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Fallen Land was separated from the normal space of Pan Xi world by a turbid mist which was generated by the power of destruction. This mist contained a slight trace of Chaos power. If an ordinary person strayed into the mist, he or she would never be able to enter into Fallen Land through it.

Thirty-six large black flags floated upon the gray mist. From each large flag, dark smog spread out while watery mist surged around. The bone-piercing cold watery mist condensed into a giant gate as countless local people dragged in with children, desperately rushing into the gate. Then, the water mist rolled around them and made them disappear.

Many local people would raise their heads and shout ‘Great kindness of Master Gong Sun’ when they rushed into the gate, and then, thin streams of spirit power would surge out from between their eyebrows, gathering into slightly larger streams, then into brook-like streams, eventually transforming into rapidly flowing, great-river-like spirit power streams. These streams would ceaselessly flow into the body of Gong Sun Yuan, who was on top of a towering mountain tens of thousands of miles away.

Gong Sun Yuan was wearing a golden armor, mounted on a yellow dragon, holding a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand. He was now facing nearly a thousand Jia Clan warriors. Lying under his feet were dead bodies of nearly a hundred Jia Clan warriors. Scorching hot blood was flowing out from these Jia Clan warriors’ dead bodies, which were still twitching. The lava-like blood glowed brightly, flowing down the mountain and even melting rocks.

Behind Gong Sun Yuan, a totem battle flag was fluttering. A flying yellow dragon was painted on the blood-red battle flag, surrounded by countless sharp weapons, constantly glowing with a fierce cold light.

Whole three thousand elite You Xiong Family warriors were wearing heavy armors, forming a great battle formation behind Gong Sun Yuan. The armors worn by the first tens of warriors were ripped open, exposing bone-deep wounds on their strong and muscular bodies, but Divine-Magi-level strong life-force allowed their injuries to heal themselves speedily. Their wounds had been shrinking ceaselessly.

A strange power lingered in these warriors’ wounds. A dim light clashed against the blood-red glow released from their spirit blood, devouring each other. From time to time, thin streams of death power would surge out from their wounds and large pieces of muscles would blast out suddenly. Nevertheless, these warriors all remained expressionless while staring at their enemies, as if they couldn’t feel any pain.

A Yu Clan young man holding a black staff was mounting on a four-tusked white elephant, looking at Gong Sun Yuan with a sour face.

Gong Sun Yuan raised the large, thick, golden and ancient style long sword held in his right hand, looked at the Yu Clan young man and growled, "Dishi Fang, do you even dare to fight fairly against me without using that black stick?"

A fierce gale blew across the mountain, raised Gong Sun Yuan’s long hair, fluttering in the air. An indescribable heroic spirit rose directly from his body that even shattered the clouds in the sky. "Don’t you, noble Yu Clan people, like to talk about so-called ‘etiquette’, ‘manner’ , ‘rule’, ‘honor’? What etiquette, what rule, what honor? You don’t even dare to fight me with your real power!"

Dishi Fang clenched his fingers. Streams of dim light dazzled out from the black staff while an erect eye silently showed up upon the staff.

Behind Gong Sun Yuan, within the area tens of thousands of miles in radius, countless local people with their families had been rushing towards the gate created by the thirty-six large black flags. Some relatively powerful local people released their special powers, trying their best to help the others run faster. Even with the help of these people, those local people, who were the furthest away from the gate couldn’t possibly reach the gate and fly into Fallen Land without spending three to five days. Not to mention the fact that a huge number of local people had been gathering towards this area from all directions. Large groups of local people ceaselessly moved past the mountain guarded by Gong Sun Yuan, desperately fleeing towards the gate.

"A fair fight?" Dishi Fang grinned viciously and said. "For these barbarians and with these few warriors of yours, you want to fight against so many elite warriors of ours? Is it even worth, Gong Sun Yuan?"

Gong Sun Yuan raised his head and responded blandly, "The ones who refused to follow my lead, I regard them as ants, and will show no mercy even if I have to slaughter them all. But the ones who followed my lead, they are all my people. I regard them as the blood of my heart, that I will ensure their safety even if I have to give up my own life."

Smiling faintly, Gong Sun Yuan continued with a proud look, "This is the Dao of mine, this is the Dao of our You Xiong Family princes. You can never understand."

Dishi Fang chuckled while putting the black staff back into his sleeve and pulled out an exquisite thin sword and slightly wielded and said, "I can’t understand? I do understand, your so-called Dao is nothing else but imitating that ancestor of yours as much as you can. Emperor Xuan Yuan, hehe, do you really think that you can become the next human Emperor?"

"Attack!" Dishi Fang proudly gave the order, then said, "Kindly grant him a fair death. After I have chopped his head off and made it into a wine bowl, I will carve a line on it — This was an idiot who wanted to become a human emperor! Haha, attack!"

Over ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors growled out simultaneously. They separated into thousand-people troops that looked like tens of black raging dragons, roaring towards the mountaintop where Gong Sun Yuan stood.

The few Xiu Clan young men standing behind Dishi Fang laughed out loud together. The bangles worn by them released dazzling light from time to time. From the light, countless different sized metal balls zipped out. These metal balls split up once after falling on the ground, transforming into countless exquisitely-shaped, weird-looking metal spiders, scorpions, tigers, leopards and other metal beasts, pouncing on the mountain.

Within the blink of an eye, the few Xiu Clan young men had released over a hundred thousand battle puppets. These battle puppets rushed over, surpassed those Jia Clan warriors in the front and silently approached Gong Sun Yuan. They looked just like a flood of metal.

"Evil… die!" Gong Sun Yuan growled out. His face was blushed slightly as he let out a mouthful of blood on the golden sword holding in his hand. The long sword began shaking intensively as countless ancient style, large spell symbols emerged from the sword edge. A dazzling golden light stream was released from the sword edge, reached nearly ten miles away. Along the mountainside, the especially bright sword light hacked directly down towards those battle puppets.

The sword light blasted out, transforming into countless different-sized golden sword lights, fiercely dazzling in all directions.

Incalculable metal puppets were cut into pieces by the sharp sword light, and the cutting edges were as smooth as mirrors. Wherever the golden sword lights reached, huge numbers of metal puppets would fall on the ground while dense smoke puffed out and electric bolts sizzling out from their bodies. The faces of the few Xiu Clan young men twitched intensively, their hearts even bleeding because of the great loss.

Gong Sun Yuan made a single hack with his sword and tore over ten-thousand metal puppets into pieces. He gave a series of resonant growls while raising a strong wave of cold power with his long sword and hacking quickly down over and over again. Streams of arc-shaped sword light flashed down along the mountainside like field mowers. Wherever the sword light swept across, every single metal puppet was cut into two.

Ji Hao rode on Mr. Crow’s back and zipped out from Fallen Land. His eyes sparkled with a golden light and from a great distance, he saw Gong Sun Yuan, who was crazily wielding his sword.

"I didn’t think that he could be so brave." Looking at Gong Sun Yuan who now looked like a mad warrior, Ji Hao didn’t know how to describe his feeling. This prince turned out to have such a spirit. Indeed, the descendants of the You Xiong Family were never ordinary.

Si Wen Ming rushed out from the mist as well. Seeing Gong Sun Yuan who was nearly encircled by metal puppets, Si Wen Ming silently pulled out the long sword carried on his back and launched a hack from a distance.

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