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In an area of quiet woods, a few faint green, slim silhouettes had been moving swiftly. Gusts of wind coiled around their feet, allowing them to move fast. Plants around them automatically moved away, clearing the way for them. Although they had been moving in dense woods, they were indeed much faster than ordinary people running in plain areas.

These were a few young people from the green-kind. Their faces were all twisted, filled with fear. Their teeth were gnashed, with branches held in their mouth, keeping them from shouting out. They dared not to let out even the slightest sound, only boosting their powers as much as possible while fleeing desperately.

Behind them, over ten faintly visible silhouettes unhurriedly chased up.

From nearly a mile away, and following a faint wolf roar, one of the few who had been chasing these green-kind young people abruptly sneered and said, "You reckless little bastards, just kneel down and follow us back and you might still live. This yellow grass wolf of mine can’t do much but it can indeed track your smells even from hundreds of miles away. Do you really think you can run?"

The few green-kind young men dared not to speak, only running as fast as they could.

The pursuing forces stopped abruptly and raised the longbows held in their hands together. The one who spoke earlier continued blandly, "Since you insist on leaving, you shall just leave your lives behind."

No other noise could be heard, only a few arrow-shaped shreds of shadows flashed across the woods. Next, the few desperately fleeing green-kind young men paused simultaneously along with a serious of puffing noise that sounded like rain drops slapping on plantain leaves. Thin arrows pierced through those young people’s bodies one after another, bringing out streams of warm blood from their bodies.

Within the blink of an eye, the few fleeing green-kind young men were shot into griddles. Fierce arrows ceaselessly zipped over, and those powerful arrows carried their bodies up, making their lifeless bodies constantly shake without falling down.

Merciless arrows kept swishing over until the bodies of the few young people exploded into clouds of blood mist.


People in the pursuing force growled out simultaneously in deep voices while slapping hard on the feather leather quivers tight around their waists. Bright streams of light zipped out from their quivers, and next was a series of zipping noises. The thousands of arrows they released rose into the air like a giant group of locusts, flying back into their quivers.

"A group of stupid bastards. Serving Prince Tianming was their greatest honor. Run, run, run, they just wanted nothing but to run…" said one of those men while clicking his tongue. "The few Daoist priests are also useless. Even till now, some local people are still thinking about running. Are their missionary works even effective at all?" complained this man. The group of men then started a discussion.

Soon, a deep sound of horn came from the distance, hearing which, these men hurriedly gave a long whistle and dashed towards that direction. Clear gusts of wind followed behind them, and within the wind gusts, faint silhouettes of all kinds of powerful flying beasts were faintly visible, which allowed these men to run as fast as flying.

Tens of grey-yellow wolves were breathing quickly yet silently while following closely after these men.

A while later, tens of green-kind and earth-kind people, who had also been desperately running, were found in woods in the front. Behind these local people, hundreds of people with different kinds of battle beasts were chasing.

A loud metal-clashing noise was generated, following which, these men who just arrived, and the over a hundred people who had been chasing those local people, pulled their longbows open together. A heavy rain of arrows was released immediately, sweeping across those local people who were stuck in a small grassland, turning all of them into a large blood-mist cloud.

A hundred thousand miles ahead of this piece of woods was a mountain area. Large numbers of mountains were removed or flattened, and this place had become a hundreds of miles in diameter plain area. Countless local people had been working especially hard on this plain area, building cities, digging trenches and constructing bases of magic formations. All of them were soaked in sweat, and their looks were abnormally strange.

Countless strong local warriors had lined up orderly, walking towards a magnificent city in the middle of the plain area through an entirely metal, broad road, with their chests puffed out proudly. The construction of this city was clearly not yet finished, and no matter on the city wall or buildings inside the city, many local people could be seen working particularly hard.

Through the four city gates in four different directions, local warriors constantly walked into the city in straight lines. They slowly walked into the city, ultimately entering numerous military camps.

In the surrounding areas, enormous smelting furnaces were built up between mountains. All kinds of minerals had been ceaselessly thrown into these furnaces, being turned into mountain-huge piles of materials. By the sides of countless working tables set in between those furnaces, many local people had been working crazily hard like a group of ants, following the blueprints floating in front of them and making all kinds of weapons, armors and large-scale armaments.

By the sides of those local warriors among those hard-working local people in the plain area, or beside the working tables set in between furnaces, cultivators with simple and coarse clothes and bland looks could be seen, holding scriptures and constantly murmuring something to those local people.

"All living creatures are miserable, you are so miserable…But, only by experiencing your current miserable lives you can free yourselves in your next lives."

"For the sins you made in your previous lives, you are now suffering…You shall work harder to pay off your previous sins, and in your next life, you will be free."

Some local people were selected out to be supervisors. They were holding metal whips that had thick and sharp thorns, walking among their own people. Anyone who moved slightly slower would face the fierce lashing of these supervisors.

Those who suffered lashes always howled out in pain, lied on the ground with broken bones and tendons, and couldn’t get back up for a long while. Each time when something like this happened, those cultivators would murmur louder and quicker.

"Look, these supervisors were kind people in their previous lives. Because of their previous kindness, they became higher class people in their current lives to restrain you."

"As for you, you were sinners in your previous lives. Therefore, you are now suffering in this place, working day and night…If you want to free yourselves, just work harder."

"If you want to pay off your previous sins quicker, you shall say the name of Prince Tianming for ten-thousand times daily, and go through the selection, join the army and fight for Prince Tianming by risking your lives. As long as you kill ten enemies, you can become close guards of Prince Tianming. Then, even your families will be freed and awarded with a good life as well!"

In every corner, cultivators with simple and rough clothes were mixed in the crowds of local people, telling those local people that ‘every living creature is miserable’, over and over again. Under the brain-washing, countless local people worked crazily hard or joined the army, intending to risk their own lives and fight.

In the magnificent city, inside a palace that was coiled around by flame, Zhu Rong Tianming leaned against a large armchair, smilingly looking at those dancing and singing local girls in the great hall.

"Although they are just barbaric local people, these girls are indeed beautiful. Hehe, this Pan Xi world is truly a nice place."

Tasting a special Pan Xi world fruit and patting a lovely baby beast held in his arm, Zhu Rong Tianming then continued, "Send more people out and hunt more local people down. I want more slaves, stronger army. I allow you three months… go get me a hundred times more slaves."

"My dear masters, thanks for your words. These slaves who are truly willing to suffer…are just wonderful!"

Zhu Rong Tianming was like an evil dragon in a mountain area, sending out troops of warriors every single day in all directions to bring him more local people back.

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