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Ji Hao hurriedly left Si Wen Ming and Gong Sun Yuan and rode on Mr. Crow’s back, flying around in the sky without a destination.

Dishi Fang was struck into ashes by the thunderbolt released by him. The over ten-thousand elite Jia Clan warriors, nearly a hundred Yu Clan people and around ten Xiu Clan elites under his command were all killed as well. The early warning system of the non-humankind was quite advanced, that after Ji Hao had hovered in the air for half a day, a hundreds of meters in diameter, round-shaped metal plate flew swiftly over from a distance.

A few Yu Clan young men stood on the first metal place. Seeing Mr. Crow and Ji Hao, who were flying around in the sky, a Yu Clan young man raised his black staff. But he then hesitated and waved his hand forward.

"Send a few people, capture him alive."

No matter what, Yu Clan people valued their faces very much. Ji Hao was all alone with Mr. Crow, which was a flying mount, and the pair of baby fire snakes on his shoulder seemed to be completely powerless. To proud noble Yu Clan people, activating the great Dao of nature of the entire Pan Xi world for a single enemy was way too humiliating.

Ten Jia Clan warriors responded, then rose into the sky, dropped from the metal plate under their feet and flew towards Ji Hao.

"Lowly human being, give up all resistance, our lord has something to ask you." A Jia Clan warrior shouted out from tens of miles away.

Ji Hao gave a deep growl and made Mr. Crow stop in midair. Seeing the ten Jia Clan warriors coming closer and closer, Ji Hao laughed, raised his foot and stepped on a fiery cloud, dashing directly towards them without activating any treasure. Ji Hao flew as swiftly as a beam of sunlight. He flashed through the air and reached in front of a Jia Clan warrior’s face, kneeing straight on the spot between the Jia Clan warriors’ legs.

This Jia Clan warrior was only a high-level Magus King. Being kneed by Ji Hao, his armor in that area was shattered immediately, and even his pelvic bones were smashed. Blood flowed down in big streams along his pair of legs.

The poor Jia Clan warriors held his lower stomach with his hands while falling onto the ground. The other nine Jia Clan warriors circled Ji Hao around in anger, hacking their sharp weapons fiercely down towards Ji Hao’s limbs. Although they were enraged by Ji Hao’s shameless sneak attack, they still remembered the order given by the Yu Clan young man just now. They tried to capture Ji Hao alive instead of launching deadly attacks on him.

The Pan Xi divine mirror quaked slightly in Ji Hao’s spiritual space. A barely visible dim light flashed across Ji Hao’s body, and next, nine sharp weapons hacked on the air less than an inch away from Ji Hao’s body, then disappeared simultaneously. In the very next moment, the nine Jia Clan warriors howled out in pain together. In an unimaginably weird way, their weapons suddenly zipped out from right before their faces. They didn’t have the time to put down their masks before their own weapons hacked deeply into their faces

As Ji Hao injured their friend, the nine Jia Clan warriors didn’t save their powers when they launched attacks towards him, but in the end, their attacks landed solidly on their own bodies. The sharp edges of their weapons cut deeply into their faces. A Jia Clan warrior, who was holding a heavy ax and had hacked down towards Ji Hao the most violently, even chopped half of his own skull off with his own ax.

A soul-piercing pain came right away, making the nine Jia Clan warriors howl loudly.

But after all, all these Jia Clan warriors were rather experienced. After being weirdly hacked by themselves, their first reaction was stepping back as quickly as possible. The Jia Clan warrior who had chopped half of his skull off even swung his arm backward timely and caught his flying skull, forcibly putting it back onto his head. Streams of blood-red light sparkled on his wounds and soon, the scary injury was healed.

These injuries could never frighten these Jia Clan warriors. They stepped back for hundreds of meters, took a long gasp and let their wounds heal. After that, they glanced at each other, eyes sparkling with a fierce light while rushing swiftly up towards Ji Hao, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air.

This time, they didn’t launch the attack together, and instead, encircled Ji Hao. The weakest Jia Clan warriors tried to hack Ji Hao one more time. This hack was fast and fierce, and the airstream caused by it was extremely sharp. The blade edge sliced the air open, not even causing the slightest swishing noise.

Ji Hao stood perfectly still, letting this Jia Clan warrior hack on his own body, once again. Another dim light stream flashed across, and the blade held in the Jia Clan warriors’ hands suddenly disappeared. Same as the last time, a dazzling blade light flashed across the neck of the Jia Clan warrior in the next moment, sending a large head flying into the air as blood sprayed out.

"What the hell!" The leader of the ten Jia Clan warriors burst with a raging curse while hurriedly dashing up, grabbing the head and putting it together with the body of the Jia Clan warrior before his life-force disappeared completely.

Strong life-force was boosted up in the body of the Jia Clan warrior who had his head cut off by himself. Around his broken neck, the muscles and skin began growing, and soon, his head and body connected back together. Within the span of a few breaths, this lethal injury was healed completely.

"This…Is he a ghost?" The Jia Clan warrior who had just beheaded and nearly killed himself, thanked his leader and then confusedly popped his four eyes out, staring at Ji Hao and said, "my blade…I didn’t…"

Another two Jia Clan warriors glanced at each other, then put their weapons away. One of them threw a heavy punch at Ji Hao’s face while the other one straightened the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand, fiercely piercing towards Ji Hao’s spine.

Ji Hao stood still, with a faint smile on his face. Next moment, the Jia Clan warrior who punched Ji Hao from the front had his face hollowed by his own fist, then being sent to over ten miles away. The one who pierced Ji Hao in the back howled out at the same time, as two fingers had violently poked into his eyeball; the two foot-long fingers almost sinking entirely into his head.

All Jia Clan warriors surrounded Ji Hao had their hearts sink. They had encountered countless enemies, but no matter how powerful their enemies were or how hard those enemies were to deal with, these Jia Clan warriors could always chop all of their enemies into meat paste as long as they released all their powers and killed like machines.

Nothing as weird as this had ever happened to them. An enemy stood right in front of them, letting them do whatever they wanted to him. Yet, these Jia Clan warriors could do nothing to him.

"Hm, why don’t you just try harder?" Ji Hao rubbed his own chin and said to these Jia Clan warriors seriously. "Just try harder, hm I would like to know how tough I am! In fact, I am here seeking for a good strike!"

In the distance, the Yu Clan young man who was commanding this non-humankind army growled in rage while slightly shaking the black staff held in his hand. Immediately, a world-destroying power emerged and transformed into a smoky, enormous hand, grasping down towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao still stayed unmoved.

Along with a loud series of howls, over ten Yu Clan people around the Yu Clan young man seemed to be gripped and squeezed by the hand of an invisible giant, their bones cracking loudly. Next, those Yu Clan people were squeezed into bloody pieces of meat, which were completely out of shape.

Except for Ji Hao himself, every single one on the scene was dumbfounded by what they had just seen, and the entire area fell into a deathly silence.

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