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Even the power of great Dao of nature couldn’t harm Ji Hao?

The Yu Clan young man and all his people were all stunned. This time, the biggest reason for the non-humankind to confidently start this life-and-death game was the fact that they could control the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world. Crushed by the power of the great Dao of a whole world, all Magus Kings, Divine Magi, princes, all elite young people from any top-grade human clans and families, would surely die.

But, Ji Hao wasn’t afraid of the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world, not even a little bit!

"Hehe, can’t you do anything to me? Then don’t blame me for this!" Ji Hao laughed out loud while the immemorial sun streamer flashed out from above his head. A raging golden flame transformed into over ten fiery dragons, hovering around him. The ten Jia Clan warriors surrounded Ji Hao howled out once again, then being wrapped up by essence sun fire.

Nine suns spear let out a shrill scream as it was activated by Ji Hao. Ji Hao gripped the spear and flicked his wrist, releasing the pair of present-shaped small blades. They zipped out swiftly, transforming into a dazzling pair of golden lights, attacking the bodies of the few Jia Clan warriors around him.

The thick armors worn by those Jia Clan warriors had already been burned glowing red and softened. Spell symbols contained in the armors fell apart one after another while the defensive power of those armors dropped to an extreme level. Sliced by the nine suns spear, those heavy armors were torn apart like paper. Jia Clan warriors howled hysterically as their strong bodies were punctured by the sharp spear.

These injuries couldn’t affect these Jia Clan warriors too much, because as long as they had enough time, their life-force would heal their wounds speedily. Nevertheless, the essence sun fire drilled into their bodies from the nine sun spear. The golden flame burned ragingly inside their internal organs, causing an indescribably great pain. It made them feel like being burned in lava, and made these experienced, brave Jia Clan warriors howl and cry.

Flame surged out from their eyes and ears; when they howled, the essence sire fire would swoosh out from their mouths. Their bodies were burning from the inside, and their strong life-force was the best fuel. A tiny little bit of essence sun fire could set all of their spirit blood ablaze, burning their blood and flesh, bone and tendons and internal organs.

Sun, what was sun? The extreme of all kinds of energies in the world. Burning everything, destroying everything, that was the sun!

The Yu Clan young man holding a black staff was growling ragingly. He recognized the essence sun fire released by Ji Hao. Therefore, he waved the black staff and attempted to bring Ji Hao’s essence sun fire under control. Nevertheless, Ji Hao’s essence sun fire contained the great Dao of Sun of both Pan Gu world and Pan Xi world, and had already been through a magical, unspeakable transformation. No matter how hard the Yu Clan young man tried, the essence sun fire remained unmoved at all.

Within the short span of a few breaths, over ten Jia Clan warriors were burned into drifting ashes. Their armors and weapons were all burned out by the powerful essence sun fire. This made Ji Hao quite disappointed, as he was planning to recycle some of those armors and weapons. After all, these warriors were all top-grade ones among their kind, and their weapons and armors were all good pieces.

"Shame, such a shame, why are these things not fireproof?" Ji Hao laughed out loud, then transformed into a golden stream of light, zipping into the crowd of non-humankind beings. The pair of crescent-shaped blades caused a shrill swishing noise as they transformed into golden beams of light, dazzling all over the place.

The nine suns spear, which was crafted by the mysterious man himself, was way too powerful. Wherever it reached, armors would be sliced open like tofu while shields would be torn apart like paper. Countless defensive spell symbols lit up on the surfaces of those metal plates under the feet of those non-humankind beings. Yet, after the two beams of golden lights silently flashed across the area, the hundreds of metal plates all split up, falling onto the ground while letting out large clouds of dense smoke and thunderous booms.

Over a hundred Jia Clan warriors had blood sprayed out of their bodies like blood fountains. More terrifyingly, tiny spots of essence sun fire and been sent into their bodies, and their blood and flesh had started burning intensively already.

"This fire is so strange, why can’t I kill it?"

"Damn it, it is burning inside my body!"

"Ah! What the hell is this?! Why can’t my dark talisman kill it?!"

"Hold off, hold off! These two blades are strange! Ah! My shield!"

The two beams of golden light flew all over the sky. Wherever they swept across, no matter shields, armors or defensive magic, everything would be penetrated immediately. Jia Clan warriors cried and howled while trying whatever they could to fend against the pair of small blades. Yet, even the sturdiest shield of theirs was easily torn apart.

Thousands of Jia Clan warriors were thrown into a great mess by the pair of small blades while hundreds of them were surrounded by golden flame. The essence sun fire was burning their bodies mercilessly.

The Yu Clan young man with a black staff finally realized what was happening. Since he couldn’t control Ji Hao’s essence sun fire, he should kill the fire with its opposite natural power. The black staff was shaken intensively as the black erect eye released a dazzling light. Next, the three moons, which had dimmed down long ago, suddenly showed up in the sky.

An incomparably dense moon power suffused the air. Silver moon power streams condensed into fist-sized water drops, falling from the sky along with a bone-piercing coldness. Countless silver water drops left numerous silver traces in the sky, that looked like a breathtaking rain of shooting stars

These water drops were condensed from the purest essence moon power; they could kill all kinds of fire in this world.

Ji Hao’s essence sun fire clashed against these essence moon water drops, generating a loud sizzling noise. The sun power and moon power were devouring each other, making those Jia Clan warriors, who were burning by the fire, sigh in relief. The fire was still burning inside their bodies, but it was already much better than a while ago.

"You are indeed smart!" Ji Hao abruptly moved to in front of the Yu Clan young man, and said smilingly to him, "But you forgot one thing…Why didn’t you leave a few warriors to protect you?"

The handsome and white face of that Yu Clan young man instantly twisted in fear. He showed his teeth, looked at Ji Hao and screamed out.


Before his voice faded, Ji Hao swept the nine suns spear across the air and sliced open the luxurious armor wearing by the Yu Clan young man. The Yu Clan young man was cut directly into two while screaming. Large streams of blood gushed out. Ji Hao snatched the black staff over, then raised his spear and hacked violently on the black erect eye upon the staff.

With a black staff like this, although one could control the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world, the staff itself wasn’t tough at all. Ji Hao smashed the black erect eye with a single move, causing countless cracks to appear on the staff.

"It’s your turn." Ji Hao bumped into the group of Jia Clan warriors while laughing loudly. The nine suns spear raised streams of golden light, cutting the bodies of these Jia Clan warriors in an unstoppable way.

In despair, those Jia Clan warriors wielded their weapons and launched the fiercest attack towards Ji Hao with all of their powers. But all they did was useless. All attacks were useless. Their weapons hacked towards Ji Hao, but all ended up on their own bodies, or that of their friends. They couldn’t harm even a hair of Ji Hao, but Ji Hao could easily cut their armors open with the nine suns spear and chop off their heads.

After a quarter of an hour, a big half of those thousands of Jia Clan warriors were killed by Ji Hao. Surviving Jia Clan warriors ran away desperately, daring not to even turn around and take another glance at Ji Hao.

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