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The name of the luxurious palace and the whole lake area that Ji Hao attained from Gong Gong Wuyou as compensation was already changed formally into Yao Mountain Garden.

On the surface of the lake, which was covered with a thin layer of ice, tens of slim boats had been moving across. Servants working in Yao Mountain Garden had been catching fishes and shrimps, also picking some vegetables like lotus roots.

Man Man stood on a boat, a pair of alloy quants were being waved by her like two pinwheels, allowing the boat to move swiftly on the lake surface like a mad buffalo. Shaosi and Yemo Shanye sat on the head of the boat, their long dresses wet because of the splashing water.

Standing on the platform by the lake, Ji Hao had both of his arms held before his chest, looking at Yemo Shanye’s smiling face from a long distance away.

"That is a huge trouble. Women can be troublesome already, and this is a non-humankind woman. Moreover, she’s the twin sister of the emperor in power of Dark Sun, and she sneaked out to run away from marriage. She’s truly a huge trouble."

Feng Xing stood beside Ji Hao, looking at Yemo Shanye with narrowed, glassy eyes. A while later, his gazes turned sharp and determined.

"The outline of her face is a bit similar to the face of my little sister. I witnessed her…"

Ji Hao straightened a finger while waving, interrupted Feng Xing and said, "Alright, let’s not mention that sad past. This isn’t too big a trouble… Emperor Shun only asked us to keep an eye on her. As long as she doesn't do anything to harm our humankind, she can be free to stay or leave."

"If she wants to stay, just let her stay."

"Yemo Luoye’s sister, she has a noble identity, that’s all. They can’t start a war merely for a little girl who sneaked out from her home, can they? Not to mention the fact that we’ve just signed the contract with them regarding a thousand years of peace… Therefore, she’s not a truly big trouble."

Patting heavily on Feng Xing’s shoulder, Ji Hao didn’t want to steal a poem to express his own feeling, but he couldn’t help but begin saying, "If you fall in love with a flower, you should just pick it up…To pursue a woman, you have to be like a hungry wild wolf pouncing on its prey. As a wolf, if you have your eyes fixed on that fresh juicy food already, just pounce, don’t hesitate… or you might regret."

Feng Xing looked at Ji Hao in confusion, with his eyes widely opened.

Why did pursuing a woman have anything to do with picking up a flower? He just couldn’t understand this literary metaphor Ji Hao made.

Feng Xing remained standing on the platform, confused and panicked. With thousands of thoughts, he looked at Yemo Shanye, who was happily laughing on the boat. Blood veins bulged from his forehead, and he clenched his hands subconsciously as a fierce gust of wind began hovering around his body, causing a loud swishing noise.

A young non-humankind girl, the twin sister of Yemo Luoye, the emperor in power of Dark Sun… Ji Hao was right, she had a complicated identity, and she would be a huge trouble.

However, her eyes were so clear, without any impurities. Sensitively, Feng Xing could feel that her heart was as pure and clear as her eyes, just like the pair of star-like, sparkling beautiful eyes which had been existing in his deepest memory.

"Oi, Ji Hao…" Feng Xing turned around and attempted to ask Ji Hao about something. But Ji Hao had gone long ago without leaving a trace.

Ji Hao left the platform quickly, leaving Feng Xing to continue struggling. He arrived in the main hall of Yao Mountain Garden, where Tu Shan old man and a few others had already been expecting him.

Tens of jade talismans floated in the air, every single one of them glowing with a splendid light. Lights and shadows wove into an enormous, tridimensional blueprint of a magic formation. Complicated spell symbols sparkled in the magic formation blueprint and formed magic chains, which flew in the magic formation, looking like numerous flying and hovering dragons.

This magic formation blueprint was extremely complicated, probably the most complicated one in the world. This was the magic formation provided by Di Yantuo and the others. The non-humankind used this kind of magic formation to open up portals; only with a coordinate, the perpetual portal based on this magic formation could lead straight to another world. This masterpiece was created by countless years of severe work on the Chaos void, the great Dao of space and teleporting magic formation, by countless non-humankind beings, that had cost immeasurably great amount of manpower and material resources.

Through those perpetual portals, the non-humankind armies entered into numerous newly discovered worlds one after another and conquered the local civilizations of those worlds.

Si Wen Ming carefully looked at the magic formation blueprint, with his dense pair of eyebrows knitted, and said, "Such a complicated great magic formation, no wonder it requires so many rare materials. Even if we can reach the targeted world, we have to build another magic formation base, exactly the same as this one, on the other side. Otherwise, our armies could never come back successfully."

Feng Qinxin also frowned as she said, "Therefore, we need to double all those materials for building two same magic formation bases. I’m fine with it, how about you, Ao Li?"

Ao Li stood beside the blueprint. He felt a slight dizzy by now. Dragons were believers of pure physical strength, and they firmly believed that their great physical strength and their especially strong bodies could solve any problem. Therefore, at the current stage, the dragon-kind knew almost nothing about magic formations and magic spells.

Although Ao Li couldn’t tell exactly how excellent this blueprint was, he had still been seriously rubbing his chin with his pair of eyes rolling in his eye sockets because of the dizziness as he said, "Hmm, I’ve emptied my old man’s storage, and also borrowed some materials from some of my cousins… I too am fine with it."

Si Wen Ming spread his hands and said in a deep voice, "All materials on my side are ready. Besides, my family has already raised a force that is strong enough."

Tushan old man squatted aside, with a nameless grass in his mouth, chewing slowly as if he was an old rabbit. The entire hall was suffused by the magically refreshing aroma released from that grass.

Hearing Si Wen Ming, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, Tushan old man grinned and said, "In this case, according to our agreement, if we are still short of any materials, that would all be provided by our Tushan Family. Apart from this, although our Tushan Family people are never good fighters, we have also raised a force with slave warriors, that will be enough for early-stage exploitation."

At the moment, Ji Hao walked into the hall. He smilingly nodded to Tushan old man and said, "Tushan Family has amazing financial resources… You’ve bought out all slaves sold in Pu Ban Slave Market, haven’t you? In this case, as Liang Zhu City is still in reconstruction and all non-humankind forces haven’t get the time and energy to explore the new world, we shall take the opportunity and do it before everyone else."

"For the new world, which is supposed to belong to Dishi Family, we should make a move before them and seize the first opportunity. When Dishi Family people travel across the Chaos and arrive in that world, we would be able to strike them right on the heads, perhaps…"

Ji Hao’s worlds contained an obvious feeling and coldness, and an intent of killing.

Everyone on the scene clearly understood that if they ever got a chance to wipe out the effective strength of Dishi Family, none of them would let go of the chance. The weaker the non-humankind became, the less pressure the humankind would suffer; everyone knew about this truth.

Tushan old man swallowed the grass in his mouth, then laughed out loud and said, "Let’s head to Yao Mountain City then. It’s better for the portal to be built in Yao Mountain City.

Giving a large grin, Tushan old man narrowed his eyes and said proudly, "We too have a Heaven and Earth great formation in-construction in our Tushan Mountain, It’s just that the constructional work of the great formation required a long period of time, and it’s not accomplished yet. For now, Earl Yao’s Yao Mountain City is the safest among all our places."

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