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Fire rose in huge streams while fire dragons roared, coiling around each other. Chi You’s huge head had been slowly moving up and down.

Ji Hao, Po, Gui Ling and Zhu Rong stood tens of meters away, nervously but with a weird excitement, watching all kinds of supernatural scenes happening around Chi You’s head with their breaths held.

The space with a radius of ten meters around Chi You’s head was covered with a splendid light, and was filled with coiling colorful mist. The mist formed a dense cloud above Chi You’s head, that looked like an upside-down mountain. On top of the cloud were tens of small and exquisite towers, decorated with beautiful beads on the tops, releasing a bright light.

From the cloud, colorful water drops had been falling, dripping on the ground along with colorful light streams, creating a silvery melody that was quite pleasant to hear. Those water drops blasted into stunning golden datura flowers on the ground one after another.

The pistils of those golden flowers were black, beautiful and evil. In the core of the pistil of every golden flower, a dim halo had been slowly spinning, seeming to devour the souls of people entirely. On each flower, one or a few beautiful girls with thin silk dresses had been singing and dancing. These girls were holding all kinds of musical instruments, playing excellent melodies that had never been heard in Pan Gu world before. When they were dancing, their thin dresses rose, fluttering in the air, vaguely exposing their bodies.

Within that area, with a radius of merely ten meters, more and more colorful water drops fell on the ground while more and more flowers bloomed, and more and more beautiful girls showed up. Even though all the flowers and girls didn’t leave that small area, this area seemed to be boundless, as it contained more and more flowers and girls but still allowed Ji Hao and the others to clearly see every detail of these flowers, every single move of each girl.

Such a powerful magic, no one on the scene had ever seen something like this.

Po and Gui Ling looked at this small area, seeming to be pondering something while watching more and more flowers and girls showing up in that area, but seemed to be not crowded at all. Gradually, on each of their hands, a small sphere of light began sparkling. It seemed that Po and Gui Ling had already partially learned some powerful magic.

Zhu Rong glanced at the light spheres on Po and Gui Ling’ hands. He shook his head, seeming to feel bored, then focused on Chi You’s head.

He was the Fire God. He followed the natural Dao of fire and had the power of fire. He could easily control all kinds of fires in the world, but his power could only be related to fires. Except for magics based on the fire power, he could never learn any other magic. Therefore, he didn’t want to waste any time trying.

As for Ji Hao, he turned one of his eyeballs and looked at the light spheres on Po and Gui Ling’ hands with one eye, and at Chi You’s head with another, trying to figure out the secret of this magic.

Currently, Ji Hao’s original soul was powerful, that gifted him a great ability of learning. From everything showed by Po and Gui Ling and that sky devil, Ji Hao had indeed learned something.

Countless tiny sized, beautiful girls surrounded Chi You’s head. They laughed sweetly, singing with silvery voices and dancing with soft moves. They tried their best to show the beauty of their bodies, did whatever they could to seduce Chi You’s true spirit, to make him fall into the endless desire.

As long as a slight little bit of desire emerged in Chi You’s mind, the sky devil inside his head would turn the fire of desire into a sky-devouring evil flame, burn Chi You’s true spirit, swallow his original soul and occupy his body.

Chi You narrowed his eyes, smilingly watching the great show performed by countless pretty girls.

After around two hours, Chi You abruptly burst with a praise, "What a beautiful dance, sexy, charming, but shame, what a shame. I have no wine to drink! A tasty wine is needed for a moment like this!"

Zhu Rong laughed loudly out, then threw out his wine calabash.

Chi You opened his mouth and gasped. From the opening of the calabash, a stream of wine flew out. Along with a clattering voice, Chi You gulped over a hundred liters of wine, then sincerely praised, "Tasty!"

Chi You narrowed his eyes, seeming to be enjoying the aftertaste of the wine, then he looked at Zhu Rong and said, "Hmm, you’re much better than your ancestors. In the future, when I free myself, I will spare your Zhu Rong Family bloodline from destruction…Think it as me paying for this wine today!"

Zhu Rong’s face turned dark. Then he sneered and said, "Did I give you the wine for expecting payback? Free yourself? Chi You, you will not be free!"

Chi You snorted coldly and murmured, "I am immortal, deathless and invincible…This crappy palace of yours, how can it never break? Suppress me, an immortal being, with something that will eventually go rotten… I bet you can imagine the result, even with your butt."

Zhu Rong opened his mouth, but didn’t know how to response.

Ji Hao silently nodded. Chi You’s words were rude, yet quite reasonable. If Chi You was truly an immortal being with a deathless body, how could this evil-suppressing divine palace ever seal him forever?

The sky devil’s voice could then be heard as it said, "I’ve already found your original soul. Do you still have the mood to drink wine?"

Chi You gave a mysterious grin and also said slowly, "Have you found my original soul? Really? No joking? Ah, then I’ll hesitate no more! You’ve spent so many efforts to make such a great scene. Hehe, thank you for that!"

Chi You’s pair of eyes suddenly turned dark blood-red, crazy, violent, evil and cruel, without showing a trace of humanity.

"Idiot, I don’t know what you are, but my original soul has already merged with my body! As long as my body remains existing, my original soul will never die! You tried so hard to look for my original soul, how stupid!"

"Since you bumped in yourself, you shall be the food in my mouth!

Chi You opened his mouth and took a deep gasp. Countless golden flowers and beautiful girls, that mountain-shaped cloud floating above his head, the tens of exquisite small towers, along with all supernatural scenes created by the sky devil, all transformed into a stream of light and flew into Chi You’s mouth.

Meanwhile, a destructive power spread out from Chi You’s head. The light stream dimmed immediately after it flew into Chi You’s mouth, while a scream came out from Chi You’s head, as the sky devil cursed in a soft voice.

A colorful stream of light dazzled out of the spot between Chi You’s eyebrows and expanded to tens of thousands of miles long. The sky devil attempted to run, but an enormous blood-red swirl silently emerged between Chi You’s eyebrows. The tail of the colorful light stream was grasped into the swirl, then the swirl began spinning, slowly yet strongly, crushing the light stream inch by inch like a milestone.

The light stream was disabled from dazzling away. Therefore, it twisted and changed, transforming into a huge golden datura flower. The pistils of the flower reached into the swirl, spinning in the reverse direction. The flower and the swirl crushed and devoured each other.

Following a series of ear-piercing creaking noise, large puffs of fire sparkles were generated from between the flower and the blood-red swirl.

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