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Hearing the alarm, Zhu Rong’s look changed suddenly.

Stomping his foot in rage, Zhu Rong growled, "How dare they intrude once again?!"

Flashing across the air, Zhu Rong transformed into a streak of fiery light, dazzling into the sky. Half a sky was burned red by Zhu Rong while countless fist-sized flame balls descended from the sky, blasting before even reaching to the ground, causing a thunderous series of booms.

Ji Hao, Po, and Gui Ling paused briefly. Without having the time to see if that ‘man’ was killed by the sword formation for good or had fled with some powerful magic, they all leaped into the sky, transforming into light stream or treading upon watery clouds, and followed closely after Zhu Rong, flying south.

With the flowing sunlight flying magic, Ji Hao transformed into an extremely thin beam of sunlight, silently flying forward. He glanced at Po and Gui Ling from time to time. At the moment, Po and Gi Ling hadn’t been staying humble and laying low like always. Instead, they both showed their real powers.

From an unknown source, Po took out an entirely jade-white short sword and controlled the sword with his primordial spirit. He transformed into a fierce sword light which dazzled across the sky. His moving speed was incredibly high, that stunned Ji Hao completely. Within the twinkling of an eye, the sword light transformed from Po flew a long distance away, then as it flashed again through the air, Ji Hao couldn’t see Po anymore!

Gui Ling now had a ten-thousand-mile in radius hazy turtle silhouette floating above her head. That tremendous turtle slowly raised its foot and took a step forward, after which, Gui Ling’s body slightly moved. But in the very next moment, tens of thousands of miles were already covered by her.

With the flowing sunlight flying magic, Ji Hao’s flying speed had already reached an extreme level; he had already met the up limit based on his current power. But still, he couldn’t catch with Po and Gui Ling.

Ji Hao was shocked. Normally, Po and Gui Ling were so generous, humble and free, seeming to be far away from all kinds of worldly affairs. They had always been unhurried and graceful, that Ji Hao had never seen them be angry.

This was the first time for Ji Hao to see Po and Gui Ling like this. Seeing them dashing away, Ji Hao couldn’t help but feel sad for the poor ones who would fall into their hands later. Encountering an angry Po and Gui Ling, hehe, Ji Hao truly wanted to see how would those poor things end up.

Shaking his head, Ji Hao stopped casting the flying magic. Instead, he let the Heaven and Earth golden bridge swish out of his forehead. A dim golden light tore the space open, as Ji Hao’s body flashed and disappeared suddenly. In the next moment, Ji Hao directly showed up above the lava ocean that Zhu Rong had brought him to once. The golden bridge was amazingly powerful, such that when Ji Hao arrived, none of the other three had arrived yet.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man, who had sat back down and crossed his legs, abruptly shouted out, "Be careful, you have powerful enemies here! Little thing, this time, the enemies are truly powerful. You have to be extra careful!"

Before the mysterious man’s voice faded, a strong gust of wind came from behind Ji Hao. He hurriedly leaped away, raised a stream of flame and rose into the sky, flying up hundreds of meters high. Turning around, Ji Hao widely opened his eyes and looked down. Ji Hao saw a muscular man, whose body was glowing with splendid colorful light, that made him look like a piece of jewelry. The man was holding a large staff with a dragon-head on it, while viciously staring at Ji Hao.

It was this muscular man who attacked Ji Hao from his back just now. With an unknown method, this man managed to avoid Ji Hao’s spirit power and approached him before he discovered him.

"Impressive! Take this!" Ji Hao opened his eye of Dao of sun and released lava-like dense streams of essence sun fire. The essence sun fire streams rolled and wove in the sky, while numerous thunder spell symbols with purely positive power silently emerged from the fire.

That three-meter tall muscular man moved, dashing straight towards Ji Hao while leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. It seemed like under his feet was a long stair, such that after he took each step towards Ji Hao, a beautifully glowing, golden, translucent datura bloom would emerge under his foot.

This guy was tall and sturdy, yet, his moves were gentle, nimble and airy, looking like a dance of a beautiful young girl. That fifteen-meter long dragon-head staff was wielded fiercely by him, but his moves looked just like a girl doing a ribbon dance in the wind.

"You b*stard thing!" Ji Hao began taking a guess.

The golden essence sun fire struck on this man’s body while those thunder spell symbols blasted, releasing spheres of golden thunderbolts. Waves of purely positive sun power roared across the sky. Ji Hao’s long hair fluttered in the wind while he floated in the air, staring deeply into the golden fire.

Before the explosive fire and thunderbolts faded, a muffled swishing noise could be heard from behind Ji Hao once again.

Ji Hao flashed away while the golden bridge zipped out from between his eyebrows, bringing him to over ten miles away in a flash. He turned around and took a glance, and his fine hairs immediately stood straight up in shock. The spot he was standing in was now surrounded by seventeen muscular men with glowing bodies, who came from an unknown source.

The fire dimmed, and then the man, who was attacked violently by Ji Hao just now, flew into the sky as if nothing had happened to him at all. Eighteen muscular men lined up in two lines and formed a strange formation, all staring covetously at JI Hao.

"Are you…possessed?" Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao asked straightforwardly.

The eighteen men’ eyes sparkled dimly while a strange aroma spread out from their bodies. Around them, colorful glows flowed in streams, and soon, the entire area with a radius of ten miles was covered up by the colorful glow, making these muscular men look like Gods descended from heaven.

"Little one, the sword formation of yours is quite fierce." said one of the eighteen men slowly, with that extremely strange voice that Ji Hao couldn’t possibly forget, that sounded like men, women, also like young people and old people. "You have killed me once, which is impressive, isn’t it? But it’s useless… Want to kill us for good? That’s not so easy."

Ji Hao paused instantly, then he looked at that man and shouted, "Where the hell are you from?"

Although Ji Hao knew that these men could be outer space sky devils that he read from a Daoist book in his previous life, he still wanted a definite answer.

The man smiled faintly, preparing to answer Ji Hao’s question. But a streak of fiery light dazzled over as Zhu Rong rushed up in a great rage.

Looked at the eighteen muscular men standing while facing Ji Hao, Zhu Rong nodded and pointed out his finger. A tremendous wave of lava immediately rose from the lava ocean. The lava was split into two, showing a tens of thousands of miles long chasm. Through the splashing lava, Ji Hao saw a few especially beautiful woman, who had colorful mist coiling around their bodies, standing by the gate of the divine palace. Magical lights and mist rose from their hands, as they were trying to break the seal of the palace and get in.

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