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Xiangshen, this name sounded normal and ordinary, but to divine Gods, it was a terrifying taboo, the evilest thing.

‘Xiang’ meant ‘offered food’ literally, while ’shen’ meant God. The literal meaning of Xiangshen was ‘offer the God as food’. Xiangshen was made from an ordinary type of herb. The herb itself was not harmful, but was highly changeable, and could deliver countless magical effects. Once, an ancient divine green God, who mastered the art of magic-medicine-concocting, made a terrifying series of drugs with Xiangshen.

This drug called Xiangshen didn’t have a recipe and a specific effect. None of its effects had a specific trigger. The recipe could change wildly, while its effects were never the same, and could be triggered by all kinds of things.

Xiangshen was also known as the most unpredictable drug ever. The bodies of divine Gods were generated by the world itself, that allowed them to be immune to all kinds of poison. Only Xiangshen could drill into the bodies of divine Gods, into the tiniest corner of their bodies and merge with the bodies of the divine Gods. Without being triggered, Xiangshen was noneffective, but after being triggered, it could deliver all kinds of horrible effects to divine Gods. Xiangshen was the only known drug in the world that was effective against divine Gods.

The ancient heaven had created a ban and forbade Xiangshen. Back then, not only all recipes were destroyed, even the main material of Xiangshen, that ordinary type of herb, was exterminated by the ancient heaven with a great effort.

Nevertheless, Kua E and his brothers had actually taken Xiangshen, which could be triggered by sleeping incense.

Fortunately, the Xiangshen they had taken could merely soften their bodies and make them powerless. If it was prepared with those evil recipes…Kua E and his brothers had gone through those frightful effects of Xiangshen recorded in some ancient books in the heaven, and all had their scalps numbed.

"We, when did we take Xiangshen?" Kua E stared at Snake Xiu and asked, "We didn’t eat any weird things recently."

"Was the grilled meat you ate in Tushan Mountain delicious?" Snake Xiu laughed proudly and resounded, "Before Xiangshen is triggered, it tastes pretty good. Didn’t you realize that the grilled meat you ate had a special, indescribable sweetness?"

The group of divine Gods all roared out in anger.

Tushan Family?! Tushan Family people poisoned those grilled meat! What did they want? They invited Kua E and his brothers to build Tushan City for them. Was this whole thing a trap?!

"Run!" Kua E abruptly burst with a great growl while a divine red light was released from his mouth. Within the red light was a dragon-shaped flying shuttle. Followed by a resonant dragon roar, the flying shuttle released a beautiful glow and wrapped up the youngest twin brother of Kua E, then transformed into a red streak of light, flying towards Midland.

However, the thirty-six-thousand subordinate stars of Luoho Star released black starlight and wove into a giant web that sealed this whole area. The red streak of light bumped on the black web of starlight and sent out beams of dazzling fiery light, but failed to break out. Thousands of black straight beams coiled around the red light streak like tentacles of octopuses. Then, these starlight beams clench and twisted, squeezing out a loud cracking noise, and turned the flying shuttle into pieces. Kua E’s youngest twin brother was sent out from the shuttle, being slapped on the chest by a beam of starlight, that made him fly back to Kua E while vomiting blood.

"This is Luoho sky-swallowing great formation, one of the few famous magic formations created by ancient heaven." Snake Xiu, who was also hundreds of thousands of meters tall, slowly walked to Kua E and stomped his foot on Kua E’s face.

Snake Xiu was tremendously huge and stunningly powerful. In mere terms of physical strength, he was one the very few powerful being who could rival ancient dragons, among prehistorical creatures. He cultivated himself severely for countless years that allowed him to improve amazingly. Stomped by his foot, Kua E’s face bone was broken, and tens of his pearl-like glowing teeth flew out of his mouth.

Snake Xiu was wearing a pair of boots which were transformed from his own scales and were cold and hard, thickly covered in sharp thorns. Snake Xiu trod on Kua E’s head, broke Kua E’s face and made it bleed, exposing Kua E’s golden and glowing bones under his skin and muscles.

"Bloody Snake Xiu, are you challenging the heaven?" The group of divine Gods growled in rage.

Thousands of divine Gods were turned powerless, disabled from moving, floating in the void, but they were quite loud. They shouted and yelled at Snake Xiu, some even swore that they would certainly cut Snake Xiu into pieces, slice him and cook soup with him.

Snake Xiu laughed out loud. Looking at these divine Gods, who couldn’t move at all, he said in a cold voice, "You can save these terrifying words for the future. If you were not useful to me, if I didn’t have to extract fresh spirit blood from you, the Xiangshen you ate would turn you directly into puddles of liquid instead of making you powerless."

Stomping heavily on Kua E’s head once again, Snake Xiu swayed his body, as his gigantic body slowly shrunk to around three-meters tall. Shaking his head hard, Snake Xiu leaped up and rushed onto the dragon ship along with a black stream of mist. Taking a few circles on the deck, Snake Xiu abruptly laughed out and said, "This is a sky-patrolling dragon ship, isn’t it? Ha, such a great world-accompanying spirit treasure!"

"Shame, shame, it’s only an ordinary one. If it was one of those famous ships…Hehe, those ships were destroyed long ago. How could they possibly serve till now?" Snake Xiu waved his arms excitedly and yelled, "This treasure is mine. Hehe, it’s my ship from now on, magnificent, majestic-looking!

In the void, tens of black starlight beams suddenly shrank and showed a path in a large black light screen. A black watery cloud swooshed swiftly out from the path at lightning speed. Once the black cloud rushed out, the tens of starlight beams flashed again and resealed the path.

Gong Gong stood on the black cloud, with River Earl and Xiang Liu standing on both sides of him. The three of them trod on the cloud and quickly approached Kua E. Then Snake Xiu stopped laughing and hurriedly came over.

Gong Gong held his arms behind his back, narrowed his eyes, observed Kua E, then abruptly laughed.

Kua E coldly looked at Gong Gong, gnashed his teeth and said word by word, "Gong Gong…What are you doing? You drew us to this place and captured us alive with such a great effort. What do you want?"

Gong Gong gave a large grin and responded blandly, "What do I want? I want to do the thing that each one of my ancestors wanted to do, that all my Northern Wasteland people have been wanting to do, for so many years. I want to do something… that can make me happy!"

Gong Gong smiled and reached his hand out, clenching his fingers towards Kua E. Kua E suddenly began quivering. Following a deep buzzing noise, a splendidly glowing, glaze-like golden tablet flew out from Kua E’s chest and landed in Gong Gong’s hand, leaving an arc in the void.

Kua E and the other divine Gods had their looks instantly changed.

Kua E roared out harshly, "Gong Gong, this is pass to heaven…Gong Gong, you and Zhu Rong have already deviated from the heaven. How dare you snatch the pass to the heaven?! You, you, you’ve broken the divine law, you! Even death can not atone for your crime!"

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