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Back in the Pan Gu world, above the sky...

A towering mountain floated in the gray, misty air, with a simple wooden palace standing on top of it. Many powerful human beings gathered outside the palace or sat on rocks between mountains with their legs crossed. All these people had been staring at a white, enormous cloud with unpleasant looks.

Splendid light streams had been spinning in the portal connecting Pan Gu world and Pan Xi world. In every single moment, countless rocks, soil, plants and other things would be sucked into Pan Gu world from Pan Xi world. Those rocks and soil would immediately transform into Chaos power streams once they entered into Pan Gu world, then be absorbed by the surrounding stars.

Plants were different. Ordinary plants would turn into nothingness after a slight glow, but some magic herbs would be surrounded by colorful streams of light, drifting away in the void like fishes swimming in water. These magic herbs were all hundred, or thousands of years old, but neither did those powerful human beings staying on the mountain nor those non-humankind leaders staying on the enormous cloud land value these magic herbs too much.

People just watched spheres of colorful light surround those magic herbs, drifting away in the strong gale roaring out from the portal. If these magic herbs were lucky, they might land on the ground or floating mountains in the void, then root and sprout, adding a new strand of magic power to Pan Gu world.

Suddenly, a shrill growl came, following which, a, thousands of meter long, flood-dragon-like silver-white centipede rushed out from the portal. A fierce gale was coiling around this enormous centipede while it was wrapped in a beautiful glow. Within the roaring gale, this centipede flew to tens of thousands of miles away within a blink of an eye.

"Hm, good one!" Candle Dragon Gui, who was sitting on the mountaintop, abruptly laughed out while wielding his right hand. He released a black stream of mist directly up into the air, wriggling like a snake while reaching towards this centipede.

"Surely a good one!" A thousand miles away and on the enormous cloud land, a Yu Clan elderly man with long white hair had his erect eye dazzled on his forehead. He released a dim stream of dark light while a seemingly deep, black swirl appeared suddenly in his erect eye. An invisible power came from the erect eye sealed the enormous centipede, forcibly dragging it towards the Yu Clan elderly man.

At the time when the Yu Clan elderly man sealed the centipede, the black mist released from Candle Dragon Gui had caught the centipede as well. As the two of them boosted their powers up simultaneously, the enormous centipede instantly exploded into a giant blood-mist cloud. The blood-mist dissipated slowly, transforming into Chaos power and being absorbed by Pan Gu world, leaving a hundred and eight human-head sized silver spirit Dans floating in the air. Both Candle Dragon Gui and the Yu Clan elderly man had silently made their moves already. They activated their powers and abilities and locked on those spirit Dans, quietly competing against each other. Those spirit Dans sometimes flew towards Candle Dragon Gui and at other times towards the Yu Clan elderly man. Gradually, those silver spirit Dans couldn’t withstand the great powers released from the two of them and let out a series of creaking noises. Along with that, the one hundred and eight spirit Dans were crushed, turning into thousands of pieces and merging with the air, transforming into Chaos power within a twinkling of an eye.

"You damned old thing!" The Yu Clan elderly man cursed in anger.

"We didn’t lose anything!" Candle Dragon Gui laughed creepily while looking at the Yu Clan elderly man. He was absolutely right, that centipede and these spirit Dan, which contained immensely great power were all crushed and transformed into Chaos power, being absorbed by Pan Gu world. What was strengthened was nothing else but the original natural power of Pan Gu world.

Based on this fact, even if everything in Pan Xi world became Chaos power and were absorbed by Pan Gu world, only the humankind, as local residents of Pan Gu world, would be benefited. Therefore, Candle Dragon Gui could do whatever he wanted without worrying about those treasures coming from Pan Xi world, because nothing would be lost even if all treasures that came out from the portal were destroyed.

The group of human leaders laughed out loud. Their laughs were as resonant as thunders, even shattering many treasures coming from the portal.

On the white cloud land, those Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan leaders glanced at each other and snorted disappointedly. Nevertheless, behind their disappointed and unpleasant looks, a slight trace of viscous proudness could be discovered from their eyes.

On the cloud land and in the Yu Clan’s palace, Dishi Cha, who was sitting in the large armchair placed right in the middle of the great hall, abruptly stood up. Without talking to the twelve emperors, Dishi Cha’s body flashed across the air as he left the great hall and came to the edge of the cloud land, standing in the air while looking at Candle Dragon Gui and the other human leaders.

A four-winged, tiger-like beast flew out from Pan Xi world while howling. This time, a scrawny old man who sat beside Candle Dragon Gi made a move, competing against another Yu Clan elderly man on the cloud land. This strong and muscular tiger gave a shrill how while being crushed into pieces by the tremendous power released by the two powerful beings.

Candle Dragon Gui and the other human leaders burst into another wave of laughter again, and on the cloud land, those non-humankind leaders sneered coldly while showing obvious anger.

Dishi Cha smiled faintly, then abruptly flicked his finger. Followed by his move, within the area ten-thousand in radius around him, all treasures that flew out from Pan Xi world shattered into pieces simultaneously.

Candle Dragon Gui stood up, displeasedly looked at Dishi Cha and asked, "What? Kid, are you dissatisfied by us?"

Dishi Cha held his arms before his chest, coldly looked at Candle Dragon Gi and said coldly, "We still have a couple of months before our elite warriors can enter into this small world and start slaughtering. We are all so bored by waiting like this, why don’t we make a bet and have some fun?"

Candle Dragon Gui glanced at Dishi Cha and asked, "Bet? Aren’t we already in a bet?"

Dishi Cha narrowed his eyes, looked at Candle Dragon Gui and said slowly, "This bet is only between us. Your Earl Yao, Ji Hao, has killed my sons. Therefore, he will certainly die in the small world and can never come back. However, I want to bet on the lives of his parents and clansmen."

Candle Dragon Gui’s look changed. Smiling faintly and coldly, he said, "None of us will make a bet with you. We have no right to make a bet with the lives of Earl Yao’s families and clansmen."

Dishi Cha sneered, took out a thumb-sized magic pill that was entirely glowing with a blood red light, then said blandly, "This is a ‘sun and moon blood pill’ secretly concocted by our Blood Moon people. A single pill like this can raise the chance of breaking into the state of sun and moon by thirty percent, and the state of sun and moon roughly equals your Supreme-Magus-level."

"I make a bet with this sun and moon blood pill. I bet that in three months tops after our elite warriors have entered into the small world, your kids in the small world will be killed out." said Dishi Cha while smiling in an especially cold way. "If your kids are not killed out within three months, this blood pill will be yours, and if they are …you will have to kill all of Ji Hao’s families and clansmen by yourselves."

Pinching the sun and moon blood pill, Dishi Cha continued coldly, "I have already found out that the kid was born in Southern Wasteland, in a small clan called Gold Crow Clan. To human leaders like you, who are from Pu Ban City, eliminating the Gold Crow Clan won’t be too difficult, will it?"

Candle Dragon Gui sneered, shook his head and responded, "No one will make a bet…even though this sun and moon blood pill is indeed attractive!"

From a distance away, a hoarse voice abruptly came, "I’ll bet with you. If human warriors in the small world are killed out within three months after your warriors entered in, I will make a move myself and eliminate Gold Crow Clan for you!"

The looks of Candle Dragon Gui and the other human leaders changed simultaneously.

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