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The enormous serpent head smashed down, creating an unspeakably great horror as it struck down like a tsunami on Ji Hao’s head. That horror was as scary as the gathering of all nightmares a human being had in a hundred reincarnated lives. It burst within a moment and woke up the deepest fear inside one’s heart, filling every cell of one’s body with fear and despair.

This was the natural power of horror possessed by Xiang Liu. Being slightly affected by this great power of horror, anyone, even an ordinary Divine Magi, would have his or her soul shattered. Xiang Liu simply scared his enemies to death many times with his power of horror, then swallowed them.

Xiang Liu was one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. He existed ever since the prehistorical era, and was even much older than Candle Dragon Gui. Xiang Liu was injured severely back in the prehistorical era, and had been in a deep sleep to allow his body to recover during all these years. Thus, he rarely showed up in public. If he wasn’t injured back then, he would definitely have been the most famous minister under Gong Gong’s command, instead of River Earl and Wuzhi Qi.

A terrifying creature originated from the prehistorical era, he attained an amazingly great power through countless years of cultivation. Because of the long-lasting deep sleep, he had accumulated immeasurably great power inside his body. Therefore, when he launched that full-power attack against Ji Hao, both Ji Hao’s body and primordial spirit froze, that made him float in the air in a daze, without being able to move a little bit.

The Pan Xi divine mirror automatically activated to protect its owner, releasing a thick layer of dim light from Ji Hao’s body.

Dark, deep, mysterious and beautiful, the dim light seemed to contain all mysteriousness in the world. Within that light, Ji Hao disappeared. Xiang Liu’s serpent head was going to give Ji Hao a deathly attack, but he suddenly lost the target.

All traces of Ji Hao’s existence had disappeared, including his smell, his power vibrations and all other slight traces. The Pan Xi divine mirror had wiped out all traces of Ji Hao, as if Ji Hao had never existed in the world.

The enormous serpent head bumped into the thick dim light. In the next moment, from within the dense poisonous gas cloud, a serpent head abruptly flew out and thudded violently against another serpent head in confusion.

Bang! A thunderous how could then be heard. Dark-green, sticky and poisonous blood dripped from the sky like a heavy rain. Shaosi shouted, hurriedly waved her hands and released a gray stream of light that rolled all her teammates up, moving them onto a small hill over ten miles away.

Two heads of Xiang Liu had bumped into each other. He was so powerful, that as a consequence, the two heads were both injured seriously. At least a half of each head had been smashed. With Xiang Liu’s power and his incredibly strong physical body, even Divine-Magus-level magic treasure couldn’t possibly harm even a scale of his. However, he bumped his head with another head of his; such a self-harming move caused him a serious damage.

The poisonous gland located in the edge areas of Xiang Liu’s heads exploded, letting out countless drops of venom, splashing down and mixing with his poisonous blood. The ground for miles in radius melted instantly along with a sizzling noise. Sands, rocks, soil and plants all melted into black liquid, that smelled terrible and could corrode the earth. Soon, a, dent miles in radius appeared on the ground.

Xiang Liu was highly poisonous, and this was how terrifying he was.

The pain made Xiang Liu’s nine enormous heads sway and howl miserably. Xiang Liu crazily let out his tongue while screaming in a hoarse voice. The poisonous cloud of gas was dispelled, exposing his weird looking body.

Standing inside the poisonous gas, Xiang Liu was wearing a long robe. His body looked as tall as an ordinary human being. However, his neck was incredibly long, extending for hundreds of meter, then splitting up into nine especially long serpent bodies. The longer those snake bodies extended, the thicker they become. And at last, each of his nine serpent heads was as gigantic as a mountain, but his body remained in the size of an ordinary human being.

Such a weird body made Ji Hao want to throw up.

The Pan Xi divine mirror sparkled, showing Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao flew up into the sky, bringing up a golden beam of light. The power of horror released by Xiang Liu had already been neutralized by the mirror. By now, Ji Hao’s power flew perfectly inside his body without any difficult anymore.

The Moho Staff glowed with a sharp light while flying out of Ji Hao’s hand. The natural powers in surrounding area were agitated immediately. Next, a water-tank-thick chain, that was condensed purely from natural powers, flew swiftly out, coiled around Xiang Liu’s body at lightning speed.

This was a sealing function of the staff, called ‘god-sealing chain’, and was the most powerful sealing magic of the Moho Family of Full Moon.

Countless gigantic chains absorbed the dense natural powers while releasing bolts of lightning and tied Xiang Liu up. Xiang Liu’s nine serpent heads paused instantly, then he burst with a shrill scream in a soul-deep shock, as if he couldn’t believe this at all.

"Kid...How can you…?"

Ji Hao gave a roar then gathered all of his spiritual power. The only spirit star inside his body began shrinking at a crazy rate while the nine sun spear released a, thousands of meter long stream of fire. Sky-Opening, Earth-Splitting, Everything Grow and Everything Perish, he combined the four moves into one, and next, the sun power contained in Ji Hao’s body was magically transformed. It was injected into the nine sun spear, after which, a dim black fire suddenly wrapped up the golden, dazzlingly shining spear.

With all of his power, he launched a hack.

All lights in the world seemed to be absorbed by this move launched by Ji Hao. Everyone lost the eyesight at the moment, and some people even had a painful feeling that their souls were about to be devoured.

This was the very first time for Ji Hao to combine the four moves. The sun power contained in his body was fierce and violent, but after being transformed by the combined move, the power he released in the end was rather weird.

That was a world-destructive power. Although Ji Hao was still not powerful enough, the true nature of that power could still frighten everyone on the scene. But Ji Hao was wrapped in the power of the mirror. Therefore, except for himself, no one could sense the scariness given by the black fire wrapped around the nine suns spear.

Another series of shrill howl could be heard, as the nine suns spear hacked on the two injured heads of Xiang Liu.

A tremendous resistant force was generated, but then suddenly disappeared. The black fire dissipated, while Xiang Liu’s two heads were chopped off and flew out, transforming into black sticky liquid as they fell from the sky.

Xiang Liu screamed in pain. The rest seven heads of his twitched intensively. Soon, the seven heads merged back into one, while his extra long neck shrunk speedily. Eventually, a regular-sized serpent head appeared on his human-shaped body.

The hideous serpent slightly swayed and turned into a gloomy and evil face of a middle-aged man.

With hatred, he stared at Ji Hao while black blood gushed ceaselessly out of his mouth corners.

Bang! The pair of dark ice hand launched by Gong Gong Wuyou was shattered by Candle Dragon Gui and the other elders together.

The entire area fell into a deathly silence, as everyone had their eyes fixed on Ji Hao and Xiang Liu. No one could believe that Ji Hao had actually cut off two heads of Xiang Liu!

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