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"Although he’s our master,, how can this be even possible?" Di Yantuo stared at Ji Hao stunned, only feeling that his whole body had frozen in shock. Di Luolang stood beside him, and had also been mumbling amazedly, as if he had just seen a ghost.

All Di Family people had now been looking at Ji Hao with their eyes wildly open, because they couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Those were a whole hundred Jia Clan battle kings, the most powerful hundred Jia Clan battle kings of Di Family! However, they were all punched flying away by Ji Hao so easily, as if they were vulnerable chicken. Ji Hao stayed perfectly unmoved, and he hadn’t even raised his breathing speed yet, as if he was a strong adult kicking the asses of a bunch of naughty kids.

"Ahyaya! Ji Hao! Great job! Smash their heads!" Man Man shouted out loudly while excitedly wielding her pair of huge hammers, seeming ready to leap down from the grandstand to fight side by side with Ji Hao. Shaosi hurriedly grabbed Man Man’s hands, then spent quite an effort to persuade Man Man to not go down there and cause any trouble.

Inside the arena, Ji Hao crooked his finger towards those Jia Clan battle kings, who were shocked badly as well, then growled in a deep voice, "You’ve been too careless. Your bodies haven’t stretched and your powers haven't regrown to your peak states…I’ll allow you time to prepare yourselves, then we’ll carry on!"

Smiling coldly, a golden sphere of fire burned ragingly from Ji Hao’s body. He floated in the air, three inches away from the ground, looking at those battle kings and said, "If I win, you shall swear with your souls and spirit blood to serve me forever, be my slaves forever… So will your descendants, generation by generation, you will always be my slaves. If you win…you can go negotiate with Di Yantuo."

The group of Jia Clan battle kings turned around, glanced at Di Yantuo and the other Di Family leaders, then began cursing together.

The tallest one gave a resonant yet muffled roar, then all battle kings sat down with their legs crossed. Their breath turned long and heavy, while dragon-like powerful streams of spirit blood began moving inside their bodies. Added with the effects of those magic medicine they took earlier, their strength began recovering speedily.

Around ten minutes later, a Jia Clan battle king leaped straight up. This battle king was the weakest one among the hundred. Therefore, he recovered to his peak state in the shortest span of time. Stretching his neck and shoulders, this battle king raised his arms and roared out. Then, misty, blood-red streams of light surged out of his skin, turning his entire body blood-red.

"Master, be careful!" Di Yantuo immediately shouted out on the grandstand, "This is the corroding power of Blood Moon. When our Yu Clan people use it, it’s in the form of bloodline curses. In the hands of Jia Clan warriors, it’s a terrifying bloodline poison, which can cause grave damages to any living being."

"Traitor!" This battle king growled while flashing across the air, and reached to Ji Hao at wind like speed. Next, countless shreds of afterimages of fists appeared in a moment around Ji Hao.

Ji Hao made absolutely no move while looking at this battle king, who had been launching the attack with all of his powers. The erect eye between Ji Hao’s eyebrows opened suddenly, then followed by thunder, a golden lightning bolt dazzled out of that erect eye and struck violently on the chest of this battle king.

The sturdy body of this battle king was punctured by the lightning bolt. Following a series of shrill howls, a, foot in radius hole appeared on the chest of this over four meters tall battle king, who was much taller than Ji Hao. Golden electric bolts dazzled and twisted in the wound while streams of golden flame lingered on the wounds and burned. No matter how hard did this battle king try to boost up his spirit blood and heal that squirming wound, the wound never showed a sign of recovering.

Thud! The heavy body of that battle king fell on the ground. Ji Hao stood in front of him, looked down at this intensively twitching Jia Clan battle king and said coldly, "So fragile. How dare you attack me alone?"

"Human, why do you have a…spirit magic eye? Only Yu Clan nobles can have spirit magic eyes" Ten more Jia Clan warriors finished their self-healing, stood up and slowly formed a semicircle around Ji Hao. One of them vigilantly looked at Ji Hao and said seriously, "Something’s not right with you, but under the glow of the great Blood Moon, Jia Clan warriors are never afraid of any challenge!"

Thousands of afterimages suddenly emerged in the air while the ten Jia Clan battle kings began swiftly moving around Ji Hao. They made a front-back-front shift while constantly changing their positions. Meanwhile, a black hurricane abruptly shrouded Ji Hao.

That dark hurricane was generated by a fierce series of attack launched by the ten battle kings. Punches, scratches, elbows…Countless deathly attacks combined into one while afterimages layered up and transformed into a devouring dark hurricane that enveloped Ji Hao entirely.

Ji Hao sneered while opening his erect eye and released a golden light that lit the surrounding space up. These battle kings moved extremely fast. Their moving speed had already reached their limits. However, with the eye of Dao of sun, Ji Hao could accurately grasp every single move of theirs.

A golden layer of flame emerged on Ji Hao’s palm. Ji Hao quickly and nimbly waved his hands, easily and smoothly defusing every single attack launched by those battle kings, no matter how fierce these attacks were. Ji Hao slapped every coming fist away, pushed every poking finger aside, and pressed every palm and elbow down.

The golden flame streams merged into one and turned into a dazzling layer of golden light that covered Ji Hao up. Everyone clearly saw that within that golden light, thousands of palm prints had been sparkling faintly. The moving track of every palm print was clearly visible. Facing this seemingly slow series of palm moves, the thunderstorm-like wave of attack launched by those battle kings didn’t manage to break Ji Hao’s defense.

The other battle kings finished their self-healing as well. Silently, they formed a battle formation and joined the fight in succession.

The attacking rate grew higher and higher, three times, five times, ten times…As more battle kings joined the fight, the attacking rate grew higher, and the attacks turned more powerful. The defensive magic formation based on the arena let out a deep buzz while streams of warm light descended from the sky, firmly sealing the attacks launched by those battle kings inside the arena, without leaking out even a slight little bit.

At last, the most powerful battle king joined the fight as well, and immediately, both the attacking intensity and attacking rate reached an extreme point.

The golden flame on Ji Hao’s palm flicked intensively, causing a strong impact force that brought his palm a great pain. Despite the fact that he was now a newly promoted Divine Magus, the pain was still unbearable to him.

"Alright, the last move!" growled Ji Hao abruptly with a deep voice.

A golden thunder flame rumbled in his erect eye, then followed by a series of sizzling noise, ninety-nine bolts of golden lightning dazzled out like a wave of sharp arrows. Each of those ninety-nine battle kings, who had been attacking Ji Hao joint handedly, was shocked by a lightning bolt on the chest. Blood surged out and muscles were torn apart, as every single battle king had a bowl-sized hole opened on his chest.

One hundred battle kings all fell to the ground while vomiting blood, each covering the hole on his chest with both hands and unable to move anymore.

Ji Hao remained floating in the air, three inches above the ground, coldly looking at those battle kings as he said, "Come under my command, or…"

One hundred battle kings glanced at each other. Facing Ji Hao’s terrifying power, and the fact that Di Yantuo and the other Di Family people had already submitted themselves to him, these battle kings kneeled on the ground with difficulty, heavily thudded their foreheads against the ground, showing their highest respect to JI Hao.

"We, are willing to worship you as our master, to serve you and be loyal to you forever!"

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