

"Saint Pan Xi’s spirit treasure from Pan Xi world." Ji Hao didn’t want to conceal the truth. Instead, he frankly told Priest Mu about the history of the Pan Xi divine mirror, then continued, "My Shifu might come and launch hundreds of thousands of hacks on you if you try to snatch my treasure. If you’re not afraid of that, feel free to do whatever you want."

Pausing for a second, Ji Hao then confusedly looked at Priest Mu and murmured, "So strange. Even though I have powerful treasures, I shouldn’t be able to harm even a hair of yours. Old man, you’re a bit too weak, don’t you think so? Hmm, you’re not really here, are you?"

Priest Mu smiled and responded, "Even though I am not really here, this clone of mine is ten percent as powerful as the real me. It’s more than enough to deal with kids like you. Just now, I was searching for an evil thing in this world. That’s why I was slightly careless and allowed you to hurt me. But now, I won’t show any mercy anymore."

As he grasped in the air, another branch flew into Priest Mu’s hand. Priest Mu then stood up, looked at Ji Hao and said coldly, "Even if Yu Yu is right here, I will kill you today… you reckless, arrogant little kid."

Priest Mu looked at the golden bridge, then looked at the Pan Xi divine mirror, then glanced at the nine suns spear and the immemorial sun streamer. Afterward, Priest Mu sighed slightly and said, "The more powerful you become, the more harms you will do. Little kid, I can’t let these treasures stay in the hands of an evil being like you."

The branch flicked in his hand while Priest Mu began moving. Along with a bright green light, the branch swished towards Ji Hao.

"Even Yu Yu himself can’t save you now!"

While launching the attack, Priest Mu cast a resonant and frosty growl.

"Really? You old b*stard!"

A bland, bone-piercing cold voice came from a distance away. Meanwhile, a water-clear, light-green beam of sword light, that was filled with thriving life-force, dazzled over, penetrated the forehead of Priest Mu and blew his head up.

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