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Dong! Dong! Dong! Three large arrows released by Jia Clan warriors bumped loudly against Gong Sun Yuan’s shield. The shield embossed with ghost portraits glowed brightly while the three hideous ghost portraits reached out from the shield, opened their mouths and let out a purely dark, gigantic mountain to fend against the three arrows. The arrows exploded, and the dark mountain slightly quaked, absorbing all the explosive force.

Tens of battle puppets rushed up together, reaching their sharp claws, poisonous thorns and fierce claws and teeth towards Gong Sun Yuan. Gong Sun Yuan was encircled, being attacked from every direction. He wielded the sword and raised the shield, slicing tens of battle puppets into pieces. But another dozens of puppets approached and launched a new wave of attacks that reached straight on his body.

Fire sparkles rose from Gong Sun Yuan’s armor while countless spell symbols emerged, faintly visible on the armor. Gong Sun Yuan growled out in anger, but how could he break out from the encirclement of these puppets within a short while? More puppets rushed up from behind, and the few Jia Clan warriors who were the closest to him, were now less than three-hundred meters away from him.

Three-thousand You Xiong Family warriors roared out together. A hundred among these warriors were Divine Magi while the others were all Magus Kings. This elite army was raised by Gong Sun Yuan himself with all of his resources. Seeing their prince was encircled, these warriors attempted to rush up and help their prince immediately.

"It’s not yet your turn to fight! Just rest and heal your wounds!" Gong Sun Yuan shouted in a harsh tone, stopping his warriors from helping. He raised his head and growled resonantly towards the sky while the golden long sword held in his hand suddenly released countless beams of sword lights, cutting all puppets that approached him into small pieces, and sending those pieces far away.

Those injured You Xiong Family Divine Magi cheered out, then all took our their treasured magic medicine that they weren’t willing to take before, pouring into their mouths and swallowing them up. The strange power that lingered in their wounds was dispelled immediately, and those scary-looking wounds began healing more speedily.

Over a hundred Jia Clan warriors rushed up. The first few, who were at the level of Divine Magi, had been laughing with deep, vicious voices. They launched the oddly-shaped long spears held in their hands fiercely towards Gong Sun Yuan.

At this moment, Si Wen Ming’s sword light dazzled over.

The yellow-colored sword light was as heavy as a mountain, and within the sword light, a faint silhouette of a winged bear was roaring towards the sky, ragingly swinging its enormous pair of palms. The heavy sword light struck directly down and slapped the hundreds of Jia Clan warriors who rushed in the front. The armors of the first few Divine-Magi-level Jia Clan warriors were hollowed.

Hundreds of Jia Clan warriors vomited blood together. The tens of miles in radius mountain they stood on couldn’t bear the terrifyingly great power contained in the sword light and collapsed suddenly. A towering mountain was flattened by a sword light released by Si Wen Ming.

"Such a violent sword light!" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming in shock. This sword light was literally destructive, and it somehow contained a power of the great Dao of nature. However, Ji Hao clearly remembered that in order to develop the secret meridians-expanding skill for the inner palace of the Magi Palace, Si Wen Ming had been restraining his power all the time. With his talent, family background and the great resources possessed by his father, Marquis Chong, Si Xi, Si Wen Ming could definitely break into the level of Divine Magi before thirty years old. If he was a Divine Magus, he must be a peak-level nine-star one, just like those princes from large clans and families.

He had been restraining his power, waking up more new meridians and Magus Acupoints one after another. All these years, he remained a peak-level Magus King. But for this life-and-death game, Si Wen Ming must have broken into the Divine-Magi-level before he came to Pan Xi world.

Ji Hao forgot to ask Si Wen Ming about his current power level, but no matter how, as a newly promoted Divine Magus, Si Wen Ming didn’t have too many treasures and abnormal resources, unlike Ji Hao. The power of this sword move he launched just now had truly gone beyond a limitation. Quite a few powerful Jia Clan warriors were hacked away by him with a single move. That was something ordinary peak-level Divine Magi couldn’t possibly do even with all of their powers.

Si Wen Ming seemed to understand Ji Hao’s confusion. He turned around, grinned towards Ji Hao and said, "The nature of my power is earth. My Abba had a piece of divine soil passed down from the ancient heaven, which he gave to me. Therefore, even though I didn’t complete the meridian-expanding skill perfectly, my body is now as tough as the bodies of ancient divine gods."

Hearing this, Ji Hao nearly vomited blood and even showed the whites of his eyes in shock.

Alright, this was how wealthy those large families and clans of the humankind were. The nature of Si Wen Ming’s power was earth, this was something Ji Hao knew. But he had actually consumed a piece of divine soil that came from the ancient heaven, simply for improving his power?!

‘Divine soil? You sure that was divine soil?’ Ji Hao weirdly looked at Si Wen Ming and thought. ‘You sure you have used a piece of divine soil to improve your power?’

Alright, Si Wen Ming’s body was now as tough as top-grade ancient divine gods. Even though Ji Hao didn’t know exactly how powerful those ancient divine gods were, without a doubt, Si Wen Ming was now much stronger than ordinary Divine Magi.

"In addition to that, my Abba used up all of his collection in his private storage to hold a secret star offering ceremony," said Si Wen Ming while releasing another sword light, forcing another hundreds of Jia Clan warriors back from a great distance away. "Except for my old spirit star, the power of another seven spirit stars had been drawn down from the deep starry sky when I became a Divine Magus, and all condensed into spirit stars inside my body."

Counting with his fingers, Si Wen Ming grinned and continued, "I currently have eight spirit stars. Each of them condensed the powers of two stars. That means, I have now surpassed ordinarily nine-star Divine Magi. I am a…sixteen-star Divine Magi."

Ji Hao literally wanted to vomit blood. For ordinary human Magus Kings, attaining a single spirit star would be as difficult as reaching to the heaven. Si Wen Ming had a wealthy father who held some kind of star offering ceremony for him and directly drew the powers of seven spirit stars into his body, fine. But he had sixteen spirit stars?

Normally, a human Divine Magus only had one spirit star. As for the ones who attained the level of nine-star, they would all be counted as peak-level powerful beings. Nevertheless, Si Wen Ming was now much more powerful than those peak-level Divine Magi. No wonder the sword light released by him could be so destructive.

"Eight spirit stars, why don’t you fulfill the last place and make it nine?" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming and asked in confusion.

"I am saving the last place for Zi-Wei Emperor star," answered Si Wen Ming smilingly while looking at Ji Hao. "Nine is an extreme number… The number of nine is also the limit of spirit stars that can be contained in the body of a human being…I have a chance of becoming the next human emperor, but one of the nine spirit stars of every human Emperor must be Zi-Wei Emperor star, generation after generation, without exception. Therefore, I have to save a place of spirit star for Zi-Wei emperor."

Ji Hao spread his hands. He was truly speechless.

Alright, it turned out before entering into Pan Xi world for this life-and-death game, all leaders of the alliance of human clans had make some solid preparations.

A sixteen-star Divine Magus! And Si Wen Ming mentioned nothing about it.

Ji Hao shook his head and activated the immemorial sun streamer floating above his head. The sky was darkened immediately as the streamer began absorbing sun power.

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