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Fierce beasts like Qiong Qi, Tao Wu, Chaos and Yayu used to dominate Pan Gu world back in the prehistorical era. Their kinds used to be thriving and strong, greatly powerful, even to the extent that for once, those beasts were more powerful than the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, which were still newborns back then. It was because of these very beasts that the world was once a chaos.

Later, the human-kind rose, and those fierce beasts, which used to feed on human beings, went nearly extinct. Only very few of them managed to flee deeply into the wilderness in the Western Wasteland, lingering on in a steadily worsening condition. Western Wasteland was nourished by natural metal power, because of which, living creatures in Western Wasteland were all crazily warlike. Even human beings living in there also had bad tempers, all becoming fierce and violent.

Depending on Western Wasteland people, those nearly extinct fierce beasts gradually gained some life-force back. Very few kinds of those beasts were lucky enough to manage to maintain the purity of their bloodlines till present days. As for those Western Wasteland human beings who inherited the power system of those fierce beasts, they had become the strongest, most warlike ones among the humankind, and also had been serving as one of the main forces in the alliance of human clans.

Only around ten different types of fierce Western Wasteland beasts had broken into the Holy Land, numbering less than three-hundred, but every single one of those beasts was incredibly fierce and naturally bloodthirsty. Every one of those beasts had slaughtered countless living creatures and had been releasing a strong sense of death from its body. The strong power vibration released from the bodies of over two-hundred beasts mixed together and transformed into a sky-devouring black mist that suffused the entire space. It made this Western Wasteland army seem to be even more powerful and brutal than those dragons and phoenixes.

Moreover, these beasts were all hideous; they were all indescribably ugly creatures that one might only see in the worst nightmares. They broke into the Holy Land while shaking their heads and tails, spurting out saliva, immediately making countless holy spirits cry out in fright.

Not to mention those ordinary maids and servants in Holy Land, even those holy spirits and ancestor souls who had been living a good life and never truly been through any kind of bloody fight had their limbs softened in fear after they saw these ugly and fierce beasts, and were all shaking intensively.

Around a hundred thousand human warriors rushed in behind these beasts. They were all the most powerful and warlike Western Wasteland warriors, wearing heavy armors and treading upon chariots made from different-colored beast bones. Countless battle flags made from beast skin were fluttering above their chariots, and on those flags, blood-red spell symbols were shining brightly.

At a glance, these warriors didn’t look like human beings at all. Instead, they looked just like a group of monsters rushing directly out of a hell. Each one of these warriors had a dense blood-red mist rolling behind his body, and within the mist, hazy silhouette of a beast each was faintly visible. A sharp power vibration was releasing from each warrior’s body, and the strong intent of killing spread out towards all directions like tidewater, throwing those local holy spirits, who had just formed battle formations, back into panic. The battle formations of quite a few local clans were scattered, showing a large empty area on the ground.

A Qiong Qi Clan Divine Magus with a heavy armor and long spear raised his head, cast a thunderous growl, then shouted, "I am back! Haha! Do you remember last time? When I was trapped in a magic formation nearly killed by you? I found my brothers and I am back!"

Over a hundred thousand violent Western Wasteland warriors raised their weapons and gave loud growls while over two-hundred fierce beasts let out raging flames from their mouths, showing their teeth and roaring rumbly. They didn’t take those local people in the Holy Land serious at all, and in addition to that, they made the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind seem to be much weaker than before.

Ao Li was so angry that his pair of eyes had even turned green as he yelled, "Jin Tu, do you even have me in your eyes?"

The Qiong Qi Clan Divine Magi, who was named as Jin Tu, picked his own nose with his finger. He then turned around, glanced at Ao Li and responded carelessly, "Eh? Prince Ao Li, you are so big while my eyes are so small, I don’t think I can have you in my eyes!"

Ao Li was so enraged that he leaped up and shouted like a bursting thunder, "You… you… remember what we said when we allied out there? As three strong forces, we join hands and break into this Holy Land together, we…"

Jin Tu scratched his head, then gave an ‘honest’ grin and said, "I didn’t do anything that runs counter to what we said back there, did I? My brothers and I agreed that you and the little phoenix girl can have these people while we can have the things in here, right? Hehe, I haven’t even started yet, why the hell are you yelling around here?"

Ao Li leaped up in anger once again while pointing his finger at Jin Tu and growled, "I mean, you have to listen…"

Jin Tu picked his ear with his little finger, then wielded his long spear, pointed down at the Holy Land and roared, "My ancestors, rush up! Loot! Our Western Wasteland is poor and can’t even grow much of grains! Look at this rich land! Look at how rich it is! Last time, we didn’t have enough men and couldn’t get any good stuff. But this time, we have to take everything until we’re all satisfied!"

The two-hundred fierce animals opened their giant mouths simultaneously, releasing streams of black, blue, green and purple smokes or iced mist along with a terrifyingly loud buzzing noise, roaring down towards the ground like a breaching of dyke.

Just now, the peacock under Feng Qinxin’s command destroyed hundreds of local magic formations with a single move, but it did that smartly by using the basic five types of powers. Even though those local magic formations were destroyed thoroughly, but not even a single flower within those magic formation was harmed.

These rampant beasts were completely different. They had no idea about skill. Instead, they used the most original and violent power and launched the fiercest attacks. Over two-hundred streams of smoke, flame and ice mist poured down from the sky and destroyed countless local magic formations, shattered numerous beautiful buildings, and even flattened multiple great mountain ranges, exposing those shining, precious minerals under the thick layers of rock.

Feng Qinxin was shocked slightly. She covered her cherry-like mouth with her hands while screaming angrily, "Jin Tu, why wouldn’t you listen to us?"

Jin Tu pointed at Feng Qinxin and growled, "Little phoenix girl, I’m not your slave. We’re comrades in the alliance, so why would I listen to you?"

Ao Li screamed out as well, "Jin Tu, I’m the leader of our alliance, I am the leader! You have to listen to me, listen to me!"

Jin Tu pointed at Feng Qinxin again and continued growling, "Listen to you? Ask little phoenix girl, if she would listen to you?"

Feng Qinxin paused for a second, then turned around, pointed at Ao Li and yelled in rage, "Ao Li, what did you say? You are the leader? I should listen to you? Believe or not, I can tell your Amma about this and let her beat you up!"

Ao Li popped his eyes out while that handsome face of his twisted in rage.

Jin Tu happily yelled, "Rush up! Rush! Brothers, take the money, food…If you see any adorable girls, take them too! Our Western Wasteland is poor, don’t let go of even a single grass!"

While leaping excitingly, he continued roaring, "Take anything you like. Don’t worry, we have these dragons and phoenix to fight for us!"

The over two-hundred beasts roared while inhaling at a crazy rate, expanding their bodies to an extreme degree. All these beasts possessed pure and prehistorical bloodlines, and once they expanded their bodies, they could reach at least hundred miles in length. The Chaos beast for example, even the smallest one was three-thousand miles long, and this Chaos beast was now smashing down towards the Holy Land like a small island.

Surrounding these fierce beasts, over a hundred thousand violent Western Wasteland warriors had been howling like a giant flock of starving wild wolves, treading on blood-red clouds and diving down while launching all kinds of attacks.

Some local guards rushed out from buildings, tempted to stop those Western Wasteland warriors. But with a single move, those guards were scattered and defeated.

Elder Destiny pointed at Ao Li and screamed out harshly in a great rage, "Stop! Stop now!"

Ao Li paused for a while, then suddenly leapt up and yelled, "Cut the crap! Take as much as you can! Stop wasting time. Otherwise, nothing will be left for us!"

Hearing Ao Li, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind all started moving, diving down while launching deadly attacks at those holy spirits.

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