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The earth was covered with a thick layer of snow, but Yao Mountain City was busy.

Si Wen Ming, Tushan old man, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin all moved into Yao Mountain City with their troops. Mountain-huge piles of rare materials were carried into Yao Mountain City’s storage. Led by Gulo and the other Xiu Clan masters, all these people began working hard on the construction of the perpetual portal.

Si Wen Ming brought many magic formation artists from the Magi Palace and told them to learn from Gulo and his people.

If those Magi Palace magic formation artists could learn the essence of the magic formation art of the non-humankind from such a large-scale, complicated, and ingenious magic formation that could allow people to travel across space and reach another world, the overall power of all Magi Palace magic formation artists could definitely be improved largely.

Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were going to explore a new world. This could be counted as a top secret, but among a small group of people, this wasn’t a secret at all. Therefore, Candle Dragon Gui, Wulong Yao, Kuafu Yan and the other few elders had all come with their trusted subordinates. These elders wandered on the constructional field all day long, just like fierce beasts who had sensed the scent of blood. Their eyes were firmly fixed on Gulo and his people, grasping every single move made by them.

But of course, they would never, ever admit that they were here to secretly learn some core techniques. With their social status, their positions and their powers, they would sneakily learn techniques from non-humankind masters? What a joke!

Bustling for a few days, Ji Hao finally settled almost everything down, finally getting some spare time. Building a perpetual portal wasn't an easy job. Even if a few top-ranked Xiu Clan masters, including Gulo, had been helping them, along with the other magic formations artists from the Magi Palace and Xiu Clan, according to Gulo’s estimation, it still required eight to nine months to accomplish this great magic formation.

Even if the magic formation was accomplished, to target the world coordinate provided by Di Yantuo, the magic formation still needed to go through complicated tests and adjustments, that would take another few months. Only after all this could the magic formation start to try to teleport people.

After all, the portal had to go through the Chaos void. With a slight error, it might send people to unknown places instead of the destination. Losing in the Chaos would be seriously despairing. Therefore, this thing could not be done in a rush.

Since this couldn’t be done in a rush, Ji Hao settled his mind down to focus on his own cultivation. He had just attained the seed of Dao of sun and the first inside spirit star. This meant that both his cultivation of Dao and physical strength had stepped into the level of Divine Magus. Nevertheless, he still felt strange to his new powers. He needed a long period of cultivation to bring his new powers completely under control. Only after that could he truly understand the goodnesses of the level of Divine Magus.

However, on the third day of his cultivation, the mysterious man, who hadn’t shown up for quite a long while, appeared abruptly.

Sitting on the misty round platform with legs crossed, the mysterious man said with a resonant voice, "Since you now have the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, why don’t you go to that world to take a look ahead of the time?"

Ji Hao paused. Yu Yu never mentioned something like that ever since he gave the golden bridge to Ji Hao to keep. Abruptly hearing the mysterious man, Ji Hao asked, "Do you think I should go take a look before everyone else?"

The mysterious man responded with a bland tone, "I think Yu Yu wants you to go too. He didn’t mention it only because of the friendship between the dragon ancestor, phoenix ancestor and himself. You are cooperating with the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, so with his identity, he can’t just tell you to go without them, can he?"

Pausing briefly, the mysterious man continued in that deep yet strong voice, "But I think, you should go take a look before everyone else."

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then stood up. He left the cultivation hall, quietly walked across the square in front of the hall to the door of another hall. He gently knocked the door and asked in a low voice, "Brother Po, are you there? Do you have an interest in going to take a trip outside this world?"

Once Ji Hao finished his question, Yu Yu’s voice came from the main hall, "Po, go take a trip with your brother. Be careful, protect him well. Hm, Ji Hao, you’re not powerful enough yet… This sword formation of mine, I’ll lend it to you for safety."

The magic formation blueprint, that looked like streams of lights and shadows, flew out from the main hall, with the four sharp swords wrapped in it. Flashing across the air, the blueprint and the four swords dazzled into Ji Hao’s forehead.

Ji Hao was wild with joy. He hurriedly bowed towards the main hall and silently thanked Yu Yu. He used this sword formation in the Evil Dragon Bay battle and learned how powerful it was back then. With this sword formation, not to mention self-protection, Ji Hao even dared to break into Liang Zhu City once again all by himself, and create an even bigger mess.

The door in front of Ji Hao opened as Po walked out smilingly, wearing a long robe. He nodded to Ji Hao, then waved his hands towards another hall and said, "Brother Ji Hao has a good mood, sister Gui Ling, let’s go together!"

A gentle breeze blew across Ji Hao’s body, following which, Gui Ling and six of her disciples showed up suddenly.

Gui Ling was wearing a black outfit. She nodded to Ji Hao with a warm smile, then said in a gentle voice, "Brother Ji Hao, I will probably be relying on you this time. Recently, when I cultivated myself, the blood in my heart was always agitated. I might make a breakthrough in the journey."

Ji Hao smiled, greeted Po and Gui Ling, then flicked his finger, releasing over ten beams of fiery light. He sent messages to Ji Xia, Man Man, Shaosi and the other Yao Mountain territory leaders, telling them that he would lock himself indoors to concentrate on cultivation. If anything happened, they could just deal with it without consulting him.

After Ji Hao finished what he had to do, Po put his palms together and waved his sleeves. A breeze flew around Ji Hao, Gui Ling, Po himself and the six disciples of Gui Ling. Next, the nine of them swiftly arrived in a quiet, mountainous area tens of thousands of miles away from Yao Mountain City without disturbing anyone.

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man said excitedly, "Let’s go, let’s go… Let’s see what’s gonna happen this time."

Ji Hao nodded and took out a jade talisman made by Gulo. He flicked his finger and shattered the talisman. Instantly, a fist-sized sphere of light flew out of the talismans, within which, countless complicated spell symbols flew quickly in streams. This was the world coordinate given by Di Yantuo.

The Heaven and Earth golden bridge spurted out of the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, and the dark golden sphere of light swallowed the coordinate directly.

A slight buzz could then be heard, following which, a dim golden light stream swooshed straight up into the sky, then disappeared in a moment.

Ji Hao and the other nine cultivators trod on a dim golden bridge. In the front, a golden stream of light tore the Chaos apart, bringing them into the Chaos void, countless billions of miles away from Pan Gu world. Violent Chaos streams roared over from all directions. These terrifyingly great streams bumped against the dark golden light released from the golden bridge, then shattered completely.

Time didn’t exist in the Chaos, but in just a while, Ji Hao and the others had already entered deep into the Chaos.

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