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When the first snow fell, a raging fire of a great ceremony was raised in Pu Ban City, reaching to the sky.

An altar was built with five different types of earth, which came from Midland and the four wastelands, having five different colors. Emperor Shun, who seemed to be aglow with health, held a scroll and started a beautiful chant with a bright and resonant voice. By singing the chant, he informed the ancestors’ souls of the humankind and all mysterious beings in the world that, this time, the humankind had attained a glorious victory, again.

Indeed, this victory was great enough to be counted as glorious.

In the war that happened in Pan Xi world, one million elite non-humankind warriors were wiped out entirely. And all of those non-humankind elites were Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan warriors, instead of lower-class beings, such as dark-kind warriors and non-humankind slaves. A million non-humankind elites were annihilated, this number was tens of times bigger than the number of the total enemy casualty of Chi Ban Mountain War.

All resources of Pan Xi world were attained. The alliance of human clan and all large human clans had earned a rich harvest. By now, with the help of Pan Xi world people, a great number of human warriors had still been collecting all kinds of resources in Pan Xi world. All these resources were precious and valuable. With such so many extra resources, the power of each large human clan would certainly rise speedily.

Most importantly, before all this, the territory of the non-humankind had almost reached Chi Ban Mountain. This meant that they could start a massive attack on Chi Ban Mountain area anytime they wanted. However, after Pan Xi world war, the non-humankind lost a huge area of territory on the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain to the humankind. This new territory was accepted by the humankind, and a new, large-scale defensive line was ready to be constructed on the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain.

The bigger the strategic maneuvering space of the humankind was, the lesser could the non-humankind threaten Pu Ban City. In the future, even if another large-scale war happened between the humankind and non-humankind, the humankind would have more choices and a larger space to react. To the humankind, this was way more meaningful than attaining all resources of Pan Xi world. Not to mention the fact that, through the life-and-death game happened in Pan Xi world, the humankind also earned a thousand years of peace.

Although, every single human leader understood that this so-called agreement of a thousand years of peace could be destroyed anytime by the non-humankind with all kinds of excuses and reasons, in which case another great war would be started. However, more or less, the non-humankind valued their reputation. Despite the fact that this agreement couldn’t possibly maintain effective for a whole thousand years, it could bring the humankind thirty to fifty years of peace for sure.

Speaking of peace, here came the most important part of this great ceremony.

Thirty to fifty years of peace was more than enough for the humankind to largely improve their general power. Not to mention all those resources attained from Pan Xi world and the large area of territory on the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain, crucially, Ji Hao had actually brought back a large group of Jia Clan and Xiu Clan prisoners from Liang Zhu City. This was just like pulling a tooth out of the mouth of a tiger!

Yu Clan nobles were not so useful, but they knew many secrets about the non-humankind, and could allow the humankind to know more about the non-humankind. Before, in the eyes of human beings, non-humankind beings were like ghosts hiding in a dense mist. Human beings clearly knew about the existences of non-humankind beings, knew how powerful and terrifying they were, but never had a specific understanding of them.

With Di Yantuo and his family members, the humankind could now truly get to know the non-humankind, analyze them, and learn their advantages and weaknesses. Thus, human beings would be able to react to all kinds of challenges of the non-humankind with targeted plans.

Those Jia Clan warriors were much more useful than Yu Clan nobles. They had special inherited fighting skills, body-strengthening methods, and great individual strength. They could serve as the perfect training partners, strengthen young human warriors, and make human warriors more powerful. On the other hand, by training with these Jia Clan warriors, human warriors could gain as much combat experiences as possible, but without any danger.

Yu Clan nobles allowed the humankind to attain valuable, strategic information, while Jia Clan warriors could improve the general abilities of human warriors, allowing young human warriors to grow rich experiences before they went to true battlefields. That would give those young warriors greater chance to survive on cruel battlefields.

Nevertheless, neither Yu Clan nobles nor Jia Clan warriors were as valuable as those Xiu Clan masters, who had already become Ji Hao’s slaves.

Magic-formations-building, magic-medicines-concoction, smelting, smithing, weapons-crafting, armor-crafting, magic-puppets-making, city-construction, the manufacture of all kinds of large-scale weapons…

Those Xiu Clan masters under Gulo’s lead had an infinite amount of knowledge stored in their brains. Those were the results of immeasurably great efforts made by generations of Xiu Clan people over countless years of time, with incalculable resources and huge experiences. Those were science and technology; those were powers, which could be terrifying in wars.

Human beings were as clever as Xiu Clan people; in some aspects, human beings were even smarter. However, the history of human civilization was too short. Therefore, human civilization could not yet compare with Xiu Clan civilization, which had a long, long history. Nevertheless, with this group of Xiu Clan masters, things would be different. Although these Xiu Clan masters were all Ji Hao’s slaves, because of the relationship between Ji Hao and the Magi Palace, and the friendship between Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, these Xiu Clan masters could be seeing as pubic assets of the Magi Palace, simply kept in Yao Mountain territory.

The civilization of the humankind would begin developing at an amazing rate. All kinds of technologies would be improved speedily. As a result, human beings would have sharper weapons, sturdier armors, more ingenious magic formations, more effective medicines, greater battle poppets and stronger fence walls…All these could raise the powers and potential of the humankind by hundreds, and even thousands of times, allowing the humankind to fend against the non-humankind more efficiently and confidently.

One could even put it in this way that the adventure Ji Hao did in Liang Zhu City, and what he did in Black Shark Castle had pushed the humankind up to an equal starting line with the non-humankind. As long as human beings were willing to invest, and would not make any unnecessary mistakes, the advanced civilization of the non-humankind would no longer be a threat.

Emperor Shun stood on the altar, and delightfully, excitedly informed all these achievements to the ancestors’ souls and all mysterious beings in the world. Additionally, he praised Ji Hao with many good words. By now, Ji Hao was even being seen as the brightest new star among the entire humankind.

In the conferring ceremony that happened afterward, Ji Hao accepted the richest awards.

Yao Mountain territory expanded by ten times. The large lake area on the eastern side of Yao Mountain now belonged to Ji Hao, as well as the rich and fertile grasslands and forest areas in the east and south.

In addition to all this, Emperor Shun also awarded Ji Hao with nine bronze axes, nine bronze spears, a set of battle flags and eight battle drums. With the symbolic meaning given by these awards, Ji Hao attained the right of ‘punishment’. In other words, Ji Hao was now a law enforcer of the alliance of human clans. To human clans located near his territory, Ji Hao could send armed forces to suppress any human clan, as long as he affirmed that they were guilty. Ji Hao’s suppression would be just, and the guilty human clans would also be punished seriously by the entire alliance of human clans.

This was an extremely honorable, and also terrifying right. Currently, only less than ten human clans and families were given the right of ‘punishment’ by human emperors. All those clans were top-grade ones, such as You Xiong Family, Huaxu Family, Lie Mountain Clan.

Ji Hao silently stood in the crowd while gazes landed on his body from all directions, filled with admiration and jealousy.

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