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The snake was tens of thousands of miles long, its body purely black and completely lusterless. A layer of liquid seemed to be squirming on each black scale of its. By taking a glance at the snake from a long distance away, one would feel that their eyes were going to be corroded by the liquid. Obviously, those black scales were highly poisonous.

The body of the snake was entirely black, but its enormous head was dark-blue. The blue head glowed with a bright light, that made it look like a small, blue sun. The dark-blue scales on the snake head were crystal-like, looking like gemstones, forming a strong contrast against the snake body.

A purple fork-tongue hissed out from the snake mouth from time to time. The tongue was over a hundred miles long. As it swished out of the snake mouth, a dark sphere of mist would puff out along with it, transforming into clouds and shrouding the snake.

"Snake Xiu!" Kua E looked at this enormous snake in shock.

The group of divine Gods all growled out in rage. Pointing at the snake, the horned and glowing divine God shouted, "Snake Xiu, back then, you were almost killed by Yi, but you luckily survived by hiding in North Ocean. I haven’t seen you messing around in the world for many years. Are you seeking for death by messing with us today? Good, we can fulfill your wish!"

"Yi?" Snake Xiu coiled its enormous body and looked like a mountain standing on the ground. It’s gigantic head was straightened, while it stared at Kua E and the other divine Gods with a pair of dimly shining eyes.

"If Yi were still alive, I surely would not dare to come out. But I assume we can already cook soup with his bones by now, can’t we?" Snake Xiu slightly flipped its tail and flattened a series of buildings on Luoho star, along with a few hills. Rocks were sent flying to thousands of miles away by its tail from the star.

"I admit I am a coward," said Snake Xiu, "I am afraid of death. I am a hundred percent lowly being who bullies the weak and fears the strong!" Snake Xiu proudly gave a grin while huge streams of venom splashed out of his poison fangs.

The black venom splashed on the ground, corroded the earth of Luoho star and created a giant hole, as all soil and rock were turned into a black liquid. Snake Xiu chucked and said, "If Yi were still alive, I would be quiet, I would do nothing… But, Yi is dead, so I can do whatever I want. What can you kids possibly do to me? I bully the weak and fear the strong, and now I am bullying you. What can you do about it?"

Kua E and the other divine Gods had their face darkened. They remained silent, clenched their fists while blood veins bulged from their skins, and a loud bone cracking noise coming out of their bodies.

These frank and straightforward divine Gods were not willing to waste any time to talk to Snake Xiu. Since Snake Xiu came to bring trouble, no matter for what reason and what purpose did it have, these divine Gods decided to rush up together and beat him up first! This was a fine style passed down from the ancient heaven, to talk with fists. This worked in the whole world and in every era. If one talked, the others might pay no attention. But if one fought, as long as one can defeat the others, whatever one said would have to be obeyed by others.

"Beat him!" Kua E growled while wielding his arms. His thousands of meters tall body instantly began expanding at a crazy rate. Within the blink of an eye, he grew to hundreds of thousands of meters tall. His hands released a bright light as a long bronze spear swished out along with a sharp noise, being gripped in his hands. The spear then released a hundred-mile-long cold light as it dragged the spear while piercing towards Snake Xiu.

The other divine Gods all growled out. Some of them expanded their bodies like Kua E and pulled out all kinds of weapons to attack Snake Xiu. Some transformed into a raging sphere of flame, an iceberg, a hurricane or a bolt of lightning, raising frightful power streams and roaring toward Snake Xiu from all directions. Their bodies now looked nothing like human beings.

Some other divine Gods shook their bodies and transformed into enormously-shaped legendary creatures. They roared resonantly, started fierce gales and blew the surrounding drifting black dust away, then pounced on Snake Xiu.

All divine Gods launched their moves with all of their powers.

Snake Xiu was a fierce prehistorical creature, enormous and greatly powerful, and also was highly poisonous. Its poison was not as powerful as Xiang Liu’s venom, but still, snake Xiu was top-grade poisonous in the world. Snake Xiu was incomparably greedy, and loved to devour living creatures and their souls. It had taken countless lives back in the prehistorical era.

Supreme God Yi nearly killed Snake Xiu when he wiping out fierce evil creatures in the world to create homelands for human beings. After that, Snake Xiu fled to North Ocean, followed Water God, Gong Gong’s lead, and threw itself under Gong Gong’s protection. Afterwards, Snake Xiu became one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command.

As a countless years old creature, which existed ever since the prehistorical era, Snake Xiu was rather powerful. Any of those divine gods, including Kua E, wouldn’t be able to rival Snake Xiu alone. However, thousands of divine Gods had launched the moves together, added with the divine weapons they inherited from the ancient heaven, they could smash Snake Xiu into meat paste.

Snake Xiu chucked loudly, that made its enormous body quiver ceaselessly.

Abruptly, it let out a water-tank-sized water ball from his mouth, flicked its tongue and broke the water ball. Purple liquid splashed out from the water ball and quickly transformed into faint purple mist, spreading out towards all directions.

Kua E and the other divine gods were about to approach Snake Xiu, but the purple mist suddenly surrounded their bodies. They slowed down instantly. Their legs swayed powerlessly, as well as their bodies. Their fingers trembled, and they couldn’t grip their weapons anymore.

Gigantic weapons fell down from the hands of Kua E and his brothers, weakly floating around their bodies.

Kua E stared at Snake Xiu in shock while murmuring, "This is sleeping incense…but the sleeping incense can’t take our powers away…no any incense in the world can make us…us…"

Those divine Gods who had transformed into fire, ice or hurricane, transformed back to their original shapes, trying their best to support their bodies. They looked at Snake Xiu in confusion. That was nothing but a divine incense, and although it could help divine Gods to sleep, but it could never be so effective. By now, those divine Gods were almost disabled from moving.

Sleeping incense was made from a quite an ordinary plant in the heaven. It could improve the sleeping quality of divine Gods, and was an often used as supportive incense. But it obviously shouldn’t be so effective.

"Sleeping incense is just a start…" Snake Xiu chuckled while its enormous body slightly squirmed and = gradually shrank, eventually turning into a sturdy man with a black armor, floating in the void.

"Before you came here, you’ve eaten a large amount of ‘Xiangshen’, which is a forbidden drug in heaven. The effect of ‘Xiangshen’ is already activated by the sleeping incense. Now, you’re a piece of meat on the chopping board, and I can do whatever I want to you."

The group of divine Gods had their faces turned pale.

"Xiangshen?" Kuala E gave a bitter smile in despair, "We, when did we take Xiangshen?"

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