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A week passed since then. I still went with Azuki everyday, we sometimes stayed at school, or dropped by a bookstore or a game shop, and had a good time. Also, I read the novels for doujinshi of Koigasaki on the rooftop at school, and we three talked about the content; and I gave advice to Koigasaki from time to time.

Since I was going out with Azuki-chan, I found that I was spending less time with other people besides Azuki-chan, so I was pleased to be able to spend more time for the three of us as usual. Of course, it is fun to be alone with Azuki-chan, but I was a little anxious that I might be estranged from Koigasaki.

The novel by Koigasaki was approaching completion.

"The prince of a foreign country will meet the elementary school girl who was will be her boyfriend by Christmas" Finally, "A foreign prince comes to the girls' high school, meets a student who became his girlfriend at Christmas; the heroine eventually refuses the prince's proposal, and chooses a handsome classmate who always support her", what happens to the prince ...? I read the strange story line but I wanted the prince to win, and I advised Koigasaki that it would a better ending but Koigasaki insisted on her own ending, so I respected the intention of the author.

To Hasegawa who had been in an awkward state until that time, I gave a greeting normally.On that day, Hasegawa was about to go home for the holidays and was carrying the notes of the homework for all classes to somewhere.

"Oh, I will take half!"

I did not think of anything, unlike the time before I confessed.I do not deserve Hasegawa to like me. I felt it was so difficult, I thought that I wanted to be her power.

"Oh, Kashiwada-kun ... ... Thank you" Hasegawa smiled at my words.

"How far are you going, please?"

"To the staff room"

Me and Hasegawa walk side by side in the corridor while carrying the notes.

"How is Yamamoto now?"

I asked Hasegawa because I was curious and I have no news about him. Once I heard from Yamamoto that says he is keeping in touch with you by e-mail, but I wonder if it is still going on afterwards, and more than anything, I want to know the state of things from Hasegawa herself.

"Yeah ... I often mail and phone, and during this time ... we went, the three of us including my mother, for a meal." "Oh, that's right! How was it?"

"Well ... ... It is still a little awkward to talk with my older brother ... I can't speak normally now, but ... I hope I can talk more naturally little by little ... Someday, I hope we can return to our relationship back to when we were children.... "

"Yeah ... you can hope for it! Because Yamamoto is very nice and easy to talk to!!I'm sorry….Hasegawa should be more familiar about it than me ..."

I just wanted to encourage Hasegawa, but I noticed that I made a bad statement later, and I got embarrassed and made a bitter smile. However, Hasegawa smiled at my words.

"Actually, I always wanted to hear more about how Kashiwada-kun and one-san brother at work."


"I wanted to talk forever" ...That's right ... But I continued to avoid her, so she could not talk like that ...

"Well, uh ... Yamamoto is the first to talk to me at my part-time job ... ... he talked to me while I am known to the others, he helped me if there is something troubling me at work, is a very good senior, and he is also loved by everyone at work... Oh, there are girls who are saying that Yamamoto is cool! "

"Well, is that so ...?"

"Yeah! So, when I heard that Mr. Yamamoto was an otaku and moreover a netoge, I was very surprised. It was a very different image of him at work."

Hasegawa was stunned when she heard my words. ...... Yamamoto says he is a waste of a netoge or ... did I choose the wrong words! For Hasegawa, itmay be a delicate problem! Oh, I do not know why, but when I am around Hasegawa, I always fly around and fail. I just wanted to tell you that Yamamoto was a very good image person at work.


However, Hasegawa listened to my story and gave a very happy smile. "...... My older brother has not changed from the past ... ... Thank you, I'm very happy to hear that story."

Was it not because you saw that I felt uncomfortable with direct expression ...? When I heard from Hasegawa that her brother did not change since a long time ago ...... Yamamoto had long been a good looker and kind hearted older brother. Looking at Hasegawa 's happy appearance, I also became happy now.

"Yes, Kashiwada-kun ... ... If you do not mind ...... Next time, my brother and I, us three ... would you please meet up? I think my brother will be pleased ..."


I was surprised by the words of Hasegawa. Hasegawa inviting me like this ... ....

"in addition……"

Hasegawa is somewhat confused as she is a little puzzled.

"Well, that ... ... Kashiwada when you come, you can rest assured ..."


I can't hide my surprise from the additional the words of Hasegawa. I can feel assured...? Hasegawa's word was a very happy word for me.

"... I'm sorry ... It is bad for me to ask such a thing with my personal hope .... It is selfish ... ...."

Hasegawa looked like he was panicking and told me to blame myself.

"No, no, that's not true at all! Of course I would definitely go if I can go! I would like to talk more with Yamamoto"

I told Hasegawa about my honest feeling now. More than anything, I am glad that Hasegawa relied on me.

"Kashiwada-kun ............ Thank you"

Hasegawa gave a relieved expression when she heard my words and thanked me. As I reached the staff room while talking, I put the notes on the desk of the teacher in the staff room and left the staff room. I will accept Hasegawa invitation to meet with her and Yamamoto with three people, by e - mail, and I went back to my classroom while talking about that. I entered the classroom, and at that time ....

"Ah, Kashiwada-kun"

In the back of the classroom, there are about 4 girls talking; suddenly one gorgeous girl called me.

"You got her, huh?"

"Uh, hurry tell us, are you serious!?"

"A girl in class D group ... Sakurai?"


Such a thing was told by the gal army staff in a stretch, and I can't say anything. It is amazing to be told so by the gal army corps ... ... The primary reason why I am about to die now is the presence of Hasegawa near the door. I did not say a thing about this to Hasegawa ....

It seems they have heard about it, but has the rumors reached Hasegawa, too?

Since I confessed to Hasegawa a little more than a month ago, it is very awkward for me. I appear to be too flirty to change from one to another girl in just one month.

While thinking such a thing, I looked at Hasegawa ... ....

Hasegawa had her eyes wide open and was looking at my face.

"...Are you OK ...?"

I ask her a question in a small voice. She seems to be a bit upset. "Huh?"

"That ... ... ... ... her ... ... ... ..."

"Huh ... oh ... yes, yes ..."

It seems that Hasegawa was surprised, so it seems this is the first time she heard about this. But even so ... ... it was a reaction beyond what I imagined it was so surprising.

Hasegawa is silent as she looks down.

"... Hasegawa ...?"

"........Ah ...... Sorry ...... Anyway ... .... Congratulations, Kashiwada Kun ... ...."

She hurriedly raised her face and gave me a smile.

"... Ah ...... Thank you ......"

That smile ...... Why does it look somewhat sad...

Eventually, the day before Saturday, where Nikaido is part of the circle of the creative doujinshi magazine spot sale "committee". After going home from school, I was playing the eroge that I got from Suzuki the other day in my room when my cell phone rang. It was an incoming call from Azuki.

"Hello ... ...." "Naoki what were you doing right now? "

"Well ... er ... I'm playing a game in my room?"

I do not think there is any particular meaning in Azuki 's dialogue, but I considered it. I wanted to conceal the fact that I was playing an eroge to Azuki. I understand that she may not get angry with this kind of thing, but I still feel guilty somewhat. But because I do not want to waste Suzuki's favor, I have to play the eroge he loaned me....

"Naoki, why do you sound harried?"

"Well, it's because you called! So is there something I can do for you? Ah, no, of course, even if you do not call, it's still OK, but ..."

"Oh, uh ...... It's not a big deal ... ... tomorrow at the committee; we will meet Murasaki and Nikaido-san for the first time after a while."

"Oh, yeah ... ...."

"So ... we are going out with them ... what do you say?"


I see, I have not told Azuki about Murasaki yet ... I have not met her since my birthday party, so it's natural that I have not contacted her. No, Murasaki is not a bit sorry for bullying me ... What was she thinking!? I am an idiot! I have Azuki-chan, so it's OK if I break it flags with other girls! Even if the flags are folded ...... Uuu....It would not have been such a thing from the beginning, but ... I guess I was just being teased.

"Naoki, you fell silent, what's wrong?"

"No,no matter what, Aki-chan please don't tell anyone about anything... "

"That's okay. I will do it if Naoki beg me to keep the secret of what happened between him and Murasaki! "

"Oh ...... that, that, please don't say such a thing!"

I am sweating from my forehead. Oh, I am in danger ~!

"Well OK ... Well then since it's embarrassing to say .... For tomorrow, I will not say anything.... "

"Oh, yeah! Thank you!"

"...... Naoki, are you happy now?"

"Well, that's not it! Azuki-chan, you thought too much!"

After desperately deceiving a suspicious Azuki-chan, I ended the call.

The next day

We were meeting at the main gate of the main exhibition hall in the same place where we went to summer comiket a few months ago.

"Oh, Naoki!"

"Kashiwada, Ososo"

I arrived three minutes late, Azuki-chan, Koigasaki and Murasaki-san are already here.

"Kashiwada, it's been a long time ♪"

"Ahm, Murasaki-san ... I'm sorry, I kept you waiting ...!"

I have met Murasaki for the first time in about a month and she makes me nervous. It was about the various things that happened during my birthday party; she was quite bold and told me .... Well, I guess she was just drunk at that time ....

"............ !?"

Azuki noticed me staring at Murasaki. I wonder if she noticed that I am upset ...? She is sure sharp ....

"Come to think of it, is the manuscript for Momo's joint doujins doing well?"

Murasaki asked while we were heading to the Tokyo Big Sight.

"Oh, it's going well! It's finally finished and I sent the data with the manuscript to Nikaido!"

"I'm relieved ♪ I'm relieved ♪ I am sorry for making it like a cup of coffee this time somehow ... I remember I asked Kashiwada for something that time but I am not sure what it was ..."

"Oh ... you were drunk; I guess ..."

"Well ... that ... ... I'm not that drunk, my memory is clear until halfway ... ...."

Murasaki appears to be slightly impatient with my words.

"Really ......? ... Also, our conversation ... Do you remember ...?"

I recall what we had done at the party, hiding my being upset and asking.

"...! Eh, yeah ... ... of course ...!!"

Murasaki gets red slightly because of my words. It seems that ..... you remember properly, maybe ...... I mean, if I was drunk and did such things myself, I will also be embarrassed ...

"And, anyway! Have you read my present properly?"

Murasaki meant her birthday gift to me ... I instantly remember the 16th banner erotic doujinshi where characters similar characters to Azuki-Chan, Koigasaki and Murasaki appears.

I properly read that doujinshi at home. The situations appearing in the book are impossible to happen in real life to us. There were erotic situations for each of us, so I had complicated feelings as I was reading my present.

PIC P106

"Well, of course ... I read it properly ... because you made it for me ... ...."

"Oh, was it good ♪ Have you properly used it?"

"Whoa!?" I spit myself in spite of her remarks.

"Wha ... what are you talking about ...?!"

"Yes, in the book, I pulled out ..."

"Please do not continue! I know! You know what you meant without saying that!"

I shouted out loudly to shield her speech, and Azuki and Koigasaki who are walking in the front, looks at me in a strange way.

"Kashiwada, why are you making a fuss?"

"Nothing ...."

"Please do not get excited looking at the streetlight"

"Excited! Who ... "

I tried to argue but then I noticed Azuki-chan ... she was looking at my face with grave expressions.

"Oh, Azuki-chan ... what happened ... ...?"

"Oh, Momo-chan, is going to be famous soon!"

Azuki diverted her eyes from me soon and ignored me. Uu ... ... I have not done anything bad, really .... Eventually we will arrive at Tokyo Big Sight. We purchased the guide book "Tia's magazine" and entered the venue. Not as much as summer comiket, but the venue was filled with people.

"Well, Anna's place ... Ah, there it is! Let's head to it right away" ♪

As soon as we got in, we decided to head to Nikaido's circle space. As we approached the circle space while looking at the map of the guide book, a beautiful woman with conspicuous blond hair... Nikaido … was seated in the circle space. By the way, there were no other people around.

"Anna, thank you for your hard work!"


"Thanks for your good work!"

"Murasaki! You, too ... I am surprised, you did not say that you are coming today."

Nikaido is surprised to see us. I thought in advance that I would come today clearly, but I did not say it ... ....

"Hehuu, I just wanted to surprise Anna-senpai suddenly ..."

"I am completely surprised... you did not ... that you were coming ... Oh, now that there are no people here now... ... as it is ...! There were a lot of people here until a while ago, but the new books are already sold out...!

Nikaido is explaining things desperately. It may be true;I do not think it is strange.

"Today Momo wanted to know the atmosphere of the committee, so she also came.

I'm here to pay a visit. "

"Oh, yes ... So I will explain briefly ... In our circle, each time I join I publish a personal journal and a joint magazine with a theme. This is the newly published magazine for this time. I made a sample for Momosaka Juliet. "

Nikaido delivered a joint magazine to Koigasaki. Anyway, Nikaido, why are you still calling Koigasaki with her pen name? It is hard for me to stop laughing.

"Oh, thank you! Wow, wow ...!!"

Koigasaki is impressed while opening the magazine.

"Oh, yes ... ... I got late as I was preparing that for today, but the manuscript you sent me, I finally read it yesterday." In the words of Nikaido, Koigasaki is getting excited.

"It was wonderful! It was a funny setting with fantasy elements in line with the theme and it was nice that there was unexpected ending.Thank you. Thank you.

"……! Oh, thank you……!"

Saying thank you to Nikaido's praise meant that she was deeply impressed with Koigasaki.

"Er, Kashiwada-kun ... .... Thank you too, you supervised the novel, did you not?"

Nikaido thanked me with a smile. Looking at the beautiful woman smiling while looking at you, I was off balanced for a moment. It is the first time that I was given a smile from Nikaido ....

"No, no ... ... I didn't do much ..."

"Oh, just right now so I'm planning to publish it in the next joint magazine in February next year, but in reality ... well, I got it for this winter comiket, so it's a big deal and it seems to have made it in time. I will decide when to issue it later. Of course, even at the committee I plan to sell it as usual. "

"Well, that's right ...... This winter comiket ...."

Hearing the words of Nikaido, Koigasaki is thinking about something silently for a while.

"Momo-chan ... certainly ..."

Azuma - chan tried to speak to Koigasaki.

"Oh, that ... ... If you do not mind ... ... Winter comiket ...... Oh, do you want me to go out too? As a seller ... ...." Koigasaki seemed serious and told Nikaido that such a thing. I am surprised at her offer.


Nikaido also looks at Koigasaki's face with a little surprise.

"When I first joined the circle, it was a lot of fun ... ... I thought I would like to try again ... is it OK ...?"

"...... Well, I will welcome you. Well then, do your best, Momosaka Juliet."

"...!!, Yes ...!!"

Koigasaki and Nikaido laughed with each other.

Even so, I was surprised .... That Koigasaki wants to be a seller in the winter comiket herself .... She certainly said that it was fun when she joined the circle ... .... This is the first time for a coterie event ... ... When I took her to the love minus only event, it was terrible for her and was hard. Now she is offering herself to be a seller at a doujin event .... She has really changed. I wonder if I now say that she is a fine Otaku.

"Well then, I will definitely go and have fun with Naoki and Murasaki!"

"Oh, ah ... ...!"

"Come and see me ♪"

Together with words, Koigasaki nodded with a smile.

We went around the hall where there are many books you can purchase. By the way, I was not able to buy anything, because I am maxed out now. On the way home, we took dinner at Family eatery Saizeria, near Big Sight, then we decided to call it a day. Murasaki will return on the Rinkai Line, and us three will ride the Yurikamome line.

"Both of you decided where to go for Christmas?"

Koigasaki leans against the wall of the train with her arms folded, asking us.

"Oh, yeah ... ... Naoki looked up in various magazines and so on ... I was going to see the lights in Omotesando ~"

Azuki says a bit embarrassedly, and Koigasaki looked at my face and laughed.

"Hmm, it's a good choice Kashiwada, is not it?"

"For me it's superfluous ... ...."

While arguing, I am relieved by the words of Koigasaki. It seemed that Koigasaki also accepted the date course I chose, it was good.

"Is Momo-chan is going with Suzuki this Christmas?"

Azuki inquired to Koigasaki curiously. .... That was what I worried about. However, I never had the courage to ask about Suzuki and Koigasaki, and I dared to think that I would not know anything about this ....


Koigasaki drew a question of Azu - chan.

"What?! That's it! We are asking, so please tell us, Momo-chan!"

Azuki desperately questioned Koigasaki, but Koigasaki is laughing and shedding.

Even so,Koigasaki never told us of her Christmas plans.

"... What, Naoki is not changing over to the Edo line!"

When we got off the train, Azuki asked me.

"Oh, ah ...... Today ... ... that, I'm thinking of going with Azuki-chan ..."

I had a consciousness that I made it somewhat muffled, so today I decided to escort her home for the time being. "... ...!"

At my words, Azuki and Koigasaki were surprised and looked at me the same time.

"Na… Naoki ... Thank you"

"... surprisingly, you have a good boyfriend?"

Azuki thanked her with embarrassment and laughed at Koigasaki. As soon as we arrived at the station where Azukiwill get off, we left Koigasaki and then went together.

"But Naoki, why bother ...?"

When we left the station and walked out to Azuki 's house, Azuki asked me curiously.

"Oh no ... because I saw Azuki-chan being bothered by something ..."

"Oh ...... Oh, that ... ... so you noticed ... ...?"

Azuki-chan looks at me with an apologetic face.

"Anyway, I was not angry ... ...."

"Well, is that so?"

On the way to comiket, she did not miss my talking to Murasaki.

"Yeah ... well ... I was certainly happy that you are talking to Murasaki, but I felt myself tensioning up, but ...."

"That's not it!"

Despite denying it, I am terribly shocked.

"Well, well ... it's okay ... that's ... ... Because I know that Naoki treats her like an older sister .... Even if I think about it, I am older than you… I just thought I was a little sorry .... "

"...... Oh, Azuki-chan ......"

At that time, were you thinking about such a thing ... ?

"Um ... Azuki-chan ... I also said that before"

I stare at Azuki's eyes seriously.

"even if you are older than I, Azuki is the best."

As soon as she heard my words, Azuki's cheeks are dyed red in an instant.

"Na ... Naoki ... ..."

With eyes shining and looking at my eyes, she was embarrassed and looked downwards.

"Naoki ... always gives the words I want to hear the most ..."

She looks up again with a smile that looks to be very happy.

I was driven by the urge to embrace, but here it is on a street with many traffic, so I desperately endured.

"Even so, Momo-chan was surprised."

"Oh ... Because the books that published her manuscripts were sold out, it might be interesting to sell,"

"Oh I will also go and buy a copy!"

"Oh, by the way, you're going to cosplay in winter comiket as Mamiko of Masumi Maki '

"Oh yeah! Naoki, you remembered it!"

"Of course. I do remember it."

"Yeah! Winter comiket, I'm looking forward to various things!"

While walking side by side while talking about such, suddenly, as if Azuki remembered something, Oh! she murmured. "That's right ... There was something I wanted to ask you, Naoki ... Do you know how Momo-chan and Suzuki are doing these days?"


Azuki-chan's mouth came out with their names, I was surprised. Koigasaki and Suzuki ...? Of course, I haven't heard about the two recently. Or, it is not an exaggeration to say that I am shielding that information from myself.

"No, I do not know ... but why?"

"Okay, I do not even know anything, Naoki .... I heard Momo always works hard,Momo always helps me when I consult her and cheered me on. I also want to become Momo 's power, but ... Momo, why did she talk about my romance recently .... "

Azuki says with a frown.

Is that so……. Well, Azuki does not know what they are like just like me. Koigasaki, why are you not talking about yourself to Azuki who is worried about you.

" Oh, but I guess she's probably doing well ... Last month ... the two of them went to Harajuku for shopping ... .... "

"Well, is that so!?

"Well .... I heard that from Suzuki ...."

After the date ... I wonder what happened.

"I did not know that .... Momo-chan, she didn't tell me, but ... well, if that was true, it was good"

Azuki laughs as if she was relieved.

"... Naoki, what's wrong?"

"No, no, no ... nothing,"

Why didn't she say anything to Azuki-chan, maybe, Koigasaki and Suzuki are not doing well ...? ...... She… what was she thinking? She helped me when I was in a lot of trouble, she should think that I wish her well. I'm sorry you cannot help me with my classmate but I am happy with Azuki-chan now. ...... That alone is enough.

"... Are you sure ...?"

Azuki who strangely looked at my face showed that is filled with worry.

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