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Back inside the small building, Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming, Tushan old man, Ao Li and Feng Xinxin each made a stamp on a sheet of leather. As the five private stamps landed on the leather sheet, the golden leather instantly burst with an eye-piercing light and released a strong stream of power, reaching to the sky. Streams of golden light dazzled out from the leather while the air vibrated, causing a buzzing noise. Next, the leather sheet divided into five, which were five copies of an agreement. They then flew up and landed in the hands of Ji Hao and the other four.

Everything regarding the cooperation had been appropriately negotiated, or in other words, Tushan old man, who was a master of business, had thought of every detail ahead of time. All those clauses suggested by him were perfectly reasonable, and so was the benefit distribution. He considered every partner’s needs, and as a result, this agreement satisfied everyone.

"Hahaha, bring us the wine. Take out the pot of Drunken Fox I saved… Haha, today is a good day, good things have happened, and we all have a good mood. Let’s now drink!" Tushan old man laughed happily while raising his hands and clapped loudly to tell the maids to hurriedly bring the wine.

Hearing ‘Drunken Fox’, Ao Li popped out his eyes stunned, and even loudly sucked his own saliva.

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Si Wen Ming, prepared to ask him about Drunken Fox. But suddenly, not so far away, a red mushroom cloud rose into the sky, then a bright fiery light spread out wave by wave, along with a scorching hot hurricane. Immediately, many rare plants around Tushan old man’s building withered while many maids and servants screamed out.

"Man Man!"

Ji Hao’s pupils shrunk to the size of needle tips when he gave a long and resonant roar. A golden beam of light dazzled out of his erect eye, then his body disappeared suddenly.

"So fast!" cried Feng Qinxin in shock. She turned straight to where the mushroom cloud rose, but she didn’t know when Ji Hao left. She couldn’t even see Ji Hao’s moves clearly.

Phoenixes could fly at an amazingly high speed, and among all legendary birds, only golden-winged roc and the other few, extremely rare kinds could barely compete against the phoenix-kind in speed. But without a doubt, phoenixes were the fastest flyers. But just now, Ji Hao left abruptly, and Feng Qinxin didn’t even see how he did that. Ji Hao’s moving speed had already surpassed all those powerful phoenixes Feng Qinxin had ever met, also far higher than Feng Qinxin’s own highest speed.

Feng Qinxin was curious and amazed. Therefore, she gave a roar as well and flew towards the mushroom cloud, bringing up a seven-colored stream of light. Si Wen Ming, Ao Li and Tushan old man were all surprised. Next, they each moved towards the mushroom cloud at their highest speeds.

With the power of the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, Ji Hao moved across space, which slightly startled Feng Qinxin. As bright and dim lights flashed swiftly before his eyes, Ji Hao had already arrived where Yu Mu and Feng Xing were attacked. He saw Man Man smash her hammers on Yi Shen’s body, almost shattering Yi Shen into pieces. Then, he saw Yi Shen being sent flying away by Man Man’s hammers, fall into the river and flee.

Before Ji Hao made any moves, Taisi had already activated his power of time-reversal, and cooperating with Yu Mu’s poison, killed three-hundred elite archers in a moment.

River Earl and Wuzhi Qi had already been controlled by a group of elders. By now, only Gong Gong Wuyou was left on the battlefield. He was struck by Yemo Shanye’s thunder, and had a half of his chest blown away. A broken spine connected his upper and lower body, which made him look quite miserable.

The great pain took away Gong Gong Wuyou’s elegance. He madly waved the jade flute while screaming like a crazy man, "Who dares to hurt me? I am Gong Gong Wuyou, I am the prince of Gong Gong Family! I am the next Water God!"

"Feng Xing, Yu Mu, you colluded with a non-humankind woman. You swankily attacked me, you attempted to kill our Gong Gong bloodline! I am the only prince of Gong Gong Family, the only prince! You betrayed the humankind, you are spies among human beings!"

Yemo Shanye had a dim black light swiftly spinning in her erect eye. She bit her lips tightly while looking at Gong Gong Wuyou in hesitation. She didn’t know if she should launch another thunderbolt to just kill this Gong Gong Wuyou for good. But how did Gong Gong Wuyou know about the proposal? Had her elder sister, Yemo Luoye, the emperor in power of Dark Sun, sent out people to chase her already? Had the people, who had been chasing her, made some contact with Gong Gong Wuyou?

Abruptly, dense black mist spurted out from Gong Gong Wuyou’s body, along with a strong cold power. The black mist covered Gong Gong Wuyou’s wounds, allowing his wounds to recover speedily. Soon, that broken body was healed perfectly. A thin black mist gathered behind Gong Gong Wuyou, within which, a pair of deep and cold eyes lit up. Then, Gong Gong’s hoarse voice came from the mist, "You, how dare you hurt my, Gong Gong’s son?!"

Shaosi took a step forward, looking straight at that pair of brightly sparkling eyes in the mist without any fear, and said calmly, "Gong Gong, do you mean that your son can bully us, but we cannot fight back? He wants to kill, so he should be prepared for death."

Before Gong Gong responded, Shaosi harshly continued, "Not only your son, you too. If you want to kill, you should prepare for death as well!"

An especially fierce and proud vibe rose from Shaosi, under the effect of which, Gong Gong actually didn’t say anything for a long while. Next, Gong Gong sneered and asked, "Who are you? Where you from? Do you even deserve to talk to me like this? For what happened today, no matter whose fault it is, you harmed the prince of my Gong Gong Family. You have to pay for that!"

Sneering again, the black mist behind Gong Gong Wuyou suddenly transformed into a pair of transparent dark ice hand, reaching towards Candle Dragon Gui and the other few elders, along with a shrill scream. Wherever the pair of ice hand reached, even the air was frozen, showing two clearly visible traces.

Candle Dragon Gui, Wulong Yao and the other few elders stopped restraining River Earl and Wuzhi Qi’ powers. Instead, they all made their moves to fend against this nearly sneaky attack launched by Gong Gong. Meanwhile, a hissing noise came from behind Ji Hao, following which, large clouds of black and green poisonous gas puffed out, releasing a disgusting odor. Ji Hao turned around, saw nine giant, dragon-head-like serpent heads, faintly visible in the poisonous gas.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao…You and your people hurt Prince Wuyou… Even Emperor Shun can’t cover this for you…Take a beating from me, Xiang Liu!"

A loud laugh could then be heard while an enormous serpent head swooshed straight over. The air was split up, while Xiang Liu’s head slapped on Ji Hao’s chest like a great mountain.

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